The Punishing of Ally

After a week of recovering from the gang rape, we finally got to the point where it was my turn to spring my surprise on Ally. I know she’d been anxious about what I was going to do since she’d had me viciously raped. As it had turned out, my agitation with her had practically disappeared, though, and I was no longer intent on doing as much damage to her as I had been planning when she picked me up. She’d been so loving and so tender in the days after that event, and I just couldn’t hold a grudge against someone I found so incredibly erotic and connected to so well. I made plans to take her clubbing with a little surprise at the end of the night to bring her visit with me to a close.

As we got ready to head out, I explained to Ally that she had to do what I said or the surprise will just stop and we’ll come home and that’ll be the end of it. She agreed to the conditions. Very soon after that, though, she began to realize that this was not going to be your usual club experience. Her first clue came when I explained to her what she was going to be wearing.

I gave Ally a fitted shirt that says “I <3 Pussy,” a leather thong, and a pair of 4-inch plats and ordered her to put them on. That’s it – no other pants, no jewelry, nothing else. At first she hesitated, knowing that she was going to be walking around in public with her ass out where everyone could see it. But when I reminded her about her agreement with me, and explained to her that it was not an option, she reluctantly put it on. The thong was a special one designed for bondage scenes, and had a lock on the back of it. I locked it to prevent her from masturbating at any point during this excursion until I was ready for her to cum. To top off the ensemble, I placed a leather Rocky collar around her neck, locked it into place, and attached the leash I would be using to lead her around. I also explained to her she was not to say a word to anyone unless I gave her permission to – even if they asked her a question. If I caught her talking to someone, she was going to be punished. Our limo arrived shortly thereafter, and we walked out of house. One of our next door neighbors was out working in his yard, and his jaw hit the ground when he saw Ally’s lithe figure being escorted across the front yard with her ass visible. We hopped into the back seat for the half hour ride to the South Beach club area. We got out at Crobar, one of my favorite dancing spots. I had worked out the details in advance for our visit here tonight, so the bouncers let us in without having to wait. It was amusing to see the faces of the folks waiting in line as Ally got out of the car following me on her leash. I heard several instances of the word “slut” from the crowd. I could see her turn a dark shade of red. If she thought this was embarrassing she was in for quite a ride as the night wears on. We went in and just walked around – I wanted everyone there to see my bitch. A few people reached out and grabbed her ass, and she kept swatting their hands away. Fortunately, I had prepared for this eventuality. I took out a pair of leather handcuffs and locked her hands behind her back. She could still move someone’s hands, but it would take a little more effort. So, here we were walking around Crobar’s dance floor, me looking good and Ally in her shirt, thong, collar and handcuffs, being led around on a leash like the little fuck slut that she is. People weren’t quite sure what to make of it, not that that mattered, of course. I finally had someone ask us if we’d like to dance. I told him to hang on, and I handed Ally’s leash to someone standing at the bar. “Don’t let this bitch out of your sight. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” So I left her there with a complete stranger holding her leash and spent the next two songs dancing with a guy who was more interested in why I was leading the little slut around on a leash as opposed to the person he was dancing with. Asshole. When I got back, Ally was talking to the guy holding her leash. This was a violation of the orders I had given her before we left – she had to be punished. I snatched the leash from the guy’s hand and pulled her over to the edge of the bar. “Bartender, can you hand me that piece of wood over there?” He handed it to me and I told Ally to bend over and move her hands. She did as she was told and I swatted her on the bare ass with the wood piece twice right in front of a crowd of about a dozen people. Everyone was laughing – they knew this girl was my bitch and that I didn’t mind punishing her in front of everyone if she got out of line. Over the next hour or so, as people would come by, they’d ask me why I had this girl on a leash. I’d just explain to them that she was my slut and I thought she’d like some time out of the house