The Distraction Game

Emilia winced as the smarmy game show host read the answer sheet. “Oops, sorry Miss Burgan, but the correct answer was ‘Double-Vaginal, Double-Anal’. But don’t worry; if you miss just one more question, you’ll be a ‘porno vocabulary’ expert in no time!”

She glared up at him from her precarious, and undignified perch atop the game show’s notorious Distraction Machine, from whence it got its name.

A combination of machines, the Distraction Machine was designed to cruelly and meticulously unbalance contestants in hopes of fowling up their answers. So far she had been doing quite well, just three wrong answers, and seven correct.

Her previous mistakes had cost her, however. Each wrong answer activated another part of the horrid contraption. The first had turned on the ‘Chinese Water Torture’ portion of the device. At entirely random moments, a tiny drop of water would fall from a spout overhead and land flat upon her bare shoulders. She was naked, laid out in a prone position upon the slanted leather board that made up the bulk of the machine, strategically placed straps holding her torso and limbs in place. She could squirm; indeed, the audience –at home and in the studio alike– loved to watch contestants wriggle about, struggling to escape the evil torments of the machine.

The second mistake had activated the breast pumps built into the padded leather board. Two holes cut in the board allowed her firm, full breasts to hang down, perfectly placed for the insidious plastic milking tubes beneath her. Designed originally to milk goats, the tubes were in two parts, one the solid outer plastic wall, which held strongly to her plum-colored areola through constant suction. The other part was a flexible plastic inner lining, which was constantly switching between a powerful vacuum and total release. It gripped around her nipples, the switching creating a suckling action, meant to perfectly mimic the natural suckling of a newborn goat, or so she guessed. The sensation was unreal! It was as if her nipples were being tugged out from her body every half-second, then released, springing back, before being tugged all over again.

And it never stopped! She had fought hard to ignore the utterly foreign sensation, while she tried to follow the next questions. The milker had caused her to miss the third question a few minutes later, causing the board beneath her to rise until she was no longer nearly horizontal, but laying at a 45-degree angle. She could more easily see the audience and cameras, and the host, but the new position also forced her body to sag down, such that her bare sex lay up the bumpy head of a large vibrating wand built into the board. The wand was technically off, but the bumps and the fact that her pussy was now partially supporting her body by sitting on top of the wand, made it a torturous addition to her already distracting situation.

Not to mention that her new pose meant that the random icy drops tended to fall down her spine, and run right between her tight butt cheeks!

Now she had missed the fourth question, and the wand would now be activated. Emilia grimaced in anticipation but was startled as, instead of the buzzing sound she expected, a loud ringing echoed through the studio.

“Oh, it looks like the Producer is calling with his first offer of the night,” Don said, picking up the large red phone receiver from its place in the center of the stage. Far above the brightly lit-up studio floor, the show’s Producer sat behind a dark window, watching the show’s proceedings.

Emilia blew out a breath of relief. She was only one wrong answer away from losing, but with seven right answers already, she only needed three more correct solutions to win. She knew she was closer to winning than any other contestant so far this season, so it was small wonder the Producer was finally calling in with an offer.

I just hope he offers me something good, I’m not walking away with nothing, not after going this far, she thought to herself, watching the overly animated host talk into the red phone.

Behind the red phone’s podium, sat another podium, with a pile of cash sitting on top of it. One million dollars, just waiting to make her dreams come true.

At the start of the game show, Don, the host, had asked her what she would do with her winnings if she managed to answer ten questions right. Emilia, a practicing lawyer, was still young at just 28 years old but had big ambitions. She dreamed of opening her private law firm, not controlled by the ancient chauvinist males that plagued her chosen industry, constantly erecting a glass ceiling to keep women like herself from achieving partner status. She’d build a new firm, run by a woman, for women.

Of course, there was the other podium, beside the one holding her potential winnings. This podium had a simple stand, with a thick, white document sitting upon it.

Her contract.

The legally binding document was a preemptive employment contract, ensuring that, if she answered five questions incorrectly, she would become an employee of the game show’s chief sponsor, Clam-Bruiser, Ltd., a pornographic film company infamous for their debauchery and extreme hardcore film line.

If she missed just five questions, or rather, was distracted so much that she inadvertently missed five questions, she’d become Clam-Bruiser’s newest pornstar for a year! And it would be a very, very busy year, too.

