Tanya’s Impregnation

Our life in Bangkok was moving very well. I had told my husband about the romping sex session I had on a business trip which also involved my boss David. Fortunately he was at the time too drunk to realize that I was the girl he’d fucked that night. Our working relationship was great and I didn’t want any issues at work but it was fun remembering what he was like with his clothes off and his prick rampant inside me.

Anyway, life was great and sex with my husband was great and our kids were doing well.

We both enjoyed our new found sexual freedom, away from our native country Pakistan. To do some of the things we’ve done since moving here, could actually cause our demise. But our sexcapades actually have made our bond stronger.

Among our many new friends we were closest to Olivia and Simon who were from Manchester. It was interesting to note the differences in our past experiences. But even with those differences we had become fast friends and saw each other a lot.

One day I took Olivia for lunch, she seemed upset and rarely talked these days. After much insistence she told me that she was having regular fights with her husband Simon.

I was very concerned and asked her what the matter was. She insisted that I not tell anyone, and when I assured her that I wouldn’t she told me that they were had been trying for a baby for a long time without success. She went on to say that they had been to various doctors who told her that she can’t get pregnant.

I felt very sad for Olivia and suggested a marriage consular who was a good friend of mine.

Olivia and Simon started seeing the consular I’d suggested and things started to improve between them. A couple of months later they invited Asim and me to dinner. We had a great time and the dinner was amazing. Then after the dinner Olivia and Simon told us that they had a request to make of us. They told us that we were their closest friends and we were like family to them and they wanted to ask for a favor.

We were very confused by their nervous demeanor but assured them that we grant any request they might have. After moments of silence it hit us like punch in the stomach when Olivia blurted out a request that I be a surrogate for their child.

Her request was followed by a long moment of silence which Simon finally broke by saying that they understood if we didn’t want to do it but he hoped we would take some time to think about it.

I had not been expecting this and wasn’t able to say a thing. How could I carry someone’s child in my belly for 9 months? What would we tell our families if I did do what they asked. How would we manage all this? It was a crazy idea.

I was upset with them for putting us in this position. Then suddenly my husband said,

“We need some time to think about your request.”

We then got up and Olivia came to me and hugged me. She told me that she was sorry if she had upset me. She started to cry but I told her not to, that whatever decision we came to it wouldn’t affect our friendship.

We left their house and once in the car we talked. I went on about the problems we would face and how it would be uncomfortable for me physically. I was totally against the idea and told Asim that I couldn’t see it happening.

When we got home, my husband told me that his initial reaction was same as mine but that they were good friends and had helped us adjust when we first came to Bangkok. They had helped us when we were setting up our household and babysat our kids and that our kids loved them like family and called them aunt and uncle.

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