The Old Lady

I was 22 and not much with the ladies and in all
honesty, I had only been laid once and that was by some
skanky, drunk chick who I think was passed out for most
of it. Guess you could say I was searching for something
and got involved with a local fire and brimstone church,
mainly because one of its members was a hot young girl I
knew from college. Interestingly enough, I never did get
to bang her, but I did find other salvation in the

It was 1986 and one of my favorite masturbatory women
was Pat Benatar. Ironically, the female music director
at the church looked a little like her with the high
cheek bones and hair style. And, she could also sing
like an angel; no pun intended.

The church had a tradition where every week, a few of
the longtime members of the church would visit one of
the newer members to answer any questions and just
generally “check in” on them. My turn came around and
wouldn’t you know it, Paula, the music director, was one
of the people in the group of three or four people. Her
husband, Dave, who I had talked to a couple times and
seemed quite boring, wasn’t with the group that night.

Paula spotted my guitar and asked if I played. I
explained that I had taken a few lessons, but wasn’t
very good at all and had forgotten most of what I had
learned. She said that maybe I could get back to playing
and accompany her some time with music at the church.
Actually, I had been meaning to get back to playing and
it might be fun to spend some time alone with Paula
practicing. I never figured I would have a chance with
her since she was married, but hey, hanging out with a
good looking woman is never a bad thing.

As it turned out, Paula and Dave often invited me to
their place for dinner and to watch sports. Sports were
the one thing Dave and I had in common and it at least
made him seem a little interesting. The more time that
we spent together, the more I became infatuated with
Paula. She had a tight little body, with nicely sized
and shaped breasts and a great ass. She also wasn’t as
stodgy as most of the people in the church and still
listened to some rock music and had more fun than
playing BINGO at the church.

I noticed that Dave was the typical Christian husband;
domineering, demanding and offering little attention to
his wife. I made a mental note of that as what I figured
was a chink in the armor of their marriage and started
to pay attention to Paula, just giving little
compliments here and there and letting her know that I
appreciated her friendship.

One night, the three of us went to a Baltimore Orioles
game. It turned out that I had to work unexpectedly
during the day and Paula and Dave lived about a half-
hour away from me and in between me and Baltimore, which
was about 1 1/2 hours away. I was dead tired, but
enjoyed the game. When we all got back to their house,
Paula noted how tired I was and was afraid I’d fall
asleep on the ride home. Their son was away with a
friend and she suggested I stay in his room and could
head home in the morning.

Dave thought it was a good idea, so I figured, why not?
As it turned out, their kid’s room was right next to
theirs and the walls of the old house were pretty thin.

I could hear Paula and Dave talking about plans for the
next day and just life in general and then it became
sort of quiet. I figured they had gone to sleep. What I
heard next made me perk up and listen closer.

“Come on, Dave, I know you’re tired, but I’m so horny
and we haven’t had sex in over a week. Please, baby, I
don’t even care if you just finger me, please make me
cum,” pleaded Paula.

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