Don had laughed as he explained the particulars of her contract. All contestants signed similar contracts, but all were slightly different, tailored to the individual strengths of the potential new porn starlet. The powers-that-be at Clam-Bruiser liked her gym-toned ass, and so her new porn career would consist of nothing but hardcore anal gangbangs, three times a week! If she lost, she’d not only have to suffer the indignity of being a porn star but a porn star who specialized in being ass-fucked by a dozen men every film!!

Her thoughts were interrupted as Don finally put the phone receiver back down, and turned to face her. One of the busty staff members bounced to him from off stage, handing him a sheet of paper, and blowing the crowd a kiss before disappearing into the dark confines of offstage-left.

Emilia narrowed her eyes at the paper; this wouldn’t be good, she was sure of that.

“Well, good news Miss Burgan! The Producer says he won’t count that last wrong answer if you accept the vibrator distraction anyway and if you agree to sign this form, legally changing your name to… Emma Buttslutt!” Don announced, gleefully.

Emilia glared daggers at him, but after a long moment, she nodded in resignation. It wasn’t what she’d hoped for, but the offer would keep her in the game, whereas otherwise, just one more mistake would doom her to a year of anal sex. One of her arm straps relaxed just enough for her to deftly sign the form, before automatically tightening again. Even before the ink was dry, the vibrator built into the slanted board she lay on erupted to life, instantly driving her distraction level to new heights.

“Well, Miss Buttslutt, believe it or not, I hope you win. It’ll be fun seeing commercials for ‘The Law firm of Buttslutt and ASSociates’! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it audience?” The host chortled, grinning at his double-entendre. Emilia -now Emma- bared her teeth at him in hatred, as the studio crowd erupted in laughter. Despite herself, she felt her face grow red as he spoke her new, and very legal, name aloud.

Ignore him, he’s just another distraction, she urged herself. With effort, she forced herself to stay calm. The buzzing vibrator between her legs made that harder than ever, but her calm resolve seemed to work; she answered the next two questions correctly, bringing her total of right answers to the penultimate nine. Just one more correct response and she’d be walking away with a cool million in cash!

Sadly, her streak ended at the next question, with another wrong answer. Her total was now nine right, and four wrong.

This fourth wrong answer activated the rarely seen fifth-distraction mechanism; a massive anal probe! Emma gasped as the powerful fucking machine lifted from the floor behind her, and began to extend its steel shaft outward toward her exposed derriere! On the end of the metal shaft was a huge, bright red solid-silicone dildo, and aimed directly at her virgin rosebud!

“Ahhh, ffughghhckckkk!!!” Emma moaned, biting her bottom lip in agony, as the well-lubed silicone rod reached her sphincter and effortlessly continued past as if weren’t even an obstacle. Instantly her tight balloon knot split open, swallowing up the huge sex toy.

Above the stage, directly in Emma’s line of vision, a hanging screen showed the moment in stunning high-definition. A camera was mounted just behind her, forever capturing the moment of her anal deflowering.

“That’s gotta hurt!” Don said, feigning a wince for the audience. He followed it up with a toothy grin and bent down to Emma’s level. “This is going on the season highlights DVD! You’re the first girl all season-long to get the probe; how do you feel about your accomplishment, Miss Buttslutt?”

Emma’s response was censored out of the broadcast, despite the show’s multiple X-rating. Don laughed and walked back before the main stage cameras.

“While Miss Buttslutt lives up to her new moniker, let’s move on to the next question.” The screen overhead suddenly stopped showing close-ups of Emma’s very full asshole, causing no small amount of booing from the packed house.

“Don’t worry folks, we’ll put that lovely ass back up in a moment. Now, this next, and final, question is another memory game,” Don explained. Emma managed a brief smile at his words, despite the thrusting probe in her ass. She’d answered all the other memorization questions correctly, thanks to her nearly photographic memory. If this next memory exercise was like the others, she’d be leaving the studio with a very sore bottom, but a very full purse.

“Okay everyone, please watch this clip of one of our lovely contestants from last season. Mother of five and a former kindergarten teacher, Lois Helmsdeep lost her own game just six questions in, and got a new career to show for it. Now famous the world over for her incredibly dirty films, Mrs. Helmsdeep is making her family proud one gangbang at a time!”

Emma forced herself to stare up at the screen, as a scene began to play. As she had hoped, it was the same sort of memorization game as the previous ones. She had only to watch the thirty-second clip and answer a question about it afterward.

