Teacher takes advantage of Rebecca

Rebecca was sent to boarding school when her Mother married again. Her new Stepfather did not seem to like her around and arranged for her to be sent to the new school. Her Mother was reluctant at first, but he convinced her that it was a well-known and established school and that it would be good for Rebecca to go there.

Rebecca was uncomfortable on the trip to the school as her Mother did not go, just her stepfather. They barely spoke a word during the 2-hour ride. When they arrived, Rebecca was surprised, they school did not look anything like it was described to her Mother.

“What kind of school is this,” she asked.

“This is a special school that will train you. The Headmaster is a very good friend of mine and he has promised to take a personal interest in your training. He has invited me back in a week to see how you have progressed.”

Reluctantly Rebecca got out of the car and entered the school. She figured once her Stepfather was gone, she could call her Mother to pick her up and take her home.

Her stepfather knocked on the door. The Headmaster opened the door and invited Rebecca in. “Thanks for bringing her Jim, I will see you next week and I am sure you will be pleased with Rebecca’s progress” he said to her stepfather.

He did not speak until her Stepfather was gone. He closed the door and said, “I am Headmaster Johnson, you will call me Sir. Sit in that chair,” pointing to a wooden straight back chair.

Rebecca began to protest when he slapped her face. Rebecca brought her hands up to protect herself. “Leave me alone, or I will tell my Mother.”

“Your Stepfather gave me permission to use whatever force I need to get you to obey. We believe in corporal punishment at this school and if you fail to obey any orders or commands, you will be spanked or whipped.” His hand reached out again, slapping her face again.

Tears began to run down Rebecca’s cheeks as her cheek stung from the slaps and she feared what her Stepfather had gotten her into.

“Now sit down, or face more punishment,” he commanded.

Rebecca hurriedly sat in the chair fearing more pain. Rebecca was eighteen years old but she had the body of a mature woman. Her breasts were large for her age, but without a hint of sag. She had long legs and a firm ass. The headmaster glared at Rebecca. He could imagine her stripped and tied, awaiting his punishment of her innocent body. He had promised Jim that by next week, Rebecca would be submissive and would allow him to pleasure himself sexually with her.

“Sit up straight in the chair, feet firmly on the floor, knees together and your arms on the armrest,” he ordered. Rebecca quickly followed his commands, fearing him.

“You must obey every order I give you without hesitation. If you do not, I will punish you. As you have already seen, you will suffer pain for your disobedience. I have taught many young ladies like you obedience. At your young age, I find that humiliation works best to instill the correct attitude. You will be forced to do things that you thought was disgusting. If you make any attempt to resist, you will be dealt with harshly. Do you understand?”

“Yes” murmured Rebecca, fear gripping her.

The hand reached out again, slapping her face. “I told you to address me as Sir.”

“Yes, Sir” shot back Rebecca.

“That is better. Now lets get a look at what we have to work with this week. You are a very attractive girl, Rebecca. Raise your arms above your head and lace your fingers behind your head and keep your back straight.”

Rebecca did as she was told, and began to fear what was to become of her as she noticed that the pose he put her in pushed her breasts out.

By : Powerone

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