The Dresden Files: The Japanese Invasion

She was the Leanansidhe, second only in power to the Fae Queen Mab. She was one
of the most beautiful creatures in all of Fairy with long, silky red hair, pointed ears, and
mischievous cats eyes. She was beautiful with large, firm breasts, a sexily curved body,
long legs and all wrapped in a shimmering green gown that flowed around her in the winter

She was Molly Carpenter, called the Ragged Lady by both who feared her and loved
her. She was born a wizard and had came into her power only a few years before, trained
by her father’s best friend, Harry Dresden, until his death only a few months before. A
death she was partially responsible for to save his soul from Leanansidhe’s mad queen Mab.
She had spent the time since on the streets, trying to continue her mentor’s work while
being trained by Harry’s Fairy Godmother, Leanansidhe.

“Oh, oh God,” Molly gasped out as Lea kissed down from her pink lips to her neck.
“I… I don’t think… What… What kind of lesson is this,” she groaned as her teacher ran her
knowledgeably hands up her sides. She shivered, either from the cold of the alleyway or
from what Lea was doing to her, she didn’t know.

“The most important lesson of all, ‘Hana’,” Leanansidhe said as she slid her hands
through the layers of Molly’s clothes to open up her top, “The lesson of survival.” She
parted her young student’s clothes revealing her large breasts, firm and silky the way only
young girls can have. She kissed down to Molly’s chest as she raised her hands up, cupping
both breasts, holding them up to her mouth and caressing the warm flesh with her wet
tongue. She could feel her student shiver in appreciation rather than cold as she slid her
tongue from one large tit to the other drawing moans from the young girl’s mouth.

“I don’t see… see how this will… will help me survive,” Molly groaned. Lea’s sudden
kiss had taken her off guard, Lea pushing her against the wall had mentally disarmed her,
and when Lea had pressed her voluptuous body against her own she had surrendered. She
was helpless against the Fey on every level but this was something she would never had
expected. The Fey were known for the sexual prowess and she had been completely lost to
lust the moment the immortal creature had decided to act.

Leanansidhe gave a toothy smile around her fate full of Molly’s chest before capturing
a ripe, erect nipple between her teeth and lashing it with her tongue. Releasing the hard
nub she licked over to the other rosy pink nipple and toyed with it with her lips, nuzzling it
playfully. “I have taken over Harry’s role as your magical guardian and teacher and as such
I decide the best way to teach you what you need to know,” she said before beginning to lick
down her student’s amazing chest.

Molly’s hands hung limply at her sides, unsure on what to do, never having imagined
anything like this happening to her in any way much less by a Fae of the High Sidhe court.
She began panting as Lea lovingly stroked her sensitive breasts, toying lightly with her pale,
pink nipples, her body feeling flush in the cold winter air. “Oh God,” she choked out as the
beautiful Fae began unfastening her ill-fitting pants.

Lea licked up her student’s body until they were kissing deeply again as she tugged
down Molly’s pants to reveal her pale, pink pussy. “I’m afraid time and the weather are
against us child,” she whispered into the young girl’s ear, “Turn thee around. Present thine
treasure to me.”

“Oh God,” Molly choked again as he automatically turned herself around with no
thought at all. She braced her arms against the cold wall, thrusting her ass out to the air,
her large tits dangling below her. The Leanansidhe’s hands slid over her up-raised rear-end
delicately, gliding over her taunt cheeks like ice, sending shivers through her body. She
squeaked out as she felt Lea’s wet, pink, cold tongue slide over her ass, she gripped the dirty
brick wall and shuddered in pleasure as it wiggled between her pale cheeks.

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