Tale of two Indian sisters

“Aaahhhhhhhh…aahhh… faster… faster.”

The ancestral house of Balwant Thakur, the sarpanch(Sheriff) of the village, was empty, but there were sounds coming from the storeroom. Anupriya’s naked ass was on one of the wheat sacks. Her legs were locked onto the thighs of Dhondu who was showing no mercy as he was pounding her as hard as he could.

“Oh god… Four days is like four years… ahh… suck my boobs, drink the milk… it’s tough to drain it myself.” Anupriya moaned.

Dhondu immediately started sucking out the warm sweet breast milk. Although, Anupriya’s son Aaditya was weaned off six months ago, she was still secreting milk for Dhondu to feast on and she had to drain it during her bath if he couldn’t suck it dry.


A voice totally shocked them and drained all the blood from their respective bodies. It was Anulekha, Anupriya’s eighteen year old sister standing in the door of the storeroom with her eyes bloodshot in anger.

She had come to stay with her sister during college vacation four days ago. She never missed going to the Shiva Temple every Friday. Anupriya faked back pain so she decided to go alone, but halfway there it started raining so she came back to take an umbrella. She found the house empty and then heard the guttural moans of her sister coming from the storeroom. She decided to investigate and got the shock of her life.

Her sister, the daughter-in-law of the Sarpanch Balwant Thakur, the most famous person in the nearby 16 villages, was fucking her lowly servant. Anupriya weakly called out to her to stop but by that time, Anulekha had already run off from the house.

Anulekha waited for Thakur ji to come back home and then returned. Anupriya silently begged her after dinner to hear her but Anulekha refused to listen and threatened to expose them which made Anupriya stop.

Anulekha couldn’t sleep that night.

How come her sister who she idolized since childhood could do this?

Mahesh Thakur married her just for her beauty even though their family was dirt poor. Their family is helping her to go to college which would have been an unfulfilled dream otherwise. Yes, Mahesh ji goes for days regarding their granite business, but that doesn’t mean she should jump at the first cock she finds.

Dhondu… even his name sounded funny. While her sister looked like a movie heroine and was very popular in her village, he looked like one of the perverts who got beaten by the hero in the old movies. What did she really see in him? He was in his mid 40s too. Was she coerced or blackmailed? But the passion she saw in Anupriya made her think otherwise.

Next day during breakfast, she told Thakur ji that she wanted to go home. Thakur was surprised, but she insisted that she was homesick. Anulekha’s village was even more remote than Thakur’s and they had just 2 buses, one in the morning and other in the evening. The morning one had already left while the evening one was so jam-packed that no woman would travel unless she had absolutely no choice.

Mahesh had already taken one car while Thakur ji needed the other one for the upcoming village inspector meeting.

There was a shortcut between villages which was accessible by foot or bicycle, so Thakur ordered Dhondu to take her. Anulekha protested but he insisted that it was for her safety. Anulekha stopped herself from telling Thakur that he was sending a wolf to protect the sheep.

Despite a protesting Anupriya, Anulekha packed her bag and then sat in the carrier of the bicycle instead of sitting on the handlebar. Dhondu started cycling. Once he reached out of earshot of the house, he tried to explain.

By :madiha

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