The nite of my moms class reunion

Last nite my mom had her class reunion. I keep flirting with my aunt.By the way im a 19 year old male black 5’6.It was me and my lil cuz. My aint had just took off her bra. i grabed her rubbing on her tits they are big with extra large nipples.

Then she in to take her bath then i cracked the door she had a fat hairy pussy with big tits and a fat ass. Then She lifted up her leg to dry off she startted fingering herself. Then me and my cuz walked in and gave her some assistance. we started fucking her. Then she started sucking my cock.She asked me to lick it. Then i said no. She threated to tell mt mom so i started licking it.

So finally my cuz left. She asked me to take down a light bulb. I stood on the bah room sink my cock on hard looking at her.when i got down i sat on the sofa she came and sat next to me. then she fell asleep.i stuck my hand between her legs she started moaning and groaning.then i got on top of her took off her night goan and started stroking then we went to her room. i started eating her out. when i stuck my cock in it was wet and pink. now i stay with her alot more

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