The delivery man Fucked my Wife

A deliveryman,John, comes by our house once a month selling top quality meat and speciality foods. Marie, my wife, likes to dress ih her rather revealing lounge outfits when it is delivery day. She pulls down the top a little so part of her large nipples are showing. The small panties are very thin and you can see thru them showing a small glimpse of the shaved pussy. She sits down at the dining room table and looks at the selection book. She makes sure her nipple is partially exposed. John points out items in the book, leaning over and getting a good look at her partially exposed 44DD tits. This has been going on for a year. It turns the wife on and after he leaves we have wild sex.

We are setting in our den drinking coffee and Marie reminds me it is delivery day. She tells me this is John’s last time to deliver, he is moving out of state. I tell her we should make his last visit a little special. I suggest that she let him see all of her large tits, not just a little nipple. I can tell she likes this idea by her nipples getting erect. I suggest to her that she put on her white super sheer lounge wear that you can see everything through it. She squirms and says that is the same thing she is thinking. She goes in the bedroom and puts the outfit on and comes out to the den to model it for me. I can clearly see her hard large nipples and the slit in her shaved pussy. I say I hope John has a good time looking at your sexy body. I tell her I will be in the kitchen looking through the cabinet that opens into the dining room. She says she will tell him that I am not at home. I play with her large tits and slide my finger into her pussy and tell her I am just warming things for later.

We hear John pull into the driveway. I go into the kitchen and make sure I can see everything. Marie goes to the door and lets him in. His eyes get very large when he sees her. He hestitates coming in, but Marie walks over to the table and sits down and starts looking at the brochure. He leans over to point out the specials of the week. Marie leans forward and rubs her tit on his hand. He justs stops for a minute and then he puts his hand on her tit and stars squeezing it.He pulls his hand back and say he is sorry for his actions, but Marie pulls her top down and says now you can feel it all natural. He starts squeezing her nipple and it becomes very hard. Marie turns around in her chair, removes her top and tells him to suck her big tits. He leans over and starts sucking one nipple while squeezing the other. Marie reaches up and starts rubbing the bulge in his trousers. He put his hand between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy. Marie unzips his trousers, pulls out his cock and starts rubbing it. She tells him she wants that hard cock in her pussy. She stands up ,sits on the table spreads her legs apart. He stares at her shaved pussy and says he has never seen a shaved pussy before. Marie grabs his hard cock and guides it into her wet pussy. He lets out a groan and slowly slides his cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. He starts fucking her with slow deep strokes. He starts sucking her nipples while he shoves his cock in and out of her wet pussy. He says to her that he can’t last long because her pussy is so good. She tells him to fill her hot pussy with his hot cum. He lets out a moan and tells her is is coming. She tells him she can feel that hot cum filling her cunt. She climaxes at the same time squirting her juices all over his cock and runs out of her cunt onto the table. When he get his breath back he tells her that was the best fuck he has ever had. She smiles at him and says thank you, you are good too. He pulls his trousers up and says he will fill her order. She smiles and tells him he filled her pussy with come and now he can fill the other order.

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