The Adventures of Dave and Darcy

I plan on making this into a little series of stories as I have been fantasying about the adventures and this can go far beyond incest, so I am listing this in Taboo instead.

Let me set the two characters up for you. Darcy is 17 and popular. She is 5’3” with long brown hair and brown eyes that are more round than most, so when you look into them you melt. She has an average build, including her 34C breasts. But she has nipples, that when excited are ¾” long and hard to hide. She is sexually active and has been for a while; as are a bunch of high school girl friends.

Darcy’s brother is Dave. He is a year younger than Darcy and he couldn’t have a more opposite personality. Dave is a complete computer geek and is into internet games and wired to people who are complete strangers except for the internet. He hangs out with other geeks in school. He is 6’ tall and a skinny 150 lbs. Like his sister he has a gland that is very embarrassing when erect. His flaccid penis hangs at about 6” by 1-1/2” and when erect is a freakish 11” x 2-1/2”. Because of the size of his penis, Dave dresses like a skater, with oversized pants that hang on him, and always wears a shirt that is 2 or 3 sizes too big. So he is the only geek in the school that doesn’t dress like one.

Story one: Dave and Darcy connect.
Dave and Darcy were home alone one evening and after eating dinner together, Darcy was walking behind Dave to the kitchen and asked; “Dave, when are you going to stop wearing those stupid clothes, it’s embarrassing?”

“I don’t know” he replied. Darcy caught a little bit of uncertainty in his voice and pushed the issue.

“Would you do me a favor and try on the jeans I got you for Christmas? They cost a lot and I think you would look good in them?” she pleaded.

“OK, I will go try them on when we finish cleaning up.” He replied which surprised Darcy. So she stated “great, I will wash the dishes and then come up, I want to see how good you look.”

Darcy knocked on the door and walked in. Dave was standing there in the jeans she had bought, but he was still wearing the shirt that came down to his thighs. She made a face and said “Don’t you have a tee shirt or something, you can’t see any of the branding or anything.”
“Hey, I am trying here” Dave replied. But his sister went to the middle draw of his dresser and found a colored tee shirt, that she had seen him wear under one of his shirts and handed it to him. “Please?” she asked.

Dave had always hid the bulge in his pants, but for some reason this school year his friends were really on him about how he looked and he did kind of want his sister to help him figure out what to do. So he took a deep breath and took off the shirt he had on.

Before he could put on the shirt she looked at him and said, “you need to put some meat on these bones” and ran her hand down his ribs. Her eyes moved down with her hand and she got her first glance at the bulge in his pants.

“Oh my Dave, is your sister turning you on” and she giggled.

His response surprised her when he replied with “I am not turned on and trying hard to stay relaxed.”

“Well it looks pretty hard already” she replied back. Dave finally got his tee shirt on and was upset that it didn’t cover anything; it basically stopped at his belt line. While he was trying to cover up all Darcy did was stared at the bulge and she couldn’t see the crown or anything as it seemed to hidden by his pocket.

Dave gave up in frustration especially when he noticed his sister staring. “OK, the truth is I dress the way I do because I have a big dick.” He stated.

Darcy looked up at his face and replied. “Do you know that girls check guys out all the time in school and a lot of the time we see guys hard when they get up from their desk, or walking down the halls? We love it. So I don’t think people would mind if you walked around like this.”

“You are forgetting something, I am not hard.” He said.

She looked down again and said “you’re so full of shit, you are hard and just don’t want to admit that you got turned on when I rubbed your body.”

“Darcy I am not hard. This is me.” Dave explained.

“Uh-hum, right … that big bulge in your pants is your soft little dick, I get it.” She stated with a bitchy tone.

Dave couldn’t believe it, and got pissed off enough to not think about it. He grabbed the sides of his pants and boxers and pulled them down to his knees. “Ok, you tell me, is it hard?” he said in a mean tone.

Darcy looked down and gasped; “Holy fuck Dave, it’s…it’s… amazing.”

“You should see it hard.” He said, still a little pissed that his sister didn’t believe him. He then reached to pull up his pants and Darcy stated “Stop, I want to see it when it’s hard.”

Dave smiled and said “you know, you are the first person to even see it this way I can’t believe I did this much.”

Thinking quickly Darcy blurted out, “I will take my clothes off if you do, I mean I am already seeing your dick and you haven’t seen me. Please??” she begged.

