Teenager and her college mistress

Kate was 16 and her mother needed to visit a sick friend for the weekend. She trusted her daughter, but didn’t feel comfortable with the girl being alone. There was a neighbor who had a girl a few years older, who Kate knew, and the girl had just gotten back from her first year of college, so after a few calls Kate’s mom had arranged for the other girl to kind of “teen-sit” and just make sure her daughter was safe for the weekend. Kate was about a straight a girl as you could meet, and her mom remembered the other girl being about the same, so she didn’t really worry as she left Friday afternoon without even getting a chance to talk to the other girl except on the phone.

It was dinner time on Friday and Kate had been invited to have dinner at Beth’s (the teen-sitter) house, and then the girls would come back to Kate’s for the weekend. Kate was excited about spending time with her older friend. Beth had helped Kate get acclimated to high school and the girls had been friends till Beth left for college. It was now 9 months later and Kate couldn’t wait to reconnect with her friend.

Kate was talking with Beth’s mother, waiting for Beth to get home from her summer job. Beth’s mom had hinted a couple of times about the changes in her daughter and that “it is so nice that you two are going to spend the weekend together, maybe you get her back to the Beth we used to know.” A few minutes later Kate understood as Beth walked into the house.

Now physically both girls were average size, actually Kate had bigger boobs than her older friend, and being a total geek the only comments Kate had heard about her appearance in high school were “that girl has big tits, what a waste.”

Beth turned the corner and stepped into the kitchen and Kate’s mouth dropped open. The girl that left for college with shoulder length sun kissed blonde hair; now had shorter black hair. Her traditional non made up face, now had black outlined lips and the girl adorned her left eyebrow with a sliver ring pierced through it. She was wearing a choker that almost looked like a collar as it was leather and not a fabric.

Beth didn’t seem to notice Kate’s shock and came over and gave her a hug just like the old days and it took Kate a moment to relax and then she returned the hug. Beth broke the hug and said “it’s great to see you, I am so glad we can spend the weekend together.” Hearing the comment the mother smiled, she really wanted her daughter to be out of the house and with a “normal” girl for a couple of days. Beth continued, “I need to change, come on upstairs with me.”

The girls ran upstairs and when they entered Beth’s room the first thing she took off was the choker and put it in a drawer and took out one with spikes on it. She noticed Kate watching her and said “I wear that fake one at work, I don’t think they would like one of these.” And she proceeded to take out 2 cuffs that matched the collar.

Kate not knowing what to say said “yeah, I could see people in an office having issues with the spikes.” Beth replied: “It actually drives my mom and dad fucking crazy, but their being good about giving me my space; I think my dad is more open to it.” Again Kate didn’t know what to say, so she just stood there.

Beth continued to change her clothes and undid her blouse and then her bra. She then undid her slacks and let them drop to the floor. She was standing there in just a sexy thong and turned around to face Kate; “Remember when we first saw each other naked and couldn’t stop giggling at each other? Then when you were going to go out with that boy and I showed you how to kiss? That was fun, huh?”

Kate did remember and she was younger then. Now looking at her friend basically naked in front of her, some of the dreams she had over the years were popping into her mind. She realized that Beth was looking at her and replied “It was fun, too bad I haven’t had many guys kiss me since Robby Marks.”

The small talk continued as Beth put on a black tee shirt (no bra) and black pair of jeans. She opened a bag and threw some more clothes and toiletries into it. She reached under her bed and grabbed another bag and threw that into the bigger bag as well. She then went over and put the cuffs and collar on and they headed down for dinner.

An hour later they entered Kate’s house, after a dinner of catching up with the Beth’s parents. Kate seemed to have done a lot of the talking and Beth had hardly said anything. Kate looked at Beth and said “gee, not too much tension in your house.” Beth replied “Fuck’um, they haven’t figured me out and I am not about to tell them that I am into S&M and they can keep guessing. I think they have got it figured that I am into gothic and death cults and I just keep playing into that. I have even been tempted to say that I am dating a vampire and let them freak out about that.”

Kate laughed and said “sounds like you are going to have an interesting summer at home.” Beth looked at her and said “I can handle it, as long as I find someone to be with, you know, right now it sucks because I have been home 2 weeks and haven’t hooked up with anyone, I am getting sick of fingering myself, you know?”

“Hey it’s me you are talking to” Kate began “I have no idea what’s it like to have sex or what M&M refers to?”

Beth started to laugh, really hard and Kate was actually embarrassed as the girl was laughing at her. Beth stopped and said “Its S&M not M&M silly.” Kate had to laugh too at that point.

She then looked at the older girl and said “I don’t know what that is, you know virgin girl here!” she reiterate again.

Beth stopped and said “Oh Ok, here let’s go to your room and I will explain it all.” They grabbed some soda from the fridge and Beth’s bag and went to Kate’s room and sat on the bed facing each other.

“Ok” Beth began “I went to school and was as much of a wallflower as I was in high school. Then one weekend a lot of the kids went home and there were only a few girls on my floor and I ran into this older girl in the shower room. She told me to come back to her room and I did and before the weekend was over I was totally her sub and have been servicing her and some of the people she tells me to.”

