The Mother in Law

The warm waves of blood circulated throughout her body making her feel alive once again. She peered over the counter top glancing at his face. Her heart raced knowing that she was wrong in doing so. She stood behind the sink, and she washed dishes as the water continually splashed over her white blouse exposing her royal blue bra underneath. “Can I get some water while you’re over there Katy?” Sean asked his mother in law. She nodded grabbing a cup from the cupboard. Her hands shook as she poured him his water. She walked slowly over towards him strutting one foot in front of the other. Her large breasts fluttered up and down frantically forcing a button on her blouse loose. As she bent over slightly, her blouse gave way and her curvaceous cleavage sat right in front of Sean. Katy was mesmerized by Sean’s blue piercing eyes and hadn’t even noticed how she was presenting herself. Katy saw his hand reach out for the glass of water but when he stopped she could feel his fingertips on her shirt. She slowly looked down and saw Sean buttoning up her shirt. She stood motionless watching her son in law button up her blouse. “You’ll catch a cold if you don’t get changed.” He said grabbing the glass of water.

Her oldest daughter Liza had gotten married to Sean earlier that year and the newlyweds were currently staying at Katy’s apartment because of financial reasons. Liza had been working for the church she attended for the last five years. On top of having a full time job, Liza also took a full load of classes at night. Most of the nights, Liza would call her husband and say that she’s staying extra late at the school to study.

Because Liza’s family immigrated to the States only several years ago, her father had to work two full time jobs just to support him and his wife. Katy didn’t really have any skill sets and stayed home for the most part, unlike her husband who would often come home around 2 in the morning always exhausted. Sean on the other hand, was a carefree guy that did what he wanted and when he wanted. Needless to say, he wasn’t working or going to school. He would just walk around town exploring his own self and the community that surrounded him; one could say he was particularly interested in why and how people made choices.

This resulted in Katy and Sean being alone in the house the entire day, and because she wasn’t familiar with the culture in the States, Sean took the liberty in teaching her about the cultural norms. Katy was very easily affected by the way people thought of her and the social status that was titled to her. Back in her home country, Katy was highly respected both as an intellectual, and a natural beauty. It was quite the change for Katy, but she was starting to understand what people in America respected, and wanted.

Katy came from a long line of big breasted, big assed woman. Her family was always producing curvy daughters, and only daughters for that matter. She was a bit on the short side; 5’2” and had long, strait flowing black hair. It didn’t matter what Katy wore, everything was tight around her body and exposed every little crevice; she was used to it by now. Her husband loved her very much, and Katy often took advantage of his love controlling every aspect of his life. He did not care for money, nor status, but because Katy told him that she needed those things, he went and sought them.

Six months had passed since they moved in with each other and Katy had finally gotten used to the idea of Sean living under the same roof. For days on end, Sean would lay on the couch watching reality TV shows displaying various aspects of pop culture in the United States and what some would claim “what’s wrong in the country.” Katy often sat on the couch adjacent to Sean and tried to follow the shows. They were silent most of the time. She noticed that the media emphasized an extreme ordeal on the physical aspects of females. She was also confused when the media portrayed or praised women that showed off their bodies in tight clothing; especially women that had larger breasts and asses. Back in Katy’s country, it was often looked down upon if you had such a busty body. This made her heart a little lighter.

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