The Evolution of Carol

Carol looked around the room at all the bodies in various stages of
undress. Now all of them were asleep, or passed out, or for whatever
reason seemingly inert. It had been quiet a night…and she had been the
Queen of it all. As she looked over the room, she thought back to the
beginning of the summer.

What a great day it had been, a Saturday of hiking in the awe inspiring
Rocky Mountains. Bob and Carol Maddox had met their hiking club at a
familiar trail head just west of Boulder, early that morning, and had spent
the day in the mountains. Bob and Carol loved the outdoors and
particularly hiking. They had formed the club less than a year before just
for days like this. People had come and gone, but at present the club
consisted of four couples. Bob and Carol had met each of them through
various social activities and were pleased to find them as enthusiastic
about hiking as they were.

In truth Bob had been both surprised and delighted when Carol had agreed
to join him in his hiking. She had always been such a ‘proper’ lady.
Always dressed to the hilt, in charge of her emotions, always the lady.
Hiking seemed foreign to her, in Bob’s mind, but she had taken to it
eagerly. It was the first of many things that indicated how little Bob
really knew of his wife.

Over the year of it’s existence the club had become a close knit group,
the members having much in common. They pursued a number of activities
together in addition to hiking, like dining, theater, partying. They had
become, ‘the gang’. All of them were quite bright, good looking and
reasonably mature, between the ages of 28 and 38. They were all more or
less successful professionals or ‘yuppies’ as Bob like to refer to them.
They were all physical fitness ‘nuts’ into tight bodies. And all of them
were modern day explorers who loved getting together to hike new trails, of
various types, as it turned out.

This particular day in the mountains had been outstanding. The weather
was perfect, and the trail challenging as they explored around a peak,
north west of Boulder. It had been a great day. And it had been capped
that evening by a delightful dinner at their favorite local french
restaurant. The hiking, the food, the service, not to mention the
conversation, had been enjoyable.

The gang did it’s share of flirting, double entendre and probably a lot
more. Carol enjoyed the banter and was good at it, but until tonight, she
had always considered it totally innocent. Tonight Joe Daniels had sat on
Carol’s left and Tom Parsons on her right. Her husband sat directly across
the table. Dr. Joe Daniels was an incurable flirt, the worst in the gang,
and was constantly coming on to Carol, in a very low key way. Carol
admitted to herself she enjoyed the attention. She frequently wondered how
far Joe would go if she let him and what Joe would be like in bed. In fact
she often wondered what most of the men she associated with, would be like
in bed. But that was as far as it had gone.

After dinner as they chatted over cognac, Carol noticed the drinks
seemed to have effected Joe more than usual tonight. He was a little
louder and a bit more risque in his stories. But even with that, it took
Carol by total surprise when she felt Joe’s hand fall lightly on her bare
leg under the table. At first she wasn’t sure what to do. One of her
first thoughts was that she was glad it was dimly lit in the restaurant as
she looked around to see if anyone else noticed what was going on.


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