The Niece, The Wife, and Their Needs

I thought I was a normal guy, wife, kids, just retired early due to some remarkable success in the stock markets. I was 52 and my beautiful wife was 48. Our sex life wasn’t everything it used to be but who’s was after twenty four years of marriage. I admit, my eyes strayed but I never had.

Then our niece Mackenzie began visiting us often when she was 12. She was right at five foot tall, dishwater blonde hair and a gymnasts’ body. She had small breasts, small waist and the most perfectly shaped ass I’d ever seen. She always wore the tightest shorts and they always allowed her ass cheeks to protrude from them in the most seductive way possible. Her thighs were perfect and when seen from behind they mated perfectly with her ass cheeks, leaving a small opening one can see through at the top of them. Her ass was perfectly formed and her shorts always displayed those wonderful buttocks erotically, the pronounced concave between them seemed to scream, “Lick me, Lick me” in my mind. Her shorts always molded her pussy perfectly leaving little to be imagined.

She didn’t seem to know how sexy and desirable she really was. She would sit with her thighs spread and the softest skin alongside her mound would always be visible with her outer labia imprinted softly at the crotch of her shorts. My dick always seemed to be straining whenever she was around. Throughout the years I have to admit I entertained her in my mind frequently as I masturbated. She had decided not to attend college immediately after graduating high school and this gave her time to visit with us often.

My wife and I enjoyed reading sex stories together to get us in the mood for sex every once in a while so during the day I would go online and find what I thought would turn her on. On one particular day I was home alone reading some sex stories online trying to find some good ones for my wife and I to enjoy together that evening; I had been reading a story of incest that caught my eye because of the way my niece affected my sensibilities. It was titled, “How I seduced my Uncle”, and it was a story of a girl that was infatuated with her Uncle and had laid out a plan to seduce him and then carried it out. The web site also had free sex movies of every nature and kind. I had decided to take a shower and left my laptop sitting on the kitchen table powered on and signed in to the porn site with the story of the uncle’s seduction displayed. With both our own kids away at college my wife and I frequently left our laptops sitting around the house powered up. I had no idea of how that simple act would change the lives of our family members.

Had I just forgotten, or was it some unconscious desire for her to see it that caused me to leave it there, I don’t know. Consciously though, I had forgotten that her and her brother were coming to do some yard work for us that day. When I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and started towards the kitchen I was thinking I might toss off while reading a story or watching some movies. As I neared the kitchen I looked up and through the curved mirror on the curio cabinet in the dining room saw Mackenzie sitting with her back to me at my laptop. She was watching movies of huge cocked black men fucking tiny white women. I could tell she was aroused by the way she was sitting on the edge of the chair rubbing her pussy with her hand squeezed between her thighs. Then she went back to the story I was reading and sat staring at the screen obviously reading the story.

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