Tanya’s Impregnation

Our life in Bangkok was moving very well. I had told my husband about the romping sex session I had on a business trip which also involved my boss David. Fortunately he was at the time too drunk to realize that I was the girl he’d fucked that night. Our working relationship was great and I didn’t want any issues at work but it was fun remembering what he was like with his clothes off and his prick rampant inside me.

Anyway, life was great and sex with my husband was great and our kids were doing well.

We both enjoyed our new found sexual freedom, away from our native country Pakistan. To do some of the things we’ve done since moving here, could actually cause our demise. But our sexcapades actually have made our bond stronger.

Among our many new friends we were closest to Olivia and Simon who were from Manchester. It was interesting to note the differences in our past experiences. But even with those differences we had become fast friends and saw each other a lot.

One day I took Olivia for lunch, she seemed upset and rarely talked these days. After much insistence she told me that she was having regular fights with her husband Simon.

I was very concerned and asked her what the matter was. She insisted that I not tell anyone, and when I assured her that I wouldn’t she told me that they were had been trying for a baby for a long time without success. She went on to say that they had been to various doctors who told her that she can’t get pregnant.

I felt very sad for Olivia and suggested a marriage consular who was a good friend of mine.

Olivia and Simon started seeing the consular I’d suggested and things started to improve between them. A couple of months later they invited Asim and me to dinner. We had a great time and the dinner was amazing. Then after the dinner Olivia and Simon told us that they had a request to make of us. They told us that we were their closest friends and we were like family to them and they wanted to ask for a favor.

We were very confused by their nervous demeanor but assured them that we grant any request they might have. After moments of silence it hit us like punch in the stomach when Olivia blurted out a request that I be a surrogate for their child.

Her request was followed by a long moment of silence which Simon finally broke by saying that they understood if we didn’t want to do it but he hoped we would take some time to think about it.

I had not been expecting this and wasn’t able to say a thing. How could I carry someone’s child in my belly for 9 months? What would we tell our families if I did do what they asked. How would we manage all this? It was a crazy idea.

I was upset with them for putting us in this position. Then suddenly my husband said,

“We need some time to think about your request.”

We then got up and Olivia came to me and hugged me. She told me that she was sorry if she had upset me. She started to cry but I told her not to, that whatever decision we came to it wouldn’t affect our friendship.

We left their house and once in the car we talked. I went on about the problems we would face and how it would be uncomfortable for me physically. I was totally against the idea and told Asim that I couldn’t see it happening.

When we got home, my husband told me that his initial reaction was same as mine but that they were good friends and had helped us adjust when we first came to Bangkok. They had helped us when we were setting up our household and babysat our kids and that our kids loved them like family and called them aunt and uncle.

He went on to say that this was a very important thing for them. He said that this was the only reason he was even discussing the idea.

Over the next few days we made a decision to go ahead to help them. This was a difficult decision for us but we wanted to help our friends. The next weekend we invited them to dinner at a restaurant and at the end of the meal we told them that I would do it. Olivia and Simon were so happy, Olivia started crying, hugging me and thanked me and my Asim.

This is when Asim told them that the process of impregnating me would be decided by Tanya and Olivia collectively. Olivia and I went to the ladies room where we started discussing how I was to become pregnant. I told her that I had my kids the natural way and it really bothered me to have something inserted artificial in my womb.

Olivia thought about that for a minute then said,

“So what you’re telling me you want to get pregnant the normal way. If that’s what you want, I’m good with it.

You can have sex with Simon. I’m sure he won’t mind, and neither will I Tanya.”

I was shocked by her bluntness, I was just sharing my hesitation but she was so eager for a baby she could accept anything. I thought I might as well have fun while we were at it. After all, Simon has a nice built and he was a handsome man. I thought that with our mixed genes we might produce a fine looking child between us.

I asked Olivia what she thought Simon would think about this arrangement.

Olivia looked at me and said,

“Don’t worry about that, You’re beautiful and he’d be lucky to be able to have you.”

The plan to impregnate me with Simon’s sperm was the hot topic after dinner. We decided that we would book a beach villa on Koh Tao island in Thailand during my next fertile period, which was in about two weeks.

The day came and we all flew to Koh Tao. We reached our villa on the beach front and started unpacking. We had booked the villa for the weekend.

Simon was not supposed to have sex with Olivia from the night we had dinner and Olivia made sure that his diet contained items to increase his sperm count. I too was on a healthy diet, exercising and avoided having sex with Asim.

In the afternoon of the first day we went to the beach. To heat things up Olivia and I were wearing g-strings and went topless. I saw Simon eyeing my tits, he knew he was going to have me in bed soon and I’m sure he was anticipating it. He was trying to hide his erection which was very obvious.

As the sun was setting Asim went to Olivia and whispered something in her ear and she laughed. I wanted to know what he’d said, but he hushed me, saying that I’d find out later.

