The Club’s Newest Members

I was dead to the world when our daughter came into our bedroom holding the envelope. She quietly nudged Chris til he woke with a little moan that failed to even make me stir. Making sure the sheet didn’t reveal too much to our girl, he sat and took the envelope quizzically from her. She told him that it was under the front door when she woke up and went to make herself some breakfast. Scratching his head, seeing no markings on the outside, Chris opened the envelope and peered inside, then, as he later told me, turned white as a ghost before thanking Kelli and telling her to finish making herself something to eat. As she reached the door to our bedroom, he found enough voice to ask – “Did you look inside?” He didn’t believe her answer.

This was when he did manage to wake me, with a rather hard shove, breaking me from my slumber. I opened my eyes to see my admittedly white faced husband holding a blank yellow envelope, his eyes wide. “Look!” he said, as he opened it, and pulled out a wad of photos. From first glance, it was clear what I was seeing.

Jumping up to sit with him, my 34c breasts shamelessly exposed, I gasped as I focused on the image of myself sucking a rather long thick cock. “Oh god!” I gasped, as Chris flipped to the next photo, now showing my rather awkward “almost there” face whilst a faceless man fucked me from behind. My heart felt like it would thump out of my chest as the previous night’s memories came swimming back, aided so powerfully by the visual proof before us. Chris turned again to the next photo, with my mouth again at work, but the same faceless man still behind.

“How many did you… I thought you said it was just – ”

Chris’ face made me bite my lip in shame, but just briefly. This hadn’t been my idea, even if I had enjoyed the way the night had progressed – although this morning’s developments were far from expected. “Three,” I finally replied, first making his mouth fall open, then this little nod, like something suddenly made sense. When Chris revealed the next picture, I bit my lip a little harder, seeing my face pressed between the legs of a woman I didn’t even know the name of. Chris gasped a little, and I saw the sheet rise… then another little grunt as if some light bulb went off in his head.

It was the next picture that now made me gasp, even though I knew by now that it was coming. Seeing my husband of 17 years receiving a blowjob from another woman. Her face was full of mischief as well as Chris’ cock as she stared into what he no doubt thought was his eyes, but instead was clearly a hidden camera. I could remember her so clearly, approaching us with her husband at the bar. Not any bar of course – the bar at a swingers club.

Before we had kids he’d talked to me about his fantasy of taking me to swing club. He almost had me ready to try when instead I fell pregnant, and those thoughts flew away with the realities of becoming parents. But once the kids had grown up… he again raised the idea. I really wasn’t sure anyone at a swing club would be interested in a 37yo mother of 2 with not so perky breasts even if I could still fit in my wedding dress (almost). But he assured me it would be fun, and found a club nearby…

It kind of made sense when we were told we had to leave our purses and phones outside the bar/rooms… Perfectly safe though in secure lockers… And we were given free vouchers for drinks… so headed to the bar to settle the nerves… and soon met Luke and Dianne… they introduced themselves to us… noticed we were new… offered to show us around… when we stood up, he took my arm, and she took Chris’… straight away it felt so… like we were already down the rabbit hole.

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