tonight. And, as tempting as it was to let them have her, I had to turn down offers of a good bit of money for the use of my whore’s services. I told them to hang around, though, because they might get to use my whore later on if they were interested. Eventually, a good friend of mine showed up. She was a dancer I worked with and was well known for her dominatrix stage routine – it always left jaws on the floor. She also specialized in creating unique and specialized bondage scenes in the Miami area as a “service” to paying customers. I had arranged for her to work out just such a scene for my little slut this evening – one that was sure to leave a lasting impression, in more ways than one. We talked for a few minutes out of ear shot of Ally, and then we went into the rear bathroom, with Ally in tow. When we got in the room, Sandy asked, “Is this the little cunt you were referring to?” “Yes, it is. Isn’t she a gorgeous little fuck toy?” “She’s stunning. We’ll have to see about the fuck toy part of it, though.” Sandy leaned back against the wall, put her foot up on the toilet and pulled up her skirt. “Come here, bitch.” Ally walked over to her and Sandy ordered her to her knees. As she complied, Sandy pulled Ally’s face into her crotch and grinded her pussy on Ally’s face. “Does she know what she’s doing?” “Oh yeah, she’s been eating my pussy for the past few days. She knows exactly what to do.” Sandy pushed Ally’s head back and slapped her sharply across the face. “Show me you know what the fuck you’re doing, you stupid little cunt.” Ally began eating Sandy’s pussy and was finding it hard to maintain her balance with her hands cuffed behind her back. Tough shit for her. Finally Sandy took matters into her own hands. She grabbed Ally’s head and grinded her crotch on the bitch’s face until she began to come. The orgasm was pretty powerful (I’d expect no less from someone I’d taught to eat pussy), and Ally’s face was covered with Sandy’s juices when she got done. She couldn’t wipe it off, though she tried to rub her chin on her shirt. The look on the faces of the women who were coming and going was priceless, though it certainly wasn’t the first time they’d seen two girls going at it in here. I bet it was the first time they’d seen a forced face-fucking like this, though. “I am ready for her in the back. Let’s get her undressed and take her back for my pleasure.” I unlocked the lock on Ally’s thong, loosened it up and slid it off of her. The leather was soaked where her pussy had been. A good sign, I thought to myself. I stared into her eyes and said, “I’m going to enjoy the next hour or so,” and reached up and tore her shirt off, exposing her 34Ds. She just stood there with that “Fuck you” look on her face that she gets sometimes. I thought to myself, "You have no idea what you're in for, you fucking little cunt." We walked back into the play room and Sandy led Ally over to the “rack.” The rack was a customized iron frame that Sandy had had custom built for her purposes. It allowed you to secure someone to it in any position, and allowed you to turn or bend them into just about any position you wanted them. This allowed for tremendous flexibility in what you could do with a human fuck toy. Ally was tied into a semi-spread eagle position, sort of resembling an “X.” She was there spread open for everyone to see, and it provided easy access to her dirty places. I left her there to go back out to the club as Sandy got ready for the festivities. I went out to the DJ and told him to make an announcement and slipped him a twenty. Anyone that wanted to could come back to the play room and watch Ally’s abuse for the mere sum of $20 each, and that they might get to partake in the festivities. I really didn’t expect anyone to take me up on the offer, but in the end about 30 guys and a handful of women paid the $20 and funneled into the main floor area in the back room. An extra $600 or so for me! This is the most productive my little whore’s been since she got here. When I got back into the special room, I could see Ally was watching every move Sandy made so I got a blindfold and placed it over her eyes. I whispered into her ear, “This is going to hurt you more than it is me,” and stepped back to watch. What I hadn’t told Ally was that Sandy was a licensed body piercer, and we’d worked out a nice little surprise. Sandy turned a misting fan onto Ally, and the cold water sent chills through her body – you could see the chill bumps pop up as the beads of water began to form on her curves. Of course, this also had the effect of making Ally’s nipples erect, which is just the result we needed for the next step in this process. Sandy approached Ally and grasped her right nipple with a pair of forceps and locked them into place. Ally tensed up and tried to draw back, but of course the frame