Darcy was taking her top off and Dave just watched. When she had her top and bra off she said “common, drop those pants so I can see.” Dave did just that and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. His dick was filling with more blood and extended even more toward the floor.

Dave asked while looking at Darcy’s nipples getting longer; “I don’t get your boobs. Over the summer your tit’s seem to get smaller, but your nipples got longer, right?”

She started to unbutton her jeans and replied “Dave, I was like you, embarrassed about my nipples that get really long. So I wore a padded bra for a couple of years, I mean really padded. Finally I said “fuck it” and went to lighter bras and now my nipples show—but guess what, I still have the same friends and actually get guys looking at me more and I have more sex.”

At this point her nipples were pretty hard and so was her brother. They were both naked and she walked to him and asked do “you want to play with them?”

Dave reached out and started to play with her nipples that got harder in a second. She reached out and took his cock that also got hard with her playing with it.

“Holy fuck, how much bigger does this get?” she asked

“Not much, it gets thicker that’s all” he replied.

Darcy was amazed at what she had in her hand. She kept stroking him and without saying a word, dropped to her knees and started to lick him.

‘Darcy, you are my sister, what are you doing?” Dave asked in a uncomfortable voice.

She pulled her tongue away and asked in a devilish tone “want me to stop?”

He looked down at the sight of his sister about to put his cock head into her mouth and moaned “um, not really.”

Darcy always considered herself a great cock sucker. She felt she could get guys off fast, or drive them crazy and make them pull out and throw her onto her back and fuck the hell out of her.

She opened her mouth really wide and took the crown of her brother’s cock inside her mouth. She moved her tongue around the head and let the tip of her tongue trace the crack in the head till she found the hole and licked that too.

Dave was clutching her shoulders as he had never felt anything this great on his cock in his life.

Darcy stopped the tongue play and began the more traditional blow job. She realized quickly that she would not be able to take more than a few inches of his thick cock. She tried to go deeper but it just wasn’t going to work. So she let some spit out mouth and let it run the length of his shaft. She then used her hand as an extension of her mouth and slid them both up and down his cock.

Dave was in heaven and it didn’t take him long before he was warning his sister that “I’m going to, um, you know, cum.”

Dave was surprised that his sister didn’t even react to his comment, He was used to watching porn and the girls always pulled off a guy’s cock when he came, but obviously she wasn’t going to.

A few moments later Darcy felt the head of his cock swell and then shoot cum hitting the back of her throat and then running down into her belly. He kept shooting and she kept receiving his load.

Finally Dave couldn’t take the sensitive feeling and had to pull out. As he did his legs seemed to go weak, so he dropped and was soon sitting next to his sister with their backs up against his bed.

“So did you like that?” Darcy asked.

“Wow, it was great, thank you, I mean wow.” He replied.

Darcy always liked to feed cum back to her lovers and figured she would do so with Dave as well, and she also felt a lot a love for him so she put her hand on his chin and then leaned in and kissed him. At first he resisted, he knew it was wrong, but a second later he just went with the flow. He opened his mouth and their tongues met.

Darcy had already moved her tongue into the spaces between her cheeks and gums and had cum on her tongue to deposit onto Dave’s tongue. Usually she kept cum in her mouth, but she had talked to him and had to swallow… “next time he will get a better taste” she thought to herself.

The kissed a few minutes and Dave could his cock getting hard again. But Darcy’s pussy was much more in need of relief. She broke the kiss and hopped onto the bed. She let her legs drape over the edge and spread them. Dave started to get up and Darcy scolded, “not so fast there, just get up on your knees.”

Her brother’s face was perfectly aligned with her dripping pussy. She saw him looking at it and instructed him what to do. In a few minutes his tongue was deep inside her pussy lips and she was squirming all over the bed.

She pulled on his hair and commanded, “suck right here, suck my clit” and as he did Darcy exploded in a magnificent climax. Her brother was so pleased at what he had done that he kept sucking and she kept coming till, she couldn’t take any more and pushed him away.

Dave stood up and his big cock was rock hard. She looed at it and said “we have to get you laid.”

He looked at her pussy and asked “You mean you don’t want to make it with me?”

She smiled and said “I think we are heading that way if we can agree to some rules, but the first one is that I don’t want to take your cherry. Your sister shouldn’t be the one to do that, but fuck, I want you tonight.”

“Look I have an idea. The mall is still open and Marcy is working.” She told him. He had no idea what she was talking about so she explained it on the way to the mall. Read the next chapter to find out what happened.

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