The Niece, The Wife, and Their Needs

I thought I was a normal guy, wife, kids, just retired early due to some remarkable success in the stock markets. I was 52 and my beautiful wife was 48. Our sex life wasn’t everything it used to be but who’s was after twenty four years of marriage. I admit, my eyes strayed but I never had.

Then our niece Mackenzie began visiting us often when she was 12. She was right at five foot tall, dishwater blonde hair and a gymnasts’ body. She had small breasts, small waist and the most perfectly shaped ass I’d ever seen. She always wore the tightest shorts and they always allowed her ass cheeks to protrude from them in the most seductive way possible. Her thighs were perfect and when seen from behind they mated perfectly with her ass cheeks, leaving a small opening one can see through at the top of them. Her ass was perfectly formed and her shorts always displayed those wonderful buttocks erotically, the pronounced concave between them seemed to scream, “Lick me, Lick me” in my mind. Her shorts always molded her pussy perfectly leaving little to be imagined.

She didn’t seem to know how sexy and desirable she really was. She would sit with her thighs spread and the softest skin alongside her mound would always be visible with her outer labia imprinted softly at the crotch of her shorts. My dick always seemed to be straining whenever she was around. Throughout the years I have to admit I entertained her in my mind frequently as I masturbated. She had decided not to attend college immediately after graduating high school and this gave her time to visit with us often.

My wife and I enjoyed reading sex stories together to get us in the mood for sex every once in a while so during the day I would go online and find what I thought would turn her on. On one particular day I was home alone reading some sex stories online trying to find some good ones for my wife and I to enjoy together that evening; I had been reading a story of incest that caught my eye because of the way my niece affected my sensibilities. It was titled, “How I seduced my Uncle”, and it was a story of a girl that was infatuated with her Uncle and had laid out a plan to seduce him and then carried it out. The web site also had free sex movies of every nature and kind. I had decided to take a shower and left my laptop sitting on the kitchen table powered on and signed in to the porn site with the story of the uncle’s seduction displayed. With both our own kids away at college my wife and I frequently left our laptops sitting around the house powered up. I had no idea of how that simple act would change the lives of our family members.

Had I just forgotten, or was it some unconscious desire for her to see it that caused me to leave it there, I don’t know. Consciously though, I had forgotten that her and her brother were coming to do some yard work for us that day. When I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and started towards the kitchen I was thinking I might toss off while reading a story or watching some movies. As I neared the kitchen I looked up and through the curved mirror on the curio cabinet in the dining room saw Mackenzie sitting with her back to me at my laptop. She was watching movies of huge cocked black men fucking tiny white women. I could tell she was aroused by the way she was sitting on the edge of the chair rubbing her pussy with her hand squeezed between her thighs. Then she went back to the story I was reading and sat staring at the screen obviously reading the story.

Seeing her young body moving sensually had my dick stiffening. I then saw her rise and walk to the junk drawer and take a pencil and a sticky notepad from it and it appeared she was writing down the URL of the website before tearing it off, folding it and sticking it in her pocket. I went back to the bathroom and began making noises that I knew she could hear before returning to the kitchen. She had gone outside before I got there. I dressed quickly and went outside after closing the web site. When she saw me coming out the door she said, “Oh, hi unc, we just got here to do the yard”. Pretending not to know she had been on the computer I said, “I’m going to run up to the store and get a few things Mackenzie want to go? I’ll only be gone twenty minute or so.”

“Naw I think I’ll stay here in case he needs some help”, she replies. Normally she would have jumped at the chance to get out of having to work. I smile knowing she is going to be on that site thirty seconds after I leave creating her own account, which is free to do. I don’t know why I find it enjoyable knowing that but I do. I suspect she is still a virgin and thinking of her sexing anyone, especially me is a real turn-on for me, why I couldn’t tell you because she is my niece. I guess a part of me wants her sexually aroused when she’s around me hoping she will have the courage to approach me sexually. I knew I didn’t have that courage even though she was eighteen now. I tell myself I’m really not planning on doing anything with her, not now anyway. It just excites me seeing her aroused needing to cum.