The scene was pure Clam-Bruiser. A busty blond woman, a little past her prime but still attractive, being fucked by two muscular men, while four others surrounded her, cocks out and at the ready.

Emma pushed the distracting sensations flooding her body from her mind, focusing on the scene. Even with her gifted memory, she was limited on time, so targeted her efforts on memorizing only the key details the follow-up question would most likely ask about. Okay, Emilia, you can do this. Just focus. There are seven people in the scene, six men and one woman. Judging from the way those things stick out, and the fine scars underneath, her tits are man-made. What else? Red lipstick; some botox injections; something flashing between her legs, a clit piercing probably; red fingernail polish; ridiculously high heels…

The thirty-second clip ended, just as the men all erupted in and on to the well-fucked milf, all climaxing at nearly the same moment. Emma blinked, suddenly surprised at how horny she had gotten during the short film. The scene was raunchy, dirty sex, but between the plunging ass-probe and the vibrator grinding between her legs, and the endless suckling on her teats, she was getting far more into it than she should have. But despite her distractions, she was very confident that she hadn’t missed anything important.

The host seemed to notice her rising certainty, saying, “Ah, and is our current contestant feeling confident suddenly?”

“Y-yeessSS!” Emma gasped, her response coming the same moment another of those horrid icy drops fell on her back. She shuddered, feeling the cold water trickle its way down, sliding right between the crack of her ass and around her stretched-out rosebud. She quickly recomposed herself. “Yes, I am, Don.”

“Glad to hear it!” Don said, smiling at the cameras. He swung his gaze up at the lurking Producer’s booth. “But is the Producer going to be swayed into another offer?”

The question hung in the air for a long second, and then the red phone began to ring. Don smirked, winked at the cameras, and picked the receiver up again. “Uh-huh, yes. Yes, she’s pretty sure of herself, Sir. Okay. Oh, yes… I see. Oh yes, very generous of you, Sir. Yes, she has no idea how lucky she is… Yes, Sir, I’ll ask her.”

He put his hand over the mouthpiece, for no real reason that Emma could think of, and spoke to her. “You’ve swayed him again, Miss Buttslutt! He’s willing to offer another deal. If you accept it, he’ll raise your prize money to a full $5 million if you win. But… if you lose, he wants you to wave the ‘no cream-pies’ clause of your contract.”

Emma grimaced. When she had signed the preemptive porn contract weeks before the start of the show, there had been a long list of items to check off if they were off-limits. Things she would never, ever allow done to her. Cream-pies had been a major sticking point with her, even before she learned her new possible film role would be heavily anal-oriented. Now the very idea of men shooting their loads off inside her ass turned her stomach, nearly as bad as the thought of being ass-fucked in the first place!

Nonetheless, $5 million was a lot of money. She’d get her firm up and running in no time, with plenty to spare. “Yes, I accept,” she said, as the audience cheered. Don smiled triumphantly and hung up the phone. The screen with her possible winnings blinked and added the new amount. She’d still only get a single million if she lost and became a porn star, but the new winnings seemed to swell her with confidence. She hardly noticed the vibrator and probe anymore; she was moments away from being a multi-millionaire!

“Okay, Miss Buttslutt, are you ready for the final question? This next answer will be the difference between you achieving your dream of opening your private law firm, or farting a dozen-odd fresh load of cum out your asshole three times a week, for the next year!! That’s over eighteen hundred loads of jizz, oozing out your toned backside if you get this question wrong!!!”

Emma felt her confidence stagger slightly, as the sheer enormity of the moment washed over her. She glared up at him, cursing him. Don only winked back at her, all grins. “I’m ready, Don!”

“Okay, the question is….in the previous clip, is Mrs. Helmsdeep, happily married mother of five, and gangbang extraordinaire….” Don paused for effect, the whole studio growing eerily quiet until the only sound in the room was the rhythmic thumping of the anal-probe in Emma’s ass. “…wearing her wedding ring?”

Emma blinked, then felt her blood run cold, cold as the ice water dropping onto her back. She winced at the unexpected cold but focused her mind. She couldn’t allow herself to be distracted, not now. Not at this moment. She replayed the scene in her head, again and again.

She could see the woman, the mother of five, turned gangbang porn queen. Could see her hands, jerking two fat cocks frantically, could see her red nails, and the gobs of cum from previous handjobs coating her wrists. Her fingers…are bare! “No, she isn’t wearing her wedding ring!”

