The break in

I had just got done tying my wife Linda to the bed. She was wearing nothing but a blindfold and a small thong. When suddenly the bedroom door flew open! Four masked invaders quickly grabbed me and tied me to a nearby chair. It appeared to be two men and two women. They were wearing loose sweat pants and tank tops. They were all in excellent shape too. The women were making there way over to me while the men took notice of my wife being tied to the bed without a clue as to what was happening.
The women started to grope and massage the crotch of my thong. My cock growing as these women had really big firm breast that Linda didn’t have. Now the men were fondling her and making her moan with pleasure. I started to say something but one of the girls covered my mouth as the other pulled my thong down to my ankles. My rigid cock sprung up in her face as she smiled. The next moment she inhaled my cock all the way down to my balls and then some. Not saying much since my cock was only 5 inches long at it’s hardest. Then I saw then men take off there sweat pants….
Jim had me blindfolded for a long time before he came back and started giving me attention. I felt so good. Hus hands felt bigger and stronger. It was like he knew what to do for once! And it felt sooooo goood!!! Then I heard a slurping sound like some slut was going to town on some guys cock like in those dirty porn films. That’s when my blindfold suddenly came off! I noticed right away where the slurping was coming from! Two strange women were sucking Jim’s cock!!! They seemed very pretty too. He seemed to be enjoying it, and he wasn’t leaving that chair!!! But then I noticed the two men that were at my side. I couldn’t stop looking at them, their perfection, their thickness, their length, and the way they were still hanging, like they were limp! These were the biggest cocks I had ever seen!!! My pussy started gushing like a water fall! They started swinging them around and stroking them! My god they were huge! And growing! One was really really thick and uncut, while the other was really narrow at the base and fatvat the tip like an inverted cone. They each looked like they were as long as my arm!!! Jim’s cock was nothing compared to this man meat! And I couldn’t wait to feel it stretch me out!!!
Linda was screaming about the cocks hanging between these guys legs but she couldn’t match the blow job I was getting from these hot babes!!! That’s when she screamed at me to have those dirty sluts since I was enjoying it so much!!!! So with out thinking I told those guys to fuck her silly without untying her!
Right after Jim said that one of the girls winked at me and told me that I was about to have world rocked! That’s when they pulled down their sweat pants….
Those two beautiful ladies revealed that they actually had cocks bigger than mine! Not as big as the men but still huge at around 9 inches whike to men lioked like they were 10-12 inches! My head was puled down towards their massive rods as I found out I was gonna taste cock.
Jim was gagging on their cocks and he seemed to start to like it after awhile becuase he started switching between the two like a dirty slut! I didn’t care becuase I was heing pumped full of cock! In both holes then both cocks in one hole, trying out each one of hole holes seeing which one they like most! I felt there coxks between my tits and up my ass and deep inside new areas my my pussy Jim could never reach. Then the ladies took there turns on me! Each cock was amazing and took me to new worlds of pleasure I had never dreamed of! I didn’t want it to end!!! But they finished, and got dressed. But they untied me! And asked if I wanted to come with them! I could still see all there cocks right through their sweat pants hanging and I thought about the fun I just had, and I couldn’t say no! So I left Jim there tied to the chair thong around his ankles with the door wide open in case someone wated to untie him, or maybe they would have fun with him?

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