The Pie Lady

We called her the Pie lady. Althea Gibson, who lived in the farmhouse just down the road from us, loved to bake pies. We got to know her as a kind neighbor, always ready to help out. She baked many pies, and I was always invited in for a slice of pie, then she’d give me a pie to take home for my family. Peach, apple, cherry, rhubarb, blueberry, whatever it was, one taste and you knew you were tucking into the best pies ever made. Ever since I was 8, when we moved into the farmhouse just down the road from her, she always had a pie baking away.

As I got older, I started to notice her body more sexually. By the time I was 14, my cock was making itself known, boners popping up with increasing frequency when I was in her house. Big, firm tits, a very slim, trim waist, it made her tits look even bigger, perfectly round mounds of tit flesh, I imagined what her naked boobs looked like. At night, in bed, I’d be stroking off to my mental vision, gushing thick ropes of cum as I imagined fucking her pussy.

The day after I turned 18, Althea invited me over.

“The birthday boy needs a special slice of pie,” she said, with a smile.

She went into the kitchen, and after a minute or two, she called out, “Martin, the pie is ready, come and get it.”

Entering the kitchen I stopped and stared. Althea had stripped totally naked, she sat back in a kitchen chair, knees up, legs spread. The plate of apple pie and ice cream was right between the spread of her thighs, I could feel my cock leap to attention, her pussy mound was as bare and smooth as a billiard ball, not even a trace of hair. She had spread some of the ice cream on the top of her thighs, her hand had come up, she was swirling a glob of ice cream around her right nipple, cooing at the contact of cool ice cream against her bare skin. A rivulet of melted ice cream had slid down her body, over her right breast, and down just past her navel. I looked at that rivulet, just like an arrow, pointing down to where her tight pussy lips were fully displayed. Her smile was wanton and full of lust. Her body looked even hotter than my most fevered imaginings of her.

“Ummm, Martin, you’re 18, and I want to make your 18th birthday something very, very special. Do you want to eat the slice of pie on the plate, or would you like to dine on my pie? It’s all sweet, and so juicy, and so hot. Like a slice of my special cherry pie?”

I felt like my cock was hard enough to explode as I approached her. I lifted the plate of pie and ice cream away, then stripped, Althea’s eyes locked on my hard cock. I was on my knees in a flash, licking up all the traces of ice cream spread along her thighs.

“Mmmm, yes, oh yes Martin, lick up every bit of ice cream.”

The rivulet of ice cream was just about to touch the very top of her pussy. My tongue stopped it, and I licked my way up her body, cleaning every trace of the sticky, creamy trail, enjoying Althea’s gasps and coos of pleasure. I touched the bottom of her breast, trailed up through the ice cream, and latched my mouth around her nipple, my tongue eagerly licking, enjoying the sound of Althea letting out a low moan.

“Yes, oh yes Martin, suck my tits, lick me, lick my body all over.”

I was happy to do so, giving her body a tongue bath, licking everything, when she crouched down, and turned her ass to me, I didn’t hesitate. I dipped my fingers in the ice cream and spread it over the tight pucker. Althea moaned, loud and long, as the ice cream melted on the tight pink pucker of her ass hole, her loud moans of pleasure urged me on as I licked at her tight, puckered ass hole, lapping at the melting ice cream, then letting my tongue lap at the tingling rosette of her ass hole. I could feel my cock aching, fuck, I’d never done anything so totally fucking hot as this.

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