Kate looked at her like she was talking another language. She felt dumb but said “Beth, I don’t think I understood half of what you just said.”

Beth reached into bag and grabbed a couple of pills and said “here take one of these they will help you concentrate.” Kate was a little nervous, but when the other girl popped one into her mouth and washed it down with the soda so did she. She was told they were just valium and “everybody takes them to chill out.”

Beth started over and over the next few minutes explained about being a slave to a master and how she enjoyed doing anything for her mistress, including having sex with other girls and guys while her mistress watched her and told her what to do. She told her about being tied up and how she had unbelievable orgasms after making sure her mistress had been pleased first.

Kate had listened without asking anything, as she was totally in amazement and realized just how naive she was; as she knew nothing at all about this life style. She was also starting to feel the effects of the drug and she was feeling very very mellow and accepting of what her friend had been doing.

Finally Beth asked “So do you understand it now?” Kate replied “I guess so. I have always felt that you and I are so much alike, do you think I am submissive too?”

Beth smiled and said “Let’s see. I really want you to kiss you lean forward.” Kate moved her body on the bed and then leaned her mouth toward her friend. Beth leaned forward and kissed her friend on the lips, she then used her tongue and opened the other girls lips. Kate opened her mouth and allowed the other girl to kiss her as only a few boys had.

The kiss lasted for a couple of minutes and then Beth backed away. “Did you like that?” Beth asked.

“Yes, very much. I haven’t kissed a girl since I kissed you years ago, but this felt sexier.” Kate responded.

“Kate, I asked you a question and you responded, but next time I ask you a yes or no question I want you be a little more respectful, do you understand?” Actually Kate didn’t understand but she said “yes.”

Beth backed up a little and slapped Kate’s breast. Of course it didn’t hurt through her shirt and bra, but it surprised Kate, and her eyes were wide open looking at the older girl.

Beth quickly said “it’s not yes, its –yes mistress.” Kate replied quickly “yes, mistress I understand.”

Beth smiled and leaned in kissed the girl again, giving her a reward. After a minute or two she broke the kiss and said “you know you got to see me naked before. It’s my turn. Get off the bed and take your clothes off.”

Kate said “Ok” and when she saw the reaction of Beth hand she quickly said “sorry mistress, I meant to say, yes mistress” and jumped to her feet. Again Kate didn’t know if it was the drug or just the situation, but she felt totally relaxed and submissive to anything the other girl said.

Kate took off her shirt and then bra and she saw the way that Beth was looking at them and said “mistress do you like my tits?” Beth said “yes Kate, I do like your tits and I am so glad that they are going to be mine for the summer. Whenever I want to see them, play with them or suck them you will make them available to me, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress, I understand and I am happy about all this.” Kate said.

Beth had never played the dominant role, but being submissive to her lover in college had led to dreams of dominating someone of her own and now she was getting her chance, and what a perfect candidate Kate was.

Beth stated “Off with the rest of your clothes, I want to see that pussy of yours.” The response was perfect “Yes, Mistress.”

It only took a moment and Kate was standing there completely naked. “Put your hands behind your back and turn around Kate,” Beth commanded. As the girl turned around Beth reached into her bag and took out some pink wrist ties and bound the girl’s arms behind her. Beth turned the girl around and reached out and started feeling her up. “You know I wanted to do this even before I knew I was gay, maybe my desire for you was my first inkling. She leaned forward and started sucking on the girl’s nipple.

Beth felt the nipple lengthen in her mouth. Her mistress in college seemed to have hard nipples all the time, this sensation of feeling a nipple growing in her mouth was new. She pulled back and the nipple had grown in both length and thickness, it was beautiful. She looked into the girl’s face and smiled. Kate looked back her and said, “yeah I know , they get ugly, huh?”

Beth said “no you slut, they are not ugly, they are great, I will have to get some toys to keep them hard when we play—and maybe even when we aren’t playing.” She leaned in and took the other one in her mouth and a felt this one expand as well, and reached up to the other one with her fingers and was working them both. Suddenly Kate was panting loudly. She went from nothing to almost sounding like she was going to cum. Beth pulled back and took the other nipple and was now gently pulling and rolling both of them in her fingers. Kate’s moans continued.

“Open your eyes and look at me” Beth commanded and squeezed hard on the nipples. “Ouch” Kate said as she opened her eyes and Beth kept the pressure on. But Kate was really breathing hard and her body was weakening like she was really going to cum. “Can you cum by playing with your nipples, Slut?” Beth asked.

“Yes Mistress, and I am really close” Kate moaned. And with that Beth dropped her hands. “Listen Slut, you don’t come before me unless I tell you you can, do you understand that?” Beth scolded

“Yes Mistress, I ‘m sorry.” Kate replied.

“What do you feel about your arms being tied behind you?” Beth asked.

“It is kind of stimulating if that makes any sense?” Kate answered.

“Glad you like it” Beth said with a sneer. “Now face your bed.” Kate turned and Beth pushed her onto the bed. She moved the younger girl around and then took out more ties. Soon Kate had her ankles bound to the end of the bed and with her arms still bound, she could hardly move, as she was on her belly.

