The Adventures of Dave and Darcy

I plan on making this into a little series of stories as I have been fantasying about the adventures and this can go far beyond incest, so I am listing this in Taboo instead.

Let me set the two characters up for you. Darcy is 17 and popular. She is 5’3” with long brown hair and brown eyes that are more round than most, so when you look into them you melt. She has an average build, including her 34C breasts. But she has nipples, that when excited are ¾” long and hard to hide. She is sexually active and has been for a while; as are a bunch of high school girl friends.

Darcy’s brother is Dave. He is a year younger than Darcy and he couldn’t have a more opposite personality. Dave is a complete computer geek and is into internet games and wired to people who are complete strangers except for the internet. He hangs out with other geeks in school. He is 6’ tall and a skinny 150 lbs. Like his sister he has a gland that is very embarrassing when erect. His flaccid penis hangs at about 6” by 1-1/2” and when erect is a freakish 11” x 2-1/2”. Because of the size of his penis, Dave dresses like a skater, with oversized pants that hang on him, and always wears a shirt that is 2 or 3 sizes too big. So he is the only geek in the school that doesn’t dress like one.

Story one: Dave and Darcy connect.
Dave and Darcy were home alone one evening and after eating dinner together, Darcy was walking behind Dave to the kitchen and asked; “Dave, when are you going to stop wearing those stupid clothes, it’s embarrassing?”

“I don’t know” he replied. Darcy caught a little bit of uncertainty in his voice and pushed the issue.

“Would you do me a favor and try on the jeans I got you for Christmas? They cost a lot and I think you would look good in them?” she pleaded.

“OK, I will go try them on when we finish cleaning up.” He replied which surprised Darcy. So she stated “great, I will wash the dishes and then come up, I want to see how good you look.”

Darcy knocked on the door and walked in. Dave was standing there in the jeans she had bought, but he was still wearing the shirt that came down to his thighs. She made a face and said “Don’t you have a tee shirt or something, you can’t see any of the branding or anything.”
“Hey, I am trying here” Dave replied. But his sister went to the middle draw of his dresser and found a colored tee shirt, that she had seen him wear under one of his shirts and handed it to him. “Please?” she asked.

Dave had always hid the bulge in his pants, but for some reason this school year his friends were really on him about how he looked and he did kind of want his sister to help him figure out what to do. So he took a deep breath and took off the shirt he had on.

Before he could put on the shirt she looked at him and said, “you need to put some meat on these bones” and ran her hand down his ribs. Her eyes moved down with her hand and she got her first glance at the bulge in his pants.

“Oh my Dave, is your sister turning you on” and she giggled.

His response surprised her when he replied with “I am not turned on and trying hard to stay relaxed.”

“Well it looks pretty hard already” she replied back. Dave finally got his tee shirt on and was upset that it didn’t cover anything; it basically stopped at his belt line. While he was trying to cover up all Darcy did was stared at the bulge and she couldn’t see the crown or anything as it seemed to hidden by his pocket.

Dave gave up in frustration especially when he noticed his sister staring. “OK, the truth is I dress the way I do because I have a big dick.” He stated.

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