When I get back she is in the bathroom and I go to the laptop and look at the history and she has visited quite a few different sex sites mostly interracial mixed with bestiality. Hmmm I think to myself, wonder if the animal sex put her in the bathroom? I creep down the hallway and put my ear to the door and can hear her labored breathing and her voice quavering as if she is rubbing her clit very vigorously and then, Oh..oh..ah…ah..aarrgghhhhhhhhhhohgodddddyeahhhhhh. Then quick deep gasping and panting. I walk back to the living room and sit down with my cock straining my pants.

A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom and sees me sitting there, her gaze lowering to the long bulge of my hard dick, and a slight blush colors her face like she is wondering if I know her secret and then says, “Oh I didn’t know you were home Uncle Rick. My eyes examine her, not really knowing what I was expecting to see that would scream “I’ve been masturbating”, but I enjoy looking at her anyway. I did notice her pussy was imprinted against her shorts defining her swollen labia plainly. I spend a few seconds a little mesmerized and she cocks her head sideways and asks, “What? What’s wrong, what are you looking at”, as she nervously laughs while transferring her weight from one foot to the other, glancing down at her pussy like she’s afraid there is something to suggest she had been masturbating with a quizzical smile adorning her beautiful face?

“A sexy, beautiful young woman, Mac. You get more beautiful every day it seems like. If I were young and single again I’d be trying to talk you out of those shorts you have on”, I said and then laughed like it was just a compliment but there was more than just an element of truth in what I said.

“I’m beginning to think you’re a dirty old man uncle Rick”, she said smiling as she walked towards the door and then paused, looked back and winked, and said, “I like that”, smiled real big and walked out the door. I knew I wanted to read a lot more into her words than she really meant but it was a nice thought. I’m sure she was exaggerating the rolling of her ass, cheeks squirming as she walked, and my prick pulsed strongly, jerking hard in my pants. She glanced back at me out of the corner of her eyes like she wanted to see if I was watching her ass as she walked. I was, and a slight grin crossed her mouth as she saw my gaze directed directly upon her young body and undoubtedly saw my straining dick before she disappeared out the door.

A few minutes later I glance out the kitchen window and see her lying on the canopied swing in the back yard with her thighs spread laying along the mattress seat. Her head lays against the padded arm as she seems to be thinking. I see her glance at the window and see the recognition in her eyes as she sees me looking at her. She quickly averts her gaze though, like she hasn’t seen me. As I watch, her hand drops between her thighs and her fingers idly rub herself, fingertips lightly running along her pronounced slit as she seems to caress her labia unconsciously. Is she teasing me I wonder? Her eyes close, head turning to the side as if she’s experiencing intense pleasure. I wonder if she’s becoming aroused knowing I’m watching her. I move closer to the window where I know she can see me. Her hips begin a slow sensual undulation that has my dick rising, swelling, until I am rock hard again and my dick is running down my sweat pants leg almost to my knee as it lifts the slack material. I am normally around nine inches when hard but I was sure I felt a couple inches longer I was so aroused watching her believing she was performing for my benefit.

Then, as I watch mesmerized, she gets up quickly, runs in the house and starts pulling drawers open. I start to speak but my mouth is so dry my voice cracks awkwardly, “W.w..wha..what are you looking for Mac”, I ask as I try to turn sideways to hide the pronounced bulge in my pants. She walks beside me and opens a drawer standing where it’s impossible for me to hide what she has caused to be there.

“A sucker”, she says as her gaze falls on my dick. She seems mesmerized, staring, her head is down like she’s looking in the drawer but her gaze is sideways on my dick. I see her chest beginning to rise and fall and her thighs involuntarily squeeze.

“I say, “A sucker, why?”

