The Job

The phone interview felt much easier than I’d anticipated, with more questions about family values than my work history. Maybe that should have been my first warning sign. Instead I happily told my wife and kids that we were moving to New Orleans, hoping they would be as pleased as I was with the idea.

Far from platitudes, from my daughter, Ashley, all I got was attitude. “What about all my friends!? My school? Dad, you’re ruining my life!” There simply is no reasoning with the teenage female mind. Never matter the pay increase, the better lifestyle, the chance to re-start my career. At 15, she was really starting to bloom, so to speak, though still a little awkward in herself. As I watched her flaming red hair trail behind her fleeing form, my son, Todd, only 1 year younger than his sister, at least had a more philosophical approach. “If you’re getting paid more, does that mean I can finally get an XBox One?”

And my wife… Jacqui… she as always was by my side, telling the kids it would be great, they’d make new friends, they’d enjoy the new culture. In bed that night however she shared her own reluctance, fears. I reassured her that we were doing the right thing – a company with a long history, not about to go bust like so many new startups, lots of upwards career opportunities, perks for staff and family, and a great medical plan. What could go wrong?

I went to sleep that night knowing I was doing the right thing, for myself, and my family…

Two weeks and 1,000 miles later, I sat in a big chair, looking away from my arm. I winced as the nurse pierced my vein and started to draw my blood. Once the needle was in, I could open my eyes again, which was good given how pretty the skinny little blonde with the needle looked, with large but not unnatural looking breasts proudly on display. She was the assistant to the company doctor, Mike Jones.

Doc J, everyone called him; a middle-aged man who reminded me of Bobby from Dallas (back in the old days – tall, dark, handsome). As nurse Helen’s breasts started to move away, I realized he was talking to me. “So now your bloods are done, we just need some other samples from you. Urine, feces, and semen.” Although he didn’t look up from his notes, he must have seen my face. “We need to cover all our bases, I’m sure you understand.” He gave me 3 collection cups, and pointed me to a room.

Inside was a toilet and wash basin, and also a sofa, with a small coffee table. On the table was an iPad. After taking care of the first two samples, I sat nervously on the sofa. I’d never had call to do this into a cup before… I picked up the iPad curiously, and found that it was set up with an array of porn. After getting comfortable, I started swiping through the selections, nervously looking at the door now and then. Deciding I’d better get a move on, I chose a folder. I was greeted by the sight of a young skinny blonde lightly tattooed woman walking down the street, before being approached by a man who offered her money to go with him. Seriously, does anyone believe this stuff? Getting as comfortable on the sofa as I could, with the small cup ready, I unzipped, took matters in hand, and swiped the iPad.

Thinking she would end up sucking the stranger’s impossibly large cock, before taking him deep inside her pussy, from inside some generic 2 Star motel room, with a ubiquitous cumshot to finish, I was surprised instead as the sequence of photos revealed the man taking her to a high class apartment. After a little groping and strip show, things took another interesting turn as he produced a pair of handcuffs, and another $100 note. Agreeing to his request, she was soon handcuffed on the bed, sucking his cock (had to happen sooner or later!) What really surprised me next however was the genuine look of shock on her face as the guy then opened the door, and let about another 10 well built well hung guys into the room. I mean, most of these porn stars don’t exactly know how to act, but she really made the scene feel intense, even just through the still images.

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