Don stared at her, slowly shuffling his question & answer sheets, his face stony calm. “Are you…sure, Miss Buttslutt? Remember, if you’re wrong–”

“I’m sure!” Emma gasped, the probe seeming to speed up. Her sex was soaking, the vibrator making wet slapping sounds as she ground her pussy against it. She was seconds away from the biggest orgasm of her life, and finally achieving her dreams!

“You have one final chance to change your answer, Miss Buttslutt. Are you absolutely, positively–” Don began, then quieted as the phone rang again. “Oh my, another offer? This is a first folks; we’ve never had two offers on the same question before!”

He picked the phone up, as Emma moaned and gasped, struggling to keep from being pushed over the edge by the infernally distracting machines.

“Oh my!” Don said, hanging up the phone. “The Producer has a final offer for you, Emma. If you agree to increase your contract to a full five years, he’ll raise your possible winnings to an unbelievable TEN million dollars!”

The audience gasped, as did Emma, but for slightly different reasons. Ten million dollars was easily the highest prize amount in the show’s history. If she got the question correct, she’d make history, as well as being stinking rich!

“I…I accept!” Emma said, as matter-of-factly as a woman on the verge of public orgasm can.

“Let’s hear it for Emma Buttslutt folks! She’s just accepted a deal that will either make her the wealthiest contestant in this show’s history or doom her to five years of hardcore butt-fuckery! That’s ten thousand hard cocks up her ass, over half a decade!!” Don’s words rang through the studio, but Emma barely heard them. She was so close!

Finally, the smarmy game show host turned back to face her. “Okay Emma, one final time; Do you want to change your answer? Remember, this is for all the marbles. You don’t get another chance after this. What is your answer?!”

She considered for a brief instant, but the porn star’s empty fingers were clear in her mind’s eye. She was certain. “I’m staying with my first answer, Don. No ring.”

Don waited, and waited, and waited some more, before finally unfolding his answer sheet. “Oh my… Miss Emma Buttslutt, you my dear are the grand prize winner of ten… THOUSAND LOADS OF CUM UP YOUR ASS!!!!! Congratulations, you’re gonna be a PORN STAR!!!!!”

“WHAT!?!?!” Emma screamed, not noticing how the machines assaulting her young body began to speed up, the anal probe now sinking all eight solid inches into her with each thrust, the vibrator between her legs buzzing so hard her pussy was coated in froth, her nipples bright red, each swollen big as cherries from the endlessly suckling. She didn’t even notice the random drops of ice water had become a steady stream of drips, each icy drop sending her sphincter puckering tight around her anal intruder.

“That’s right, our previous contestant, and your new colleague, Mrs. Helmsdeep, was very worried she might lose her precious wedding ring, what with all the handjobs and ass-fistings in her new day job,” Don said, as the screen above lit up with scene again. The screen froze and zoomed in slightly. Emma’s eyes widened in dawning horror as the woman’s sex grew to fill the screen. “So, to make sure she would never lose it, her new employers had it put somewhere a bit more permanent.”

Emma stared at the screen, as the fucking machine behind her bucked violently at its highest setting. There, piercing her pink nub, was a shiny gold wedding ring, the diamond stone glittering brightly above the thrusting cock spreading her sex wide-open.

The reality of her mistake hit Emma Buttslutt like a hammer, finally pushing her over the edge. All at once her body shuddered and convulsed, then exploded into the biggest orgasm of her life, on live television!! “NOOOOoooooooooghghhhh!!!”

Her vision turned white as the machines assaulting her young body sped up, overwhelming her with sensations. She had lost, lost everything! She was going to spend the next half a decade on her knees, being fucked endlessly in her nearly virgin ass. In the throes of her greatest, and most humiliating, orgasm ever, horrible new images came unbidden to her, filling her whited-out vision.

She suddenly saw herself being forced to squat over cameras and strain to push out load after load of thick, slimy cum on the upturned lens! Saw millions of young, horny men watching her defilement from their basement bedrooms, each dreaming of adding his contribution to her gaping, overflowing hole!! Saw one of her film clips playing on the studio screen next season, as some other poor woman tried to memorize the number of cocks sliding in and out of her ass, in a futile act to avoid the same fate!!!

By :Tabitha Kohls

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