The making of mistress wright

When Jemma Brown was growing up she was often bullied, not a very good mixer and often spent long periods alone where she would plan in her mind’s eye revenge on her fellow pupils who seemed much more popular than she was. In fairytale terms Jemma was the traditional ugly duckling who at the age of 13 wore braces to straighten her teeth, had a spotty complexion and often comfort ate to make up for the lack of friends and this added to her weight problem. It was easy to see how her fellow peers could use her as a typical victim of bullying.

However rolling the years forward to when she was 18, how the beautiful swan had emerged from the ugly duckling, gone was all the puppy fat, as was the spotty complexion and the braces had worked their magic as her smile was one to behold and people often said her smile lit up the room when she entered. What people could not see was the inner scars that her growing up had concealed within her body and in particular in her mind. Jemma planned revenge on every single one of the fellow schoolmates that had teased and bullied her. Not for 1 min did she actually plan to do anything about this in real life but it made her feel good in the privacy of her own room to think and plan every single detail of her revenge for a particular person.

Suddenly as the beautiful swan she was far more in demand than she had ever been and was constantly being asked out by the very people who had ignored her only five years ago. Jemma’s fantasies in regard to the revenge started off as being purely physical pain inflicted on the perpetrators of the bullying acts that she had endured but of late she had begun to add a sexual flavour to those fantasies.

One of those fantasies went along the lines of, John Baldock; a very popular member of the class had called round to see her and her parents had told him she was at this hospital doing voluntary patient visitations. He had come along to the hospital and had found her, asking for the chance to talk to her, she led him into a disused part of the hospital. Turning into a still furnished examination room, she turned and invited him in, no sooner had he gone past her than she overpowered him and quickly managed to secure his hands behind his back. Using her new-found experience of working at the hospital she produced a hypodermic syringe and threatened to put him to sleep when she would then mutilate his manhood so that no girl would ever want it. Not knowing whether this was a bluff or not John begged her not to and he even admitted that he would do whatever she said if she did not use the hypodermic syringe.

Jemma ordered John to remove his clothes and in the strange world of fantasy he managed to do so without her undoing his hands, in her mind’s eye Jemma saw that he had a large impressive prick but then again she knew he was well endowed from the comments supposedly made by his girlfriends who were some of the bullies she hated, who knew for a fact. As the scene in her mind play out Jemma now made him lie on the examination couch and quickly secured his feet into the stirrups normally used by women for their gynaecological examinations.

John shivered when he felt an icy cold hand of Jemma close around his balls, slowly Jemma began to squeeze and squeeze; John howled for mercy until he finally felt Jemma release his balls. The next thing he felt was the same icy cold hand now gently begin to stroke his penis and nature being what it was he was soon sporting a raging hard on, much to Jemma’s delight. Taking the same hypodermic syringe that she had threatened him with earlier, she removed the needle and then brought the open end up to the eye of his cock and quickly depressed the plunger forcing the clear liquid down the tube of his cock and the instant sensation made John tremble. That tremble was probably a mixture of fear and excitement, fear because he was not sure what the liquid was and what effect it would have upon him after all she had threatened to put him to sleep with the same liquid, excitement because he had never felt anything quite like a sudden wall of liquid being forced down his prick.

By :Niteowluk2003

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