The Camera Club

It turned out to be quite a night. Not at all what I was expecting as I drove to the station to pick up the young lady who was going to be our photo model for the evening. It was not the same model we had had on previous occasions, we had been informed that the agency thought this one, Veronica, would be “more interesting”. That was OK by me, Sally had been very nice and everything, but we had got a bit tired of her routine which didn’t vary much. She always wore a jumper and skirt which she would remove when we got the lights and cameras out to pose in rather demure ways in her undies. She usually wore stocking and suspenders, so no complaints there, in fact we were all rather excited the first couple of times she came for the monthly class on “photographing the model under studio conditions”, but you know how it is – the novelty wears off after a while. Talking to the others, especially my friends Bill and Roy, we had all begun to fantasise about Sally going a bit further for us, maybe wearing a quarter-cup bra so we could see her nipples. It was too much to expect she would remove her panties, but we could always think about it….

Veronica arrived on the expected train and I introduced myself to her. She was lovely – older than Sally, probably late 30’s, brunette and she had a gleam in her eye. She was what I would call “hot”. I also thought I recognised her from somewhere but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I soon found out though. She had a long dark coat on and carried a rather large holdall.

As we chatted in the car about her journey and what to expect tonight – probably only about half a dozen photo club members (Sally had pulled in many more in the early days but familiarity and “wife knowledge” – ie wives finding out about the nature of the monthly class and putting the mockers on it – had lead to dwindling numbers), model taking the lead on what she wanted to show us, some limited direction from us if that’s OK, and so on. I told her about the typical Sally sessions and when she replied I felt the evening may turn out to be rather good after all. “Oh I think I see why the agency sent me then!” she said. “I don’t really have many inhibitions and if you are a well-behaved lot and we have plenty of cups of tea then I think you’ll be happy.”

She went on to say that she made her income as a model on a full-time basis, glamour and adult stuff, plus the occasional movie. And then I remembered where I’d seen her! I felt my jeans getting tight in the crotch as I drove along as I struggled to cope with an immediate erection – I was certain she’d been in “Sandra’s Anal Adventure” playing the part of Sandra, a movie I’d looked at on the internet a week or so previously, at one of those streaming sites. Good grief. And here she was ready to pose for us. Christmas had come early!

We arrived at the hall. The lads had got all the lights ready, there was a chair set up on a carpet in front of the lights, the kettle on the side was freshly boiled and there was an air of anticipation as soon as they clapped eyes on her. I did the introductions. There were indeed only six of us. Veronica took her time in the ladies getting ready, having taken her tea and biscuits with her. I winked at the others as we got our cameras ready and told them to make sure they had plenty of space in the cameras – had they brought extra memory cards? I had a feeling we’d need them.

Veronica came out of the ladies room. Wow. Six jaws dropped. In unison. What a figure: hourglass shape, a real waist and hips, I would say a C cup pair of breasts which looked real to me from what I could judge. Black shiny underwear: a waspie laced up the back, balconnette bra, full-cut black panties, a separate suspender belt, very long seamed stockings that came a long way up her legs, nearly to her lovely crotch, and finally spectacularly high pair of heels. I struggled to get my breath back. “Will I do” she said. “OOh yes please” said Roy.

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