wouldn’t allow her to escape that easily. Sandy assembled her piercing tools and the jewelry, went up and began to pierce Ally’s right nipple. “Take it slow. Don’t just push it through. Make her feel it.” I wanted it to go through her sensitive little nips slowly. She liked a bit of pain when she was fucking, and I wondered how this would feel for her. I knew that my first nipple piercing was one of the most painful experiences I’d ever had, and I knew how sensitive her nipples were. Sandy very slowly pushed the needle through Ally’s nipple, taking a good ten seconds or so to get it all the way through her engorged flesh. Ally let out a long, loud scream and tried to pull back – that must’ve hurt. When she calmed down, I went over and squeezed it and asked how it felt. She just groaned. “That must not have been too bad. Let’s do the other one as well.” Ally shouted “No, please, no.” “I vaguely recall saying that just as I was about to be raped, babe. Do you remember how much attention was paid to *my* plea?” I went over to the big table of toys and grabbed a ball gag. As I got up to Ally’s face to put the gag in place, a tear was dripping down her cheek. “That must’ve hurt. You still have one nipple to go, though, you fucking little cunt.” I slapped her across the face. “Open your fucking mouth, skank.” Ally meekly complied and I put the ball gag in place so that we wouldn’t have to listen to her shriek when her other nipple was pierced. The look of fear in her eyes was priceless. But I know Ally. She’d probably had an orgasm as that needle went through her nipple anyway. Still, it must’ve been intense knowing that the next nipple was going to take as long to pierce as that first one did. I nodded at Sandy to go ahead with the left one. Sandy went up and did the same, slow procedure with Ally’s left nipple, eliciting a loud guttural moan from the tied up bitch. Once she got everything done I was fascinated by how sexy Ally’s tits looked with those silver bars in them. That was the first part of the preparation, though, and now it was time for the second part. “Where are the butt plugs?” I asked Sandy. She pointed me to a table that had several different sizes of steel plugs on it. I picked out the third largest of the four on the table and a bottle of Eros and walked over to Ally’s naked figure attached to the frame. “Are you sure she can take that one?” Sandy asked. “Yeah, she had my strap-on cock in her ass last night. It’s about the same size.” I walked over to the frame holding the slut and went around to the back of it. This thing had so many unique features, but one of its best was the fact that, when a body was strapped to it, the victim’s ass was easily accessible from the back. When I got to her, I slapped her ass as hard as I could with my open hand. I got down on my knees and gently nibbled on her butt cheeks, and then slid my tongue into the crack of her ass, massaging that little rosebud with it. I could tell from the scent that she was incredibly turned on by the proceedings, even though she might be protesting. I lubed up two fingers and worked them into Ally’s asscrack, and slowly made my way down to her little brown starfish. I worked one finger in gradually, followed by a second one and just slowly penetrated her ass with my fingers. I pulled them out and lubed up the plug. At its base, it was probably almost two inches around – big enough to hurt but not so big that it wouldn’t go in. As I lubed it up I was fascinated by the wire attached to it. I was curious to see how these worked – I’d never seen an electro-stim butt plug like this before. I slide the cold piece of metal along the crack of Ally’s ass, and began slowly penetrating her little sphincter with it. In a little, then back out. Back in a bit more, and back out, fucking her ass with the plug to loosen her up. After a couple of minutes of this, I decided I was tired of this already so I just pushed the plug all the way into her ass. Ally’s grunt told me that the plug had gotten in and gotten seated. “She’s ready.” Sandy walked over to Ally and attached electrodes to her newly minted nipple piercings, to the wire coming from the butt plug I’d just shoved into her ass, and then attached them to the power source. I know Ally had told me that she was sacred of electrical play, and she was about to find out just how stimulating it can get. Sandy cranked up the power on it until Ally began to react. “Do you feel the sizzle,” Sandy asked her. Ally shook her head in the affirmative. “That is the low setting cunt. It only gets worse from here on out.” I can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to have electricity coursing through your body from your nips through your ass. “Turn it up a couple of notches.” Sandy did as she was told, and Ally’s body tried to double over. “The