She glances up into my eyes and then deliberately lowers her gaze and says while staring at my dick, “Oh I don’t know, I was sitting outside and suddenly had the urge to suck on something sweet and hard, something I can run my tongue around and taste it and a sucker is all I can think of, you got any ideas unc? Do you know of anything Aunt Rita sucks on when she’s craving something hard and delicious?”

I get the feeling we’re both dancing around the seething coal walk waiting to see who will take a chance on being burnt first. My dick is throbbing and jerking in my pants and gives me the courage to walk behind her and press against her, placing my hard dick against her ass while I reach over her and open a cabinet door while saying, “She used to keep some hard stuff up here I believe. “If you see something you like just grab it Mac. Hmmm must not be this one I say as I raise up like I’m looking on the higher shelves as I rub my swollen cock up and down her ass crack. I think I hear a small moan and her ass presses back against me.

“Dang, I feel so hungry now. All of a sudden I feel so empty like I’m craving something. What do you have that will fill me up Unc”, she asks as she turns to face me, eyes smoldering, face flushed from the arousement I’m positive she is experiencing. My hands reach down and grasp her ass cheeks as I pull her to me. We stand there with my dick jerking strongly against her when suddenly the door opens and her brother comes walking in. She hurriedly breaks free and walks in the living room and sits staring at me, chest heaving, her body language expressing frustration, her eyes begging me to do something to alleviate the throbbing she feels.

I have to put my hand in the pocket of my sweats and hold my dick down so it’s not readily visible as I ask, “All through or just taking a break”, praying he’s taking a break.

“All done, just need something cold to drink now”, he replies as he opens the refrigerator door.

“There’s a cold beer in there”, I say invitingly. He looks at me with a funny look on his face and I laugh and say, “Don’t worry I won’t tell on you.”

“No but Mackenzie will in a heartbeat”, he says dejectedly.

I look at Mackenzie and ask, “You want a beer Mac?”

She looks at me as if me asking her acknowledges that I see her as a woman, an adult as she asks, “What will Aunt Rita say, I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble Rick?”

“Aunt Rita’s not here is she, and I’m not a snitch. Don’t see where one beer is going to turn you into a drunken alcoholic but if you don’t want it that’s ok?” What am I doing, I think to myself? I wage an internal battle as my mental abilities are becoming more and more influenced by the throbbing in my dick. Did she just call me Rick? We suddenly seemed to have grown closer in her mind and I think I like that fact.

Mac rises and walks in the kitchen and asks her brother, “Will you split one with me Austin? I don’t know if I like it and I don’t want to waste it if I don’t?”

Austin smiles and says, “Sure”, he replies as he realizes she can’t tell on him if she splits hers with him!”

I get two glasses down and Austin opens a beer and distributes it between the two glasses and then hands Mac one. She tastes it and says, I like it I think, and then takes a big drink and says it’s good, ok I’ll drink it.

We all go sit in the living room and I talk to her brother about school and other mundane things as Mac sits across from me holding her pussy pretending to watch TV as her gaze continues to drop to my pants front where I have pressed my dick down the inside of my thigh so her brother can’t see it. I rub it as I lick my lips while my eyes gaze at her clenching thighs. Each time I do it her thighs squeeze and a soft shudder runs through her. I am aroused but her young hormonal arousement has her appearing to ache for relief. I watch as she drains the glass, seeming to drink in order to take her mind from the ache at her pussy.

Austin drinks his quickly also saying, “Now that’s good, just what I needed, good and cold too”, as he tries to sound manly.

