The Private Eye and the Public Dick

Karen Stark awoke at the sound of her boyfriend, Joe,
gargling in the bathroom. He’d been up for the better
part of an early morning hour while she slept to the
sounds of his preparations for leaving. They had been
seeing each other for nearly a year. A mutual friend
had brought them together because, as she had said,
“You both have such exciting careers.” Joe was an
airline pilot and Karen was a private investigator.
At least, Karen thought, her friend had been half
right. While his job was mostly tedious attention to
detail, from time to time there were moments where a
cool hand and steady nerves saved the day. Her job,
despite its seeming glamour, was just plain tedious.
She spent most of her work time gathering facts for,
and making reports to, insurance agencies. She spent
her days with reports saying: yes this guy is really
hurting, or no you better watch that doctor he has
so many patients he could use a revolving door.

Like most couples their jobs weren’t the only things
that kept them together. They liked the same food,
movies, hobbies etc. And the sex, the sex was great.
They only had one disagreement in the bedroom. He
liked it in the morning and she just couldn’t get in
the mood for regular sex that early. They compromised.
The morning sex became a sort of parting gift to Joe
before he left on his days away in the wild blue

The door to the bathroom opened and Joe came toward
the bed, a fully erect cock leading the way. Karen
yawned and stretched languidly as she rolled onto her
back. She pulled the sheet away exposing a pair of
generous breasts to Joe’s gaze. “You seem to have been
up for a while, “she said with a smile, fully
intending the pun.

Joe strode quickly to the bed. Grinning widely, he
hopped on the bed and threw one leg over Karen so that
his knees were on either side of her waist. “I always
wear a hard on around you, babe,” he said as he leaned
forward until his cock nestled into her cleavage. Then
he cupped his hands around the sides of her breasts
and pulled them together to cover his cock. As he
began to swing his hips back and forth Joe growled,
“Yeah, there’s nothing like a good titty fuck in the

Karen knew that this fake macho bluster was supposed
to make her laugh and even though she tried to stifle
herself she let out a giggle. “You think this is
funny?” he said in mock outrage. “It won’t be so funny
when I drown your tits in cum.”

Now she really laughed out loud. He always knew how to
put her in a good mood. As Joe partially pulled his
cock out of the warm tunnel between her breasts Karen
reached up and grabbed it. “Hmmm…” she said, “maybe I
ought to save my poor breasts from the flood.” And
with that she pulled on his manhood until she was
able to slip her lips around its head. As she began to
suck on the silky smooth knob Karen also jacked her
fingers along the engorged shaft.

“Oh shit, yes…..uhhhh.” he gasped out. Joe hadn’t
expected this. In less than a minute it felt like the
cum was going to boil out of his cock. “Uhhhh….I’m
cuuuuming Karen,” he managed to get out just before
the first burst of cum erupted out of his swollen cock

Karen continued to hold onto his pistoning cock as she
swirled her lips and tongue around his now super sen-
sitive cock. For long seconds Joe couldn’t even breathe
as the sensations coursed through his body. Finally
Karen released her hold and Joe was able to stagger off
the bed and begin to dress.

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