After the sun went down we retired to our villa, once there Olivia started removing her g-string and pulled off the t-shirt she was wearing by and was soon standing naked in front of us. Olivia has a great body, her breasts are medium sized and very firm, not implants and her nipples pointing upwards.

She looked at me then walked towards me and pulled the ties from my bikini top and bottom, then she hugged my naked body and told Simon and Asim to undress. They didn’t need any further invitation and lost their shorts in seconds.

It was dusk, almost dark as we played, naked, in the pool just outside the front veranda of our villa. Simon and I started some physical contact to get comfortable with each other, this involved a lot of hugging and kissing and him feeling my breasts and ass.

After a couple of hours, Olivia and Asim got dressed and told us to go inside and relax while they went shopping and prepared dinner. I know they wanted to make it easier for us by leaving us alone to find our way.

Simon and I got out of the pool and I started taking a shower beside the pool while Simon went put the drinks in the cooler. I was washing my hair when Simon came up behind me and hugged me. I was startled, but not surprised. I’d been receiving vibes from him all day and I figured it was time we started the process of my impregnation. As I’ve said before, Simon is a handsome guy, very blonde and with an impressive cock but so far I hadn’t seen it fully erect.

Simon was holding me from behind, one hand cupping my breast while the other was gently rubbing my pussy. He was kissing my neck and his cock was poking against my ass. It was fully erect now. We dried each other and he lifted me in his arms and took me to the master bedroom or should I say ‘the breeding room’.

Simon laid me on the big bed and immediately climbed on top of me and started kissing me again. The thoughts running through my in mind was that I was now going to be impregnated by this man who was not my husband. This child would be of two races, a blend of Simon’s English heritage and my Pakistani self.

These thoughts I was having were sending a funny feeling to the pit of my stomach and I was getting more horny and was really looking forward to what was to come. I was dripping wet when Simon finally touched my pussy, pushing a finger into me. Feeling my wetness he immediately went into action, he whispered in my ear that he had taken Viagra and that this night was ours. His cock was so stiff it was like a metal pipe very thick and pulsating.

Before entering me in the missionary position he placed a pillow under my hips, then he moved on top of me and pushed his cock in me inch by inch. He was gentle and soon was deep inside me. My Pakistani pussy was craving his white cock and he was giving it to me.

Simon started fucking me with gentle strokes at first, while sucking my nipples. He was gradually upping his pace, and soon I was shuddering with my first orgasm overwhelming my senses. My jerking body didn’t stop him in his mission, he just continued thrusting faster and faster. As he pumped away at me, he also spread my legs fully and kept pounding away, his cock was hitting my g-spot because of the pillow.

He continued fucking me harder and faster, making me moan with pleasure. I knew that his babymakers were ready to impregnate me and was fast approaching another orgasm at the thought of him spurting in me. Right then with a loud long groan his muscular body started shuddering and he shoved his cock deep into my pussy and held it there. He was moaning and shuddering as streams of his manly sperms were entering my womb in jet after jet.

Simon stayed in me for a couple of minutes and then reached to grab what looked like a strange toy. What it turned out to be was a vaginal plug. He raised my lower body up and immediately plugged my pussy.

I stayed there for a few minutes while Simon murmured how good it had been and how hot I was. Then after a bit Simon went to get some water for both of us.

I finally got up to drink the water and was amazed to see him fully erect again. He said he wanted to go again and asked me if we could do it Rockygy style this time. I eagerly obliged.

Simon positioned me on the edge of the bed and advised me to spread my legs wide. I did as he told me. I was getting a real kick out of this guiltless sex with my best friend’s husband and was already wet again in anticipation.

Simon placed a pillow under my chest this time and told me to put my upper body weight on it and relax. He said that this position was more animal like and would gave him full control of my body.

He now moved behind me started eating my ass and asshole, his tongue was probing into my asshole and it was driving me mad. I was surprised at his abilities, he was driving me crazy with his mouth.

Soon Simon stopped teasing me and removed the vaginal plug. To my surprise nothing spilled out. Then quickly he inserted his cock into my slit again and without any effort slid fully inside me. Then he started fucking me again with deep hard thrusts pulling all the way out and then back in again. He was almost in a standing position and was holding my hips. In this state his thrusts were much more powerful and he went in very deep.

Suddenly Simon picked up his pace and I knew he was going to cum in me again. That thought brought me to another intense orgasm. He was really pounding away and my groans and moans were echoing throughout the villa, when he suddenly erupted again shoving his cock balls deep in me, quivering as he unloaded another load of babymakers deep within me.

My pussy milked his throbbing cock, I couldn’t help it, my whole body was throbbing. He told me to remain in that position for a while and plugged my pussy again, when he pulled out some of his precious cum did escape and oozed down my inner thigh.

Simon fucked me two more times over the next hour and each time after he’d cum in me he plugged me with the vaginal plug.