more you react to the current, the worse it gets. That butt plug you have is specially designed so that when you tense up, it closes more of the circuits and the current gets much more intense. Isn’t that the coolest thing?” Sandy laughed. “Can you think of any situation where your ass muscles will tense up, sweet face? You know, like an orgasm. Imagine what that electricity would feel like if you had an orgasm right now.” I walked over and picked up the strap-on that Sandy had put aside for me. The cock on it was made of cyberskin, and it felt almost real. I couldn’t believe how lifelike it seemed, and made a mental note to myself to shell out the extra bucks to get one of my own. I reached over and removed Ally’s blindfold. She looked down to gaze upon her freshly pierced tits and the wires attached to them. I moved right up to where I was face to face with Ally and asked her if she wanted to cum. She couldn’t answer of course, but I knew she’d be tied between wanting to have an orgasm so bad, and the realization that if she did cum, the electrical current passing through her body was going to cause her some serious discomfort. What to do, what to do? I began kissing her on the neck, just as I had the past few nights we fucked. Her scent was an intoxicating mix of her favorite perfume, Classique, sweat, and Sandy’s crotch. As I moved closer to her, I let my simulated cock rest against her abdomen and moved it back and forth. “I know you want this cock, babe” I whispered to her, “And I am going to give it to you. Your cunt juice is running down your leg already, so I know that you want it badly. You’re so predictable. But then you are a whore, so I’d expect no less from you.” I gazed directly into her eyes as I slowly penetrated her incredibly wet pussy. Very slowly. I wanted her to have to control her orgasm. Once I was inside her, I reached up and interlocked my fingers with hers, and moved my mouth right up to her ear. I wanted her to hear me breathing heavily as I fucked her. It was all I could do to keep from rapidly fucking her – I had to do it slowly. We were connected in our triangular bond, and before long I could sense a powerful orgasm was building inside her. I knew she was trying her best to hold it back to prevent the electricity from charging through her, but I also knew how to make her cum, and there was no way she was going to prevent it from happening. It must be frightening to want, to desire, to be begging internally for that orgasm, yet fighting it at the same time knowing that it is going to cause you great pain as well. Finally, she let loose. As her body began spasming, it was simultaneously wracked with pleasure and pain. I continued to slowly pump her with the fake cock – in, out, in, out. Deeper, deeper, pulling out just to the point of withdrawing completely, and then slowly pushing back in. She came. Her orgasm must’ve lasted a full minute. She contorted into every position possible while tied to the rack, and I’ve never heard some of the sounds she was making coming from a human. The spasms from the orgasm superimposed over the spasms from the electrical currents pushed Ally’s body to a sensory overload, and you could see it in her eyes, and I could feel it in her hands as they grasped mine with each wave. As she came down, I reached up and wiped the long line of drool off her face and smeared it onto her chest. The audience we had assembled, and to which Ally was mostly unaware, began applauding and once again Ally was a deep, dark shade of red. As her orgasm subsided, she just hung her head and let go, spent from all of the energy she’d expended. She may have thought she was done, but we still had one more treat for her. Sandy moved the rack into a position so that Ally was now horizontal. I explained to the guys in the audience that this is where their $20 made it worthwhile for them. Each of them would be permitted to jerk off and come on Ally’s face, or anywhere on her body for that manner – just pick a place. They were not to penetrate her, though. That was my treat alone. The 30 or so guys formed a line, started taking their pants off and began masturbating. In fairly short order, a couple of guys announced they were cumming and moved around to Ally’s face. They exploded all over her face – they’d obviously been aroused by what they’d seen. Gradually, others began reaching that critical point as well. One by one they filed by our newly pierced little slut and splattered her with semen. A couple of guys came on her newly pierced tits, but the majority of them went straight for the slut’s face. By the time they were done, she’d had a little over two dozen loads of cum deposited on her body. She looked like a little white puddle of mush, and could no longer open her eyes.

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