The Adventures of Dave and Darcy Chapter Two

Darcy drove her brother Dave to the mall. He was back wearing his baggy clothes and Darcy told him what store and what girl to work with.

Dave went into the store, it was a little after 8:00 and the mall shopping was winding down. There were two girls working and Dave spotted the blonde and walked over the girl named Marcy. He asked “do you think you could help me?” Marcy gave him the once over and said “sure what’s up.”

Dave told her what his sister told him to say “well, I want to stop wearing these kind of clothes, and dress like normal high school guys. But, um, the reason I need help is I don’t know what to get that, um covers or like hides, um my large, you know, um large cock.”

Marcy looked at him and asked “for real?”

Dave was so embarrassed, but his sister had told him that Marcy is always talking about wanting a guy with a big cock to walk into the store.

Dave responded “yea, I dress like this to hide it, but there has to be a better way to dress.”

She looked him over again and asked “do you know your size?”

Dave looked at her and said “I haven’t measured it, I just know its real obvious, even soft?”

Marcy giggled and said “I meant did you know your pant size?”

Dave knew what she had be asking but played along and said “not really, for normal pants.”
Marcy led him to the dressing room. As they were almost there she asked him “what kind of underpants are you wearing?”

He replied, “regular boxers” and she told him that it was hard to really buy the right jeans and pants with the extra bulk of the waist band of the boxers and grabbed a pair of Calvin Klein stretch boxers, her favorite.

She told him to put them on and then let her know and she would come in and measure his waist and inseam.

Marcy was getting excited waiting. She had told all her friends that she has been waiting for the day that some guy with a big cock would walk in and she could fuck him in the dressing room. Her co-worker also knew her fantasy and was ready to cover for her should things work in her favor.

The boxers she had given him were nothing like the baggy boxers he was used to. These were a tight stretchy material and when he put them on you could easily see the entire outline of his cock as it pressed against the material.

He had his shirt off too and yelled out “I’m ready.” At the same time he dropped his hands over the obvious bulge.

Marcy walked in with the tape measure around her neck. She looked at the skinny boy in front of her, wearing just the red underwear she gave him.

She walked up in front of him and said “Ok now put your hands up to sides so I can get the tape measure around your waist. He did as he was told and Marcy grabbed the tape. She looked down at the underwear and gasped. “Oh, I can see what you mean.” She started to measure his waist and noticed the bulge getting bigger and thicker. “Um, you’re not totally hard yet?” she asked.

Dave smiled and replied “It’s getting there, this would be easier if you weren’t so sexy, I’m sorry it has a mind of its own.” She smiled and felt good about what he said.

Marcy stated, “I need to measure your inseam, and she dropped to her knees. She put the tape measure on his thigh and had a hard time moving her eyes down to check what she was doing, but finally did.

As she had fantasized about this so many times, the next line came easier to her. “Ok, I have your waist and inseam for normal times, but I need to measure you for the times you are erect. Can you just pull the underwear down?”

Dave smiled to himself, knowing there was no need to sell him the underwear if he was just going to pull them down anyway, but he did what he was asked. As he dropped his shorts his cock sprang forward,, now erect from seeing the hot girl kneeling in front of him and with a nice few of her cleavage from where he was standing.

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