I felt that I was surely pregnant with his child by now. Olivia and my husband had taken the opportunity to fuck each other on the beach in the dark, but had only done it once, but even still Asim had given her a nice load because when she came into mating room to check on her I could see his sperm dripping down her inner thighs.

We all had dinner and went to our bedrooms, Simon and I in the master room and Olivia and Asim in the other bedroom.

I was exhausted and went to sleep right away. I woke up just before sunrise, Simon was hard again and was licking my asshole as I gain consciousness. He pulled his face away when he realized I was awake and then asked me to follow him. We left the villa and started walking down the beach naked. Simon was carrying a straw mat and after walking some distance he laid down a straw mat and asked me to lie down. He then moved on top of me and a started kissing me. Then he moved me on my side and asked me to raise one leg. I was now in a side way position, he placed himself against me and entered my pussy. This position enabled him to go deep inside of me. I hadn’t tried that position before but liked it a lot.

Simon started fucking me and gradually built up a pace so that my moans could be heard a long way. The sun was coming up and I was panting to this intense fucking from my best friend’s husband, being impregnated by him.

Soon I let out a loud moan as Simon collapsed on me and tried to catch his breath. He had cum in me once again.

Afterward, we went for a long walk on the beach. I was unplugged this time with Simon’s semen leaking from pussy. I really believed that the magic was already been done and that I was pregnant with his child. I thought if it wasn’t done, I wouldn’t mind doing this all again.

As we walked, we saw another couple fucking like crazy. The sight of them doing it made us horny again and Simon immediately handed me down to the wet sand and started kissing me. The other couple noticed us but continued their own lovemaking.

This time I got on top of Simon facing the sea away from the couple, then suddenly I heard a voice saying, “Can I join?”

I looked back and the guy was standing with his stiff cock all slick from lovemaking and the girl was nowhere to be seen. I smiled and said, “Sure, why not.”

Simon insisted that he enter my back door and I had to agree with him. After all our hard work, we wanted to make sure that the child was Simons. He had some jelly to lube his cock and started fucking me from behind. It was strange, in the quest of getting pregnant with a another man’s seed, I was now being double fucked by two men. Two cocks fucking me was too much and I orgasmed almost immediately, with my body jerking and shuddering as I came on their thrusting cocks.

Finally, I collapsed with cum dripping from my both my holes as the men fucking me were fully spent. After a bit we collected ourselves and Simon and I said bye to the gentleman who had joined us for the fuck session and we walked back to the Villa. Simon had to provide me some support as I was fully spent and could barely walk.

We got back to the villa where I took a shower and got back to bed in the breeding room.

Simon came to bed and we slept for a time, then he fucked me twice more when we woke up. My pussy was plugged again for the day. But in the evening, I removed the plug. I was very sore and Olivia gave me a good massage.

We came home from our vacation on Monday and got busy with our lives waiting for a sign if I was indeed pregnant. On thursday afternoon I got a call from Simon who wanted to meet for lunch. I agreed, we met in the restaurant of a nearby hotel. Simon told me how thankful he was for my help and he wanted to extend his full support. We then started discussing our romping sex during the trip. Surprisingly, it started turning me on and I could feel Simon’s voice getting intense.

To convey this to me, he jokingly said that he wouldn’t mind doing all of it again. I smiled and told him neither will I. In that brief moment I decided to let Simon do me again. We had already done it and for all we knew I was carrying his child in womb and our partners had given their consent. Having sex again before pregnancy was confirmed should be Okay, I told myself. Simon looked at me and we immediately said let’s do it. We booked a room in the hotel.

As soon as we got in, Simon jumped me. We undressed each other like wild animals. This was pure instinct, I was going to make love with this man who was probably now the father of my child. Maybe I was pregnant and my body knew it and wanted the man who was father of the child growing in me.

Simon was rock hard and I was a wet mess. He threw me to the bed and got on top of me kissing. I had wrapped my legs around his back. He immediately entered me going inch by inch inside me. I pulled him inside me by wrapping my legs around him. He started fucking me with long hard strokes making me moan. It took him a couple of minutes more and with a strong lunge he started squirting his semen in me bringing me to an intense orgasm. Simon came so much, he had so much sexual energy inside him, maybe it was instinct and he knew i was his mate that will give him a child.

I then moved to suck his cock which quickly stood up for another round. We stood up and he moved me towards the all glass side of the hotel building. I had my hands and face on the window and could see outside. Simon asked me to bend my back a little which I did. He then entered me from behind as my hips putruded towards him. He was able to generate a lot of power pushing me on the glass while his cock was entering the depth of my Pakistani pussy. My moans were filling the air and Simon was relentless. Suddenly he exploded in me, I couldn’t take anymore of this and blacked out from an intense orgasm. After resting for about half an hour we put our clothes on and came down. We kissed each other goodbye and went to our work.

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