The Job

The phone interview felt much easier than I’d anticipated, with more questions about family values than my work history. Maybe that should have been my first warning sign. Instead I happily told my wife and kids that we were moving to New Orleans, hoping they would be as pleased as I was with the idea.

Far from platitudes, from my daughter, Ashley, all I got was attitude. “What about all my friends!? My school? Dad, you’re ruining my life!” There simply is no reasoning with the teenage female mind. Never matter the pay increase, the better lifestyle, the chance to re-start my career. At 15, she was really starting to bloom, so to speak, though still a little awkward in herself. As I watched her flaming red hair trail behind her fleeing form, my son, Todd, only 1 year younger than his sister, at least had a more philosophical approach. “If you’re getting paid more, does that mean I can finally get an XBox One?”

And my wife… Jacqui… she as always was by my side, telling the kids it would be great, they’d make new friends, they’d enjoy the new culture. In bed that night however she shared her own reluctance, fears. I reassured her that we were doing the right thing – a company with a long history, not about to go bust like so many new startups, lots of upwards career opportunities, perks for staff and family, and a great medical plan. What could go wrong?

I went to sleep that night knowing I was doing the right thing, for myself, and my family…

Two weeks and 1,000 miles later, I sat in a big chair, looking away from my arm. I winced as the nurse pierced my vein and started to draw my blood. Once the needle was in, I could open my eyes again, which was good given how pretty the skinny little blonde with the needle looked, with large but not unnatural looking breasts proudly on display. She was the assistant to the company doctor, Mike Jones.

Doc J, everyone called him; a middle-aged man who reminded me of Bobby from Dallas (back in the old days – tall, dark, handsome). As nurse Helen’s breasts started to move away, I realized he was talking to me. “So now your bloods are done, we just need some other samples from you. Urine, feces, and semen.” Although he didn’t look up from his notes, he must have seen my face. “We need to cover all our bases, I’m sure you understand.” He gave me 3 collection cups, and pointed me to a room.

Inside was a toilet and wash basin, and also a sofa, with a small coffee table. On the table was an iPad. After taking care of the first two samples, I sat nervously on the sofa. I’d never had call to do this into a cup before… I picked up the iPad curiously, and found that it was set up with an array of porn. After getting comfortable, I started swiping through the selections, nervously looking at the door now and then. Deciding I’d better get a move on, I chose a folder. I was greeted by the sight of a young skinny blonde lightly tattooed woman walking down the street, before being approached by a man who offered her money to go with him. Seriously, does anyone believe this stuff? Getting as comfortable on the sofa as I could, with the small cup ready, I unzipped, took matters in hand, and swiped the iPad.

Thinking she would end up sucking the stranger’s impossibly large cock, before taking him deep inside her pussy, from inside some generic 2 Star motel room, with a ubiquitous cumshot to finish, I was surprised instead as the sequence of photos revealed the man taking her to a high class apartment. After a little groping and strip show, things took another interesting turn as he produced a pair of handcuffs, and another $100 note. Agreeing to his request, she was soon handcuffed on the bed, sucking his cock (had to happen sooner or later!) What really surprised me next however was the genuine look of shock on her face as the guy then opened the door, and let about another 10 well built well hung guys into the room. I mean, most of these porn stars don’t exactly know how to act, but she really made the scene feel intense, even just through the still images.

For a good few sets of sequences the newcomers took their own turns with the girl, sharing her, even going air-tight once or twice. The running mascara really helped to sell the supposed scene, though the dribbling nose was a bit too far I thought.

On the last frame of the series, as the girl was released from her bonds, exhausted, covered in and leaking many loads of cum, her face again truly seemed to show raw emotions as she reached the apartment door only to find 2 burly men, one holding a black hood, and the other a length of rope, presumably ready to take her on to some other adventure. Whilst not my normal type of sexual fantasy, the jar received its deposit.

As I handed the samples to Doc J, he told me that whilst his on-site clinic only opened Mondays and Wednesdays, he really needed to see my family for their medicals as soon as possible. He suggested I send them along to his private clinic for their examinations – if indeed we wanted to make use of the company’s medical plan. “Of course,” I told him. “I’m sure Jacqui can pull the kids out of their new school for a few hours…”

“Marvelous,” Doc J replied. “Helen, why don’t you set up an appointment.” He smiled at Helen as I raised my eyes from her breasts and gave her my wife’s details.

