The Adventures of a Hypnotist!!!

I considered myself very lucky to get a job right out of medical school. I was a psychiatrist, specializing in hypnotherapy. I had moved to a new town, and was doing quite well for myself, all things considered. I had just turned 27, was meeting a lot of people in my new home town and was making a good income. I had unfortunately just had a rough break up and had decided that I would take a break from the romantic scene for a while.

By day I was a law abiding hypnotherapist, using my skills to assist my patients in overcoming problems ranging from substance abuse to anxiety, to violent behavior. I quickly found, however, that it was quite difficult to stop news from spreading, and I was soon known as “that cool hypnosis guy”. I frequently found myself showing off my skills to peers, even people that I had just met. While I had to admit it was a lot of fun, I always held my ethical code at the back of my mind.

One Saturday morning I received a phone call.

“Hey Bob, do you have any plans for tonight?”, inquired my friend John.

“Nothing planned, no”, I replied. “Why, what’s up?”, I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Well, I am having a party with some friends tonight. Will be about 30 people there. I thought it would be a blast if you could come over and chill, and perhaps show off your skills a bit?”, he asked. I could tell he was grinning on the other line.

“Sure, bud”, I said. “But I’m not doing anything too over the top.”

I freshened myself up, putting on a brand new blue polo shirt and a nice pair of jeans, and making sure to put on some nice smelling aftershave and some cologne.

When I arrived I found the place to be thriving with activity. I guessed that John was right about there being 30 or so people. I let myself in through the front door, found John and some other people I knew. “Hey bud, glad to see you made it”, John exclaimed, patting my shoulder. He got me a drink and I relaxed and chatted with people, having a good old time.

Suddenly a younger guy in a collared shirt and jeans tapped me on the shoulder.

“Your the hypnosis guy, right?”, he asked.

“My name is Bob.”, I said, letting my annoyance appear in my tone.

“Cool, well, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. See, my girlfriend is a bit frigid. It has been three weeks and I haven’t even gotten as far as groping her yet. She is Catholic see and it is bugging me.”

My minor irritation transformed instantly into rage, but I kept my cool, not letting my anger show through. If there was ever one thing in the world that I hated, it was this kind of rampant, self-obsessed, unabashed chauvinism.

“Alright, why don’t you bring her over”, I replied.

He returned with a very pretty brunette by his side. Her eyes were the same shade of brown, set in a beautiful face and an attractive body. I try not to objectify anyone, but I couldn’t help but notice what I guessed were C cup breasts underneath her conservative blouse. Below she wore a very pretty skirt, that went down passed her knees, but almost made here even more attractive despite its conservative style.

I offered my hand to her and she took it. “Hi, I am Bob”, I said, looking into her eyes. “I’m Sarah”, she replied, with little eye contact.

“So this is the young lady”, I said, mostly to her, but also to the punk by her side.

“She ain’t that young. She’s 18”, said the punk with an attitude reeking of self indulgence.

“May I have a quick word with her alone?”, I asked, or rather demanded.

The kid left and I immediately questioned the girl. I learned about her passions and her hobbies, what she enjoyed doing for fun. I have always been very interested in what is underneath. I quickly developed the opinion that despite her charming nature, she suffered from low self esteem, something blatantly obvious by her poor selection of companions.

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