The Cat Club

Tracey and Steve had been married for six years when they realized they had fallen into the married trap. Both still loved each other very much indeed but work commitments and the striving to buy their own home had resulted in them only making love on a Friday night and instead of going clubbing as they had done before and immediately after their registry office wedding. Friday night had become less important to the hard working couple, now while Steve watched the early evening news, Tracey would take a long soak in the bath and their roles seemed to be reversed when the late evening news hit the TV station.

Mind you Tracey loved to soak in the bath and would frequently massage her 36 C breasts with their cherry tipped nipples which stood to attention with very little coaching. She still maintained her regular shaving of her cunt but now began wondering if even that was not just a waste of time as Steve rarely licked her cunt any more. On this night though, she slipped seamlessly into an erotic dream; not really aware of whether she was awake or not; and in this dream she was on a bed with Steve but Steve was tied up and unable to reach her.

I suppose out of loyalty she tried to reach out to untie Steve when sudden the hands of a stranger she could not see grabbed her by her shoulders and pressed her down into the mattress of the bed; the more she struggled the tighter the grip on her shoulders seemed to get. Now suddenly she felt her legs being pried apart; in the bath where she really was, her legs spread wider; she could only see the fair wavy hair of the head that now occupied the space between her legs.

But she definitely felt the hot breath on her erect clitoris and she shuddered with delight; in her day dream now she felt hands prying her arse cheeks apart and a finger stroking her anal rose bud at the same time more hands pinched and pulled at her nipples. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as her orgasm began to creep up on her. Now the head was using its imaginary tongue to probe her cunt lips and then suddenly she twitched as it flicked up across her clitoris.

Tracey was now gripped in her erotic daydream as her body trembled and her nerves twitched like a thousand electric shocks were travelling from all her senses to her brain. Now the head was fucking her cunt with its tongue and that tongue must have belonged to a lizard because she swore she could feel it licking at the entrance to her very womb. Without thinking Tracey now let out low whining noises as she surrendered to her mystery lover and moments later her body writhed in absolute joyous orgasm sending the bath water spilling over the rim of the bath and then in an instant it was all gone, the expectant orgasm left her drained but frustrated. In fact the only telltale sign of anything happening was the loads of water now on the bathroom floor.

Reluctantly Tracey dragged herself out of the bath and called out for Steve to bring her the mop and bucket from the utility room. She had to call out several times before she got a response from Steve. When he finally arrived he smiled at his naked wife and thought to himself that he knew that body so intimately and yet in never seemed to fail to arouse him so. Now he saw why she wanted the mop bucket and jokingly asked what had happened; for the first time in quite a while his beloved wife blushed; before telling him she slipped as she tried to get up and of course the water went absolutely everywhere. Whilst Tracey wrapped herself in her favorite white fluffy towel, Steve began mopping up the excess water on the bathroom floor.

By :Niteowluk2003.

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