Teri pimps out her lover Janey

Teri pimps out her lover Janey


My lover and friend Janey is a submissive slut for hire. That’s her profession, and she does it very well. Janey is 36, with mouthwatering curves and mounds and a taste for kinky sex that comes from experience. Men and women pay her for what they can’t get at home, and they always come back for more.

Yesterday, she visited a gentleman outside of town. He paid for the room and she got there first and removed her clothing. He wanted her naked when he arrived. She had corresponded for a couple of months with him before this first meeting, and he’d made it clear that he was into a lot of prolonged and hard thrusting anal, and he wanted a woman who could give him all he wanted. Janey knew her ass was in for a workout and couldn’t wait. She used a small butt-plug prior to his arrival, just to loosen things up.

Janey is always nervous beforehand – I think that’s what gives her, her edge – so when she heard his knock, she nearly jumped out of her skin. It was a little cool in the room, and her naked nipples were stiff and jutting out. She reached between her legs and pulled out the plug, then stuffed it into a drawer and answered the door.

Because she was naked, she had to pull it open from behind. He stepped in and slammed it behind him. He was handsome – blue eyes, tanned, about her age or maybe a few years older. He grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissing her hard while reaching around to maul her ass. She pulled away and reminded him that he had to take care of business first, and he paid her in cash.

No sooner had she tucked the money away when he was all over her again. His hands crushed her large, firm tits and pulled on her taut nipples. He kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue down her throat while his hands explored her naked body.

He grabbed a handful of her cunt-hair and pulled it up hard, forcing her up on her tiptoes. He slapped her ass hard enough to leave a red welt. She was totally in his power. This was one very sexy guy!

As they kissed, she began to undress him, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off him without her lips unlocking. She turned her back to him and wiggled her butt against his crotch, feeling his stiff dick through his slacks as she groped for his belt buckle. Finally, his zipper was undone and his pants slid down. She worked her ass back against him as she pulled on the waistband of his jockeys.

While she was doing this, he reached around to grab her tits. They’re big and heavy, and he could dig his
fingers into the flesh and slap her white mounds together while she rubbed her ass against his crotch.

At one point, his undershorts got stuck on his stiff cock and she couldn’t get them farther down. She struggled with them until his dick finally popped free, then threw herself back against him. His cock slid between her legs. Janey’s pussy was wet and the head of his dick parted her legs and rubbed against her stiff clit, sending an electric shock through her. She moaned uncontrollably.

He walked her over to the bed and threw her down on it, face first. She pleaded with him not to rape her ass (part of her pre-agreed fantasy), but he wrestled her into a helpless position. Then he mounted her, straddling her ass and drawing his cock along the crack of her ass. Janey reached behind to push him away, but he caught her hands up behind her, pinning them to the small of her back. Then he took his cock in hand and guided it to her asshole. As he took his first thrust into Janey, she began to wish she had used a larger plug.

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