The Friday Night Game

“Jeeez man, that is disgusting! Put it away.” Matt poked out his tongue even further, licking the tip of his nose with it, and then broke into a leering grin. I winced.

Ashley suddenly took her weight from my shoulder and leaned forward. “Wow, that’s like the dude from that band, what’s their name? Mum was right into them. God, who are they?”

“Kiss. Gene Simmons.” Matt settled back in his armchair smugly. “As you can imagine, chicks were right into him.” He flicked out his tongue again, sniggering.

I snorted. “Okay, so you have two things in common with Gene Simmons. A shared deformity, and both frickin’ ugly. Now, where the hell were we?” I gazed down at the floor. “Matt, put back that two hundred bucks. You landed on Chance and turned up a Go to Jail card. Come on, cough up.” I stared down with a frown, scratching my head. “For God’s sake, you’ve been moving the cannon. You’re the shoe, Ashley’s the cannon.” It was another game turned into a fiasco with Matt playing, and I sat back into the sofa with a frustrated sigh. “Can our Friday nights get much more boring?”

Ashley curled up under my arm again, and we both lay lazily along the sofa. “Well anyway Matt,” she whispered cutely, “I think your tongue is cool.” She turned with a coy smile in time to catch my scowl. “Well, it is!” She stared at me, then sat up grinning. “Oh wow! You’re jealous.” I rolled my eyes. Her mouth fell open. “You are! You’re insecure about the length of your tongue!” Over her shoulder I saw Matt’s smirk.

“Well,” he grinned. “Let’s see if you can touch the tip of your nose.”

Trying to not to laugh, I wiggled my tongue ineffectively in the air. Matt and Ashley both groaned. I shrugged with an air of disdain. “Thankfully Matt, unlike others whom I shall not name, I do have an ample cock to depend on.” Ashley giggled. “Anyway hon,” I murmured, “the spot where you like to be licked…ouch!” She stabbed her elbow into my ribs, glaring.

Matt looked across thoughtfully. “Do you really get off on, you know…”

Ashley turned to me wide-eyed. “Don’t tell me you’ve been discussing my likes and dislikes with all your friends?”

“Oh hell no honey. Nothing like that.” I avoided her glare. “Just boys talk, things in general, nothing to do with you.”

Matt screwed up his face. “I love going down, but not like that, not the back door. That’s pretty weird to me.”

Ashley blushed. “Well, just to put the record straight, I’m not obsessed or something.” She glared at me again. “Thank you!” I grinned, and she could not suppress a laugh of embarrassment. “Man,” she mumbled softly, looking down, “it’s not really that odd to like a bit of ass play every once in a while.” She picked distractedly at a loose thread on the sofa, her cheeks reddening by the moment.

I pulled her back into my arms, and we all sat in silence for some time. “Alright,” I finally said, “I guess I am kind of curious.” I kissed Ashley on the top of her head. “Does Matt’s tongue make you wonder about what it would be like to, you know?”

She looked down and picked at threads again. “Hell, I don’t know.” She flicked me a nervous glance. “I guess, yes?” We sat in silence again, Matt and I staring thoughtfully, Ashley slowly unravelling the sofa’s covering.

“Well!” I suddenly broke the silence. “Maybe we should satisfy our curiosity.”

Ashley scrunched up her face in her hands. “Oh fuck,” she mumbled, “are you sure you know what we’re doing here?”

I smiled. “But are you turned on?”

“Oh yes. Oh fuck yes.”

I stood and pulled her to her feet as my fingertips found a hem. Her light cotton frock slipped easily up her body, over her head, and she stood with eyes closed, naked. Matt had risen from his chair with a slightly dazed and uncertain look, and now knelt at Ashley’s feet. She numbly grasped his shoulders and shivered as I began to kiss her slowly down the length of her spine. I sensed Matt’s head move between her thighs and Ashley sucked in a sharp breath.

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