The next day when Jacqui took the kids to Doc J’s private practice, they were the only ones waiting in the lobby. Jacqui smiled politely as a sweet young thin blonde receptionist guided the family in to meet Doc J, with Helen sitting by his side as always. Jacqui wondered exactly why a receptionist needed to show quite so much cleavage, not to mention a few tattoos – then saw Helen’s ample pair, and instead wondered if it was a work-place requirement. Todd meanwhile simply acted like the pubescent boy that he was, pretending very badly not to stare at the beautiful young women. And poor Ashley awkwardly twirled her her hair as she observed the fact that her 32b’s were the smallest and most covered breasts in the room, as even Jacqui was wearing a dress that dipped a little at the front.

Doc J explained all of the tests that they would need to cover for the medical insurance. My wife only raised an eyebrow at the mention of STD checks for our 2 children, but couldn’t help but call him on the prospect of performing a pap smear not only on herself, but also on Ashley. “Surely she doesn’t need one of those yet. She’s not even 21,” She paused, and leaned closer to the doctor. “And she is still a virgin.”

Ashley in turn flushed bright red, almost matching her hair. “Mom!” Helen meanwhile, without making comment, offered the teen a consoling smile and a gentle pat on the knee. Ashley gave her a weak smile in return, hoping her mother would stop talking about her sex life, or lack thereof.

The warm smile that Doc J flashed back at Jacqui did little to ease her concerns. “Mrs Fielding, I assure you it’s just protocol. I know it can be unpleasant. You can of course be present during Ashley’s examination, and if you prefer, I can have Helen perform the procedure. She is fully qualified.” My wife conceded, before looking warily at Todd. Doc J didn’t miss the glance. Telling the boy that he could be first up, Doc J directed Todd to a chair, and proficiently drew blood for the tests he required. Escorting the boy to the door, he called to the blonde receptionist.

“Miss Hooper, can you take this fine young boy to Exam Room 2 and help him with these additional tests, and don’t forget the questionnaire. Thank-you my dear.” Jacqui felt like she could see his huge smile from the back of his head. The pretty receptionist escorted Todd to a room, carrying 3 specimen jars, and an iPad. “Now Mrs and Miss – let’s make this as painless as we can, shall we?”

In the exam room, Miss Hooper smiled politely at Todd as she explained the 3 containers, and what was needed in each. “Ahhhh that’s kind of gross, and embarrasing!” he replied, a little unsure, but knowing that his mother had often said – sometimes you can’t keep your dignity at the doctors, you just have to do what you are told. They are, after all, doing what’s best for you. The room had a toilet, however only a small curtain for privacy. Todd awkwardly filled the first two containers, feeling embarrassed as he handed them back to the pretty girl, but knowing what was to follow would be even worse. Miss Hooper handed him the last jar. “Oh, right… That one…” Todd moaned as he took the jar. Miss Hooper smiled at him.

“It’s ok, Todd. I know it’s embarrassing at first, but honestly, you’ll get use to it. I mean, lots of people have to do it.” She smiled again, and put her hand on his arm. Todd smiled back at her, his heart racing as her simple touch made him feel his pants grow tight around his cock. Taking the container, he went to close the curtain around himself and the toilet. “Oh sweety, you can’t do it sitting on the toilet. It may contaminate the sample.” Todd looked around the small room, then back at Miss Hooper. She patted the bed and smiled.

In Doc J’s office, behind a blue curtain Helen was removing her gloves, as Jacqui pulled up her panties. Whilst Helen had performed the pap smear, Doc J had spent the time getting better acquainted with Ashley, whilst occasionally explaining the procedure Helen was performing on her mother, so she could know what to expect. “So you’re going to Ryder High? That’s a good school,” he smiled at Ashley, whose eyes were firmly on the blue curtain as she wrenched her fingers, waiting nervously. Finally Jacqui emerged, and Helen held the curtain open for Ashley to enter, telling her to remove everything below the waist, pop up on the bed, and cover herself with the towel.

