The awakening of Rana

Our first kiss was in the living room of a “relatives” home. It was warm and smelled sweet and cologne like with a taste of apple pie. A magical moment…I had lost my breath, I pulled back surprised at this feeling no one except one person in my whole world was able to make me feel this way. I pushed him away and smiled and took his hand pretending to myself that, that moment had not occurred.. I had not fallen for this person. I ignored the thought. I wouldn’t allow myself to I said to myself.
Slowly though he worked his way into my life…sharing love letters, thoughts on the world, and about our peers. We became close fast. Even my “family” had come to welcome him with open arms, to the point that he even said it was creepy but he loved he said how it gave him the opportunities to be with me. He was very direct with his emotions but I explained clearly that my heart belonged to another. He said give me a chance… and reluctantly I agreed.

Our first date was to a mall outlet of some sort, he shared ice cream with me, and we bought these cute little toys, he got a terminator arm, and I got these angel wings. I felt like I was in world of the surreal as if this wasn’t happening to me walking around holding this hand of a funny nice guy.

Soon the day came to an end the sun began to set because we had set out on this date very early in the day. It was time to go home so we went to my house first and I showed him my room. He sat down on the edge of my bed legs open, talking about the things within my room showing great interest in all I said, with this goofy grin on his face saying all the right things. I was still wearing my wings during this time which made the situation more interesting I felt like a little kid in a world where I could do anything. I walked up to him and his forehead came up to my belly button as he leaned forward to embrace me, wrapping his arms around my waist and nuzzling me. I smiled and rubbed his head my fingers going through his curly hair, he scoffed with a smile looking up at me. I stepped forward lifting my legs up and over his and sitting in his lap. I was wearing Capri’s, my favorite pair because they make my ass look fantastic and their very comfortable. His hands graced over my hips and over my arms and he inhaled as if taking me all in, his eyes locked onto mine… I felt empowered, in control, wanted, hungered for. I felt an urge come over me, and I pushed my hips against his groin. A fire just lit up in his eyes like there was this tiger and it was so hungry. I smiled sheepishly to him and kissed him. I raised my hands to his and he held them in his hands and smiled back at me he then pulled them behind my back and pushed his groin up into my cunt. I gasped, the gripping feeling of his hands wrapped around my arms was sensational. I was turned on, and pushed against him, we began to rock back and forth, grinding away, I was sort of bouncing on his lap, feeling his hard-on through his jeans. This moment was incredibly mesmerizing, we had gotten into a steady beat, me trying to break his grip and him forcibly pushing me down onto him. We were both breathing so heavy. I didn’t want to stop, my clit so hot and the pressure of the denim against riding him…I was helpless to the pleasure. I could feel my climax building in between my legs and could feel him getting closer to cum.. his breathing had quite nearly turned to moans. My knees tightly pressed against his sides. I wanted more than anything to let myself go right then and there and then we heard a creek on a step outside my door, we freeze up and I hissed in his ear, “what was that?!” He let me go and I got off his lap in a panic, fixing my tank top since a strap had fallen to one side, and patting down my hair. I smiled and felt my cheeks burn. There was… my stepmom. Just getting something they said… “Oh.. really?” I thought to myself. I was upset the mood had been destroyed…we were having so much. I sighed and said hey lets go get something to drink, he nodded silently as we rushed away.

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