The Pact

“I think that we made a mistake, swearing off other partners, babe,” Desiree abruptly announced.

Needless to say, this more than jarred me out of my previous thoughts. Gone were any theoretical exercises about whether Lee should have sent Longstreet’s corps around Little Round Top at Gettysburg. This was far more relevant to my personal life. My fiancee and live-in girlfriend of two months had suddenly changed her mind about her previous insistence on monogamy.

While I didn’t want to look a gift horsy in the mouth and risk losing the opportunity, I also found myself curious as to what prompted her change of mind. Des had been quite firm about this issue, and had even promised me that I could have carte blanche in every other sexual matter. All that I had to do was agree to give up my right to sleep with other women. I strongly suspected that she would have said that, anyway, but I couldn’t prove it, and it seemed as if she might be sacrificing a little for me, so I reluctantly agreed to this pact.

Little did I realize until now that she had a different one in mind for us. Did that mean that she now wanted equality in the bedroom, or what else could she be up to this time? One hardly knew what to expect with Des. She was always a bit unpredictable, but then, that was usually true in a good way, not a bad one.

“I must admit that I tend to agree, but only for selfish reasons. What are yours, however, if you don’t mind my asking?” I asked her, while sipping my Samuel Adams.

“To be honest, I only proposed monogamy because of two issues. The first was that I had to maintain my dignity, I thought, while surrendering to you sexually in every other way. I figured that if I set a condition or two, you might still respect me a little, despite agreeing to be your virtual slave. You have to admit that I pretty much submit willingly to your every last whim, right?” she gave me a pleading face, of the sort that works so well for a plump gal like her.

“Okay, that makes some sense, I suppose, from a feminist point of view. However, I don’t think that’s all, is it? What else is going on? You hinted at a second motive, after all,” I reminded her with a grin on my face.

“Very well. It’s simple. I’ve discovered that both of us have interracial kinks. Don’t bothering denying it, Ian. Your tastes in women are even more exotic than mine in men. I pretty much just like black and white cock. Whereas, you, my love, are turned-on by practically every race under the Sun. Or am I wrong? Don’t tell me that you watch black lesbian porn to be PC. I don’t buy that for a second. I know you too well, in fact, don’t I?”

“That sounds like a reason to avoid monogamy to begin with, so why didn’t we?”

“Because I was afraid of my own kink, to be honest. I was afraid that I couldn’t take dicks that large without hurting myself, and black men enjoy that kind of reputation for a reason. Plus, I was afraid that one of them might knock me up, and that would let the whole world know that I wasn’t just sleeping with you. I don’t think that I want my parents knowing the details of my sex life, do you? Anyway, misery loves company, so I pushed you to give up your kink as well,” she smiled with embarrassment and shame at her apparent selfishness.

“So, what changed?”

“I caught Tammy fucking my boss Bacchus in his office, and I stuck around to watch. They both suggested that I join them, but I told them that I had to get your blessing first. I knew what that meant, of course, and I fully intended to return the favor, in order to get your consent and be fair to you as well. Which is done I am doing now.

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