Jacqui reached out and took her daughter’s hand. “Do you want me to – ” she started to ask our sweet little princess / angsty teen.

Ashley bit her lip. “Just, let me get ready first…” Jacqui gave her hand a squeeze then let her walk through the curtain. Doc J immediately began asking Jacqui a series of questions about her health, as Helen called through the curtain to ask if Ashley was ready. “Yes,” came her uncertain reply. Helen discretely let herself and Jacqui into the curtained area, guiding Jacqui to a stand near Ashley’s head. Helen offered Ashley a friendly smile and patted her arm again, before she sat at the business end of the bed, guiding the novice’s feet into two stirrups, and gently raising the towel so she could see what she was dealing with.

Helen continued smiling as she began explaining what she was doing, but smiled also noticing Ashley’s small mop of matching flaming red hair covering her below. She explained to the young teen what the equipment was, and how important these checks were. As Jacqui held her daughter’s hand, Doc J’s voice came through the curtain, asking another question for his survey. Finding it hard to hear him, Jacqui popped her head out to respond to the Doc.

Helen talked slowly through the procedure for Ashley, showing her the fresh speculum before lubricating it, and then using one hand to help part the girl’s labia, as she gently, slowly began inserting and twisting the device. A curious look fell over Helen as she noted that Ashley did indeed appear to be a virgin – she still had her hymen. Ashley squeezed her mother’s hand tighter as the device made her feel stretched, though Doc J’s questions were keeping her head out of the curtain. Ashley grimaced as Helen swabbed her uterus, and heard a small “there there, dear” from her mother. Looking back from her distracted mother, Ashley saw another smile from Helen, almost apologetic this time, like she was saying sorry for having caused her discomfort in such an intimate way.

The speculum finally came out, and Ashley thought it was over, until Helen told her she still had to do a digital exam. Lubing her fingers this time, Helen gently slid two fingers through the light red covering of hair, and into Ashley in a way that only she had ever done herself. Again Ashley squeezed her mom’s hand, and again she was too busy to respond. Helen continued talking slowly to Ashley in a matter-of-fact voice, as she felt Helen’s fingers begin to press firmly, like she was making a “come here” motion with her fingers inside her vagina, causing the girl to suddenly feel flushed and light headed. Ashley vaguely noted that Helen’s descriptions of what she was doing was not exactly matching what was happening inside her, as she then felt Helen’s other hand, her thumb, slowly slide upwards between her labia til it landed on her clit hood, making her gasp ever so slightly. The thumb began to make small circular motions til her clit began to throb.

The fingers inside continued massaging her inside as the thumb explored her clit, making her bite her lip in confusion and to stifle more moans. Finally Helen removed her fingers from inside Ashley’s body, though not the thumb on her clitoris. Her fingers however simply moved lower. Helen continued talking, explaining, just as she had done when performing the procedure on Ashley’s mom. Her fingers however had not explored Jacqui’s clitoris, nor had a lubed finger probed at the mother’s ass. Ashley’s eyes were wide as she stared at Helen.

Doc J smiled at Jacqui as she politely answered his questions, and failed to hear her daughter’s faltering breathing, as Helen’s fingers teased Ashley in ways she had never felt before. She also knew her mother’s motto that dignity remained at the door when visiting the doctor, however the sensations that Helen was causing her felt much more intimate and intense than she had expected. Ashley squeezed her mother’s hand tighter, but when her mother finally looked, all she could see was Helen closely inspecting her daughter. Helen’s matter-of-fact face and calm voice did nothing to help either, as Ashley felt this was entirely normal, as her body began to tense, making her stifle a moan.

“I know honey, just close your eyes if you want, I’m sure it will be over soon,” Jacqui tried to console her daughter, finally returning the squeeze to her hand. Ashley felt so confused as Helen’s fingers made her body tremble whilst her mother stood there by her side, not saying a word.

In the other room, Todd was now laying on the bed with only his tshirt and socks on, knees bent up, his 5″ uncut cock in Miss Hooper’s hand. She was slowly jerking him, not getting him get there too quickly, as he flipped through the iPad. Whilst still nervous and embarrassed, having a sexy young woman stroking his cock for him had helped him overcome his shyness. He came to the same series of pictures that I had seen a day earlier, and stopped. He looked at Miss Hooper. He looked at the iPad. He grew a little harder in her hand as he began flipping through the images. It wasn’t long before Miss Hooper noticed Todd’s balls start to rise. Timing it perfectly, before he could orgasm, she slipped a lubed finger into his ass, pressing and rubbing on his prostate firmly until he ejaculated into the cup without reaching proper release. Miss Hooper smiled politely at him, her finger still in his surprised ass. “Thank-you hon that was perfect. You can clean up and get dressed now.” Todd looked at her in shock.

Still holding her mother’s hand, Ashley’s toes curled in the stirrups as Helen’s finger probed her rear as well, with a thumb firmly rubbing her clit. But before she could reach her own release, Helen’s fingers withdrew. “Thank-you for being so brave,” Helen smiled at Ashley as she slipped her gloves off. Ashley looked at her in shock.

When I asked my wife how everything went at Doc J’s that day, she was pretty nonchalant in front of the kids. The kids were equally non committal, and both overly keen to go to bed that night. Once they were in bed, Jacqui told me about how Doc J had insisted on performing sexual disease checks on our dear children (“Yes dear, but it’s just for the paperwork”, I assured her), and even performing a pap smear on Ashley. That one did make my brow furrow, at the thought of my sweet angel having to endure such a procedure at her age, however I felt, and explained to Jacqui, that again, it was all so we could receive the benefits of a very generous health package, and as Jacqui herself admitted, it was performed by a woman, and a well trained one at that.

Later the following week, I was at my desk at work, already starting to feel comfortable in my new role, when Doc J dropped by. “I’m glad to say all of yours, Todd’s, Ashley’s and Jacqui’s results were absolutely perfect,” he smiled at me. I never really expected any negative responses, feeling we were all in pretty good shape. “Let me take you for a drink to celebrate,” Doc J added. My boss just happened by at that moment, and gave me the nod to take the afternoon off, so before I knew it, I was in Doc J’s car headed to “a delightful drinking establishment” that he knew.

From the outside, the place looked fairly nondescript. Once we stepped inside, I realized what it was. Doc J had taken me to a strip club.

Trying not to over-think things, I let Doc J guide me to a small table near one of the 2 main runways. He disappeared for a moment to get us our drinks. I looked around the room feeling a little awkward. Despite being around 2.30pm in the afternoon, there was a number of busy tables. Even though it wasn’t likely anyone there would actually know me, it still felt strange. I had only once before visited such a place for a friend’s stag night. There was a small cheer from one of the other tables as a tall skinny blonde girl dressed in a stylized cowboy outfit came sauntering out. Doc J reappeared with our drinks, and toasted my family’s good health whilst watching the girl wiggling her bubble-bottom in our general direction.

Doc J said he was really glad we had come to join the team, and knew that we would fit in really well. I meanwhile was trying not to stare too intensely at the college-looking girl as she began peeling off her clothes. As enjoyable as the view was, I still felt rather unsettled sitting there with the company doctor, and noticed my head was starting to feel a rather woozy too after that one single drink. “M-maybe I should head off now,” I stammered to the Doc, wobbling as I stood.

Doc J put his hand on my shoulder to steady me. “You can’t leave yet, I paid for you to have a lap dance,” he grinned at me. Oh god, I thought. Doc J took me to the far corner of the room, to a door with a tall, wide man standing guard. He smiled and waved us through the door into a dark corridor. My head was really spinning now as we eventually emerged into a another room, but this time with only 1 runway for the scantily clad performers to gyrate on.

This time Doc J sat me close to the edge of the room, and briefly disappeared again. Looking around this new room, I could only see 1 person in the audience beside myself – sitting right at the runway. There was a girl dressed like a cheer leader hanging upside down on the pole. One by one she slowly lowered her legs toward the man before lowering herself fully down, her legs splayed either side of him, her face now staring at me. Straight away it struck me how young she looked. Doc J reappeared and helped me to stand. I pointed at the girl, to ask Doc for his opinion, but he just smiled at me and said, “Yes, this way.”

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