Beth reached between the other girl’s legs and felt the total wetness between her labia. Kate moaned as Beth ran two fingers the full length and then wiped the wetness onto the younger girl’s anal hole. Beth did this again and then slid the tip of her middle finger into the other girl’s ass. “Mistress, I am not into that, I have never touched that spot.”

Beth used her other hand to slap Kate on the butt, and as she did she pushed her finger deeper. “I didn’t ask you if you wanted me to play with your ass, I want to.” And she then buried the rest of her finger inside the hot, very tight hole. Beth continued to use the girl’s pussy goo to lubricate her finger, but the girl’s ass muscles making it hard to finger her. Beth looked around the room and finally saw what she was looking for. She got up and grabbed a bottle of hand cream and then went back to figuring the girl’s ass hole, now with extra lube.

With no way to fight it, Kate allowed the attack on her ass, till finally Beth reached into her bag and used her free hand to show Kate a vibrator that was usually used for “g” spot stimulation. It was egg shaped at the end , connected to shaft that was about the diameter of a pen. “I am putting this in your ass, you slut and I don’t want any fight about – now lick the end of it.” Kate replied with “yes Mistress” and then licked the plastic toy.

Beth lubed up Kate’s hole once again and then pushed the vibrator as deep as it could go and then turned it one. Beth grabbed a heavy book from Kate’s book case and pushed it between the girl’s thighs to hold the vibrator from being pushed out.

Kate did not like the feeling of the vibrator inside her ass, it actually grossed her out, but she knew Beth wanted it there, so she complied.

Beth came up to her head and turned her face toward her and gave her another passionate kiss. She then pulled back and said “ready to eat some pussy?” Kate looked at her and smiled and said “Oh yes Mistress!”

Beth got up on the bed and positioned her pussy below the other girl’s mouth. The way she was bound, Beth had to lift her face and pushed her body slightly under her. Kate took no time in sticking her tongue out and licking the wet pussy underneath her. Beth was already turned on from playing the dominant role and the other girl’s tongue felt great. Beth had to move her bottom around to get Kate’s tongue where she wanted it – the other girl was almost helpless the way she was tied.

Beth starting to moan but then heard Kate moaning louder than herself. She grabbed Kate by the hair and lifted her mouth off of her pussy and asked “are you enjoying the vibrator in your ass?”

Kate replied “Yes Mistress, I didn’t think I would but it feels really good and licking you has me really turned on.”

Beth grabbed her by the mouth and chin, both were wet with her own goo, and commanded “You know you can’t cum till I do – do you understand?”

Kate replied “I think you need to take it out than, I don’t know if I can stop myself.”

Beth got mad and said “You dumb fucking slut, I was just starting to feel good.” And she got up off the bed. She reached the vibrator and tuned it off, but didn’t take it out. She then spanked the girl 4 times, getting harder each time. She could see her hand print on the other girl’s cheek.

Kate had screamed out each time she was smacked, but did not tell her new mistress to stop.

Beth got back on the bed and resumed the position to get licked and was soon on her way towards an organism. This time, Kate tried not to get turned on, but it was hard as she loved that she was getting Beth close to the edge. This was the first person beside herself that she was going to make cum and it turned it on something wicked.

Beth moved her body and then grabbed Kate’s hair and positioned her mouth right over her own clit. “Suck my clit and make me cum you little pussy lover.” Beth screamed.

Kate did as instructed, and as she sucked the other girl’s hard clit, Beth started to flop all over the bed in an intense release of tension she had felt since home and the longing for another girl. Beth just kept coming and Kate could feel the other female’s juices coating her chin and running down her chin. Kate felt her own body reacting and even with the hard plastic egg in her ass, she too was about to cum.

Though hard to do; with her face between the other girl’s legs, Kate asked permission to cum “Please Mistress may I cum with you?”

“Yes, Slave, I am cumming down you may cum, but lick my clit as you do” Beth replied.

Even without touching herself Kate started to cum. Her mental state and what she was doing with the other girl, started to send shivers down her body. It was not a huge climax but it still felt good, except the thing in her ass started to hurt as her muscles closed down on the thing,

Beth pulled herself out from under the other girl and moved down the bed. She turned the vibrator on in Kate’s ass and then grabbed her bag from under the bed. She undid the leg ties and flipped Kate over onto her back. She took a regular vibrator and brought it up to Kate’s mouth— “Suck it slut, suck it like it’s a cock” she instructed, as she slid the thing in and out of the girl’s mouth.

Like she had done with the vibrator now in Kate’s ass; she moved towards Kate’s pussy. Kate screamed out “I am virgin Mistress, please don’t screw me with that!” Beth put the vibrator down and grabbed Kate’s nipples, hard, very hard. Even with her hands tied behind her back the girl raised her body to try to lessen the tension on her nipples. ”Listen you little cunt, I will do what I want with your body, you are mine now, but I am not going to take your virginity tonight or even tomorrow, you will have to offer it to me, when you love me and want me to have it— but don’t you ever talk to me in that tone again, do you understand me?”

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