Taking one for the team

“Why are the Eagles so bad this year, Daddy?” Brie said. “Aren’t they the champions?”

Tom grumbled, “I don’t understand it either, little girl.” and his face grimaced.

Brie knew her Daddy was upset by his demeanor, but those bad words he screamed at the television were a dead giveaway. She had been trying to learn about the game of football and the rules of the game to make her Daddy proud. She enjoyed when he thought she was a good girl.

When she met Tom. He was enjoying a beer and watching the Philadelphia Eagles play at the local tavern. Shouting and screaming his loud voice all through the bar.

But that was nine months ago. That is the year they had won the Superbowl. He was happy and excited then. This year he had whole new attitude during the games.

She could feel that her beloved Daddy had just watched his favorite team lose so bad he almost seemed ashamed. He explained that he gets so emotional because he has been a fan since childhood.

“Daddy, what can I do to make you feel better?” Brie mumbled.

“Just leave me alone for a bit, kitten.” He grabbed another beer, growling like a hurt wolf.

Brie knew she had to do something so she went into the bedroom to think. That’s when it hit her, How Daddy loved using her little body. How his smiles grew so big and afterwards he was so content. Why couldn’t I be the team for Daddy?

They were bad today so punishment is what they deserve. She would be punished if she was a bad girl. Brie could become Daddy’s whipping post. Something to help him work out his aggressions.

With a smile on her face she skipped off to the bedroom. She would prepare herself for the man she loved and respected. So Brie stripped off her clothes and jumped in the shower. Brie readied her body just as Daddy liked, before he played with or punished her.

Brie was Tom’s pride and joy. As her Dom, he had never come across a more eager submissive. Since the very beginning Tom always considered himself way beyond lucky to own her.

Brie was thirty two years old, younger than Tom at his fifty five. But their ages never really mattered to either of them. She wasn’t tiny, actually Daddy called her his curvy little kitten. Brie loved being Daddy’s little girl.

Nice big double D tits and an ass made for spanking. Puffy round cheeks that looked incredible in her yoga pants. Daddy would always brag to his buddies about his naughty little girl all the time.

So after a quick touch-up shave to her pussy. She washed herself inside and out, then dried off. Going to her closet to put on her Eagles jersey. The one Daddy had gifted her last year. She did her make-up very slutty and even used eyeliner and put the charcoal marks under her eyes.

Kitten was a little frightened even though she knew Daddy would never hurt her. He was just so upset at his team this year. She knew that he could possibly use her hard.

She tentatively walked into the room in nothing but her jersey. Her bare ass on full display for Daddy. Brie knelt down at his feet and looking at the floor.

She whispered, ” I am your Eagles football team, Daddy.” “I’ve been very bad, will you punish me?”

Tom looked at how beautiful she was and had to smile. Such a thoughtful submissive, to think of my feelings and not her own.

As he pulled his cock from his pants and slapped it across her mouth.

“Open wide, Cocksucker.” Daddy spoke,

As she opened wider, he slid his cock inside and grabbed the back of her head. Forcing the rest of himself into her throat.

Brie gagged and her drool dropped onto her jersey. Tom then forcibly started fucking her mouth. Tears started streaming down her cheeks and a spit puddle pooled on the floor.

When Tom knew she had made it into subspace, he pulled her over his knee. Growling at her,

“You have to try harder, Slut.” “Your Daddy expects more from you.”

That’s just as he started to spank her ass cheeks firmly. Brie squealed and wiggled trying to escape but Daddy had her trapped. One hand holding her back and his leg holding her legs down.

His handprints were red and swollen on her ivory white ass. The whole time he slapped her, he could feel her moist pussy rubbing against his leg. It was marvelous, how sexy it was to watch her struggle just to please him. Tom couldn’t be more proud.

He reached between her legs and pushed his fingers inside of her and scolