The Evolution of Carol Chapter 2

Carol broke the kiss and sat up looking at Bob as she said,

“I love sucking your cock now and the taste of your cum. I love sharing
it with you. Do you like your own taste? I love it.”

Bob smiled and kissed her and sucked her tongue into his mouth. She
knew he enjoyed the idea as much as she did. She had been stroking his
bare ass with her hand and now she raised her hand high and came down
sharply on his ass. Bob’s eyes popped open wide and Carol winked at him
and said,

“Now earn your keep Robert. Get down and eat my cunt again if you know
what is good for you. And finger fuck my cunt and ass till I can’t take it
any more. Be my good little pussy eater.”

Bob was more excited than he could remember, as commanded, he dropped to
her pungently aromatic cunt and didn’t stop until Carol, having gotten off
almost continuously for several minutes finally f****d his head up saying,

“Oh damn baby… stop … stop …please. I really can’t stand
anymore for awhile… my clit is too sensitive…. I can’t stand for it
to be touched, at least for little while….”


The next morning when Carol got to her office at the college she found
several messages from Joe. In the last one he told her he would pick her
up at 11:00 that morning, he had two hours before he had to be back at the
clinic. Carol smiled and reached for the phone. Joe was with a patient,
and Carol wondered how many of his female patients he had sex with. Then
he came on the phone and she told him to meet her at her house. She would
be waiting for him just like the day before. Lunch sounded very
interesting today Carol thought.

During her lectures that morning she looked over the male students in
her classes with a very new interest. A couple of them were real cute.
Things certainly had changed.

Lunch was everything she expected it to be. In fact it was so good they
both called and cleared their schedules for the rest of the day so they
could continue. Joe left at 4:30 right after filling Carol’s sweet pussy
for the fourth time that afternoon. Carol felt so full of Joe’s cum. As
she lay there still bare ass, she grinned from ear to ear as she had this
really nasty idea.

When Bob came in the back door Carol heard him. She hadn’t changed
anything since Joe left. Her hair was disheveled. If you looked closely
at her cunt it was wet and dripping a thick white substance onto the
sheets. So was her anus. Her nipples were very swollen and red from Joe’s
mouthing. She looked just like you would expect someone to look who had
been well fucked all afternoon. Carol’s heart beat faster and faster as
she waited for Bob to reach their bedroom. If she was right about her
loving husband’s feelings, their sex life would get even better, hotter,
and a whole lot wilder. If she was wrong … Bob might leave her, but she
didn’t think that would happen. She hoped she was right in her guess but
she knew she had to do this no matter what the outcome.

Bob stepped just inside the door to their bedroom and froze as he saw
his wife laying there on their very messed up bed. His eyes ran from her
tousled hair, her face and it’s sleepy fresh fucked look, her red nipples,
her swollen pussy. He felt his cock spring to life as he thought, ‘She did
it, she actually did it, she let another guy fuck her. Damn she looks

Carol noticed his hard cock through his pants and breathed a sigh of
release of the pent up tension. Then she said,

“Bobby, honey, hurry… get your clothes off, I need you and I have a
really interesting story to tell you….”

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