I rise and pick the glasses up and say, “Better get rid of the evidence” and wink at Austin. I take the glasses and rinse them out and sit them beside the sink and turn and look at Mac through the doorway. Her brother can’t see me where I’m standing. I watch as she turns to sit facing me with her feet on the edge of the couch, thighs open widely. She glances towards her brother and then her hands drop and she rubs her pussy for a few seconds while staring at the now tented sweats at my dick. I can’t believe the boldness of her actions. She had always shown a propensity towards exhibitionism but never so overtly sexual. She clearly did that for my benefit I think and I reach down and grasp my hard cock through my sweats and squeeze it, outlining its thick head as I lift it. I see the effect it has on her inner excitement as her thighs close and I see her ass squeezing as her pussy muscles clench tightly. I see the round lower edge of her ass cheeks and the soft skin of her pussy straddling the thin strip of her shorts at her crotch and my hand strokes my dick in my sweats. She mouths the words, “Show me”, as she begins tapping her temple with her index finger alongside her eyes and then points at me as her hand lowers. She’s communicating her desire to see my dick through her gestures and her silent mouthing I think to myself.

My breathing is heavy, and all kinds of thoughts run through my head. I have fleeting thoughts of Rita, my marriage, my reputation and then I look at her again and she tilts her head with an expression of “Well”. I have never felt an arousement as intense as the one gripping me at this moment. I feel possessed, unable to prevent my actions as I grip the waistband of my sweats and pull them out and press the front down until my cock bobs up and stands swaying straight out in front of me. Her eyes open big, her chest lifts as she breathes in quickly. She tries to pretend she’s watching TV but her gaze keeps returning to stare as I grip my dick and stroke it. Her hands press down between her thighs and she squeezes them tight against her pussy as her thighs rock from side to side.

She glances at her brother and then rises slowly and quietly walks into the kitchen slowly while looking in the direction of Austin. She walks straight to me and grips my dick in her small hand as she says, “He’s asleep”. She runs her hands up and down my hard dick and I know I’m about to cum, precum is oozing from my urethra in a stream as she murmurs, “Dang it’s so big.” She squeezes me with one hand as her other slides into my sweats to cup my balls and caress them gently, while staring at my face. “I want to suck it, can I”, she whispers?

My mind is screaming, YES! YES! when I hear a car pull in the driveway and I say quickly, “Oh my god Rita’s home” as I push her away and run to the bathroom and lock the door and begin stroking my cock with the memory of my beautiful Niece’s hands on my dick and her words in my mind. I cum within just a few strokes and I didn’t think I’d ever quit tensing and shooting. My dick felt as stiff as steel as I filled the toilet bowl with my need for my nieces lips on my dick. Even after my balls quit pumping cum they still dry spasmed, bending me at the waist with intense thrills. I finally had to release my dick hoping if I didn’t touch it that it would soften and I could leave the bathroom. I thought of everything and anything except my niece’s 18 year old ass and her boldness.

I was finally able to shrug and leave the safety of my throne room to face everyone. When I emerged Mac was sitting on the couch with her thighs crossed and pumping hard. She looked at me and I could see her sexual frustration. Austin was still sleeping and I couldn’t help thinking how Mac would still be sucking or possibly fucking me if not for Rita’s untimely return. Rita asks if her sister had dropped them off and if they are staying for dinner or if their mother is going to pick them up or what? Mac jumps up and says, “‘I’d like to go home now if you want to take me”. She knows there is no chance for us to do anything so I’m sure she wants to go home and masturbate in her own bed while watching movies on her phone.

I volunteer to take them. In the car Austin says, “When I get married I hope all we have to do is sit around all day and play on the computer like you do Uncle Rick.”

“That’s not all I do, I usually only get on it when I’m home alone with nothing to do like when I take Rita to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 4 and 6 O’clock”, I say, hoping Mac will try and find a way to be at the house during those times. Besides there are a lot of things you can learn on the computer online isn’t there Mac? I noticed you had been on a few educational sites on my laptop today while I was gone. So see Austin there’s a lot to learn on a computer, it’s all there in black and white”, I said as I smiled at Mac. She looked at me and blushed but got a knowing smile on her lips as I asked, “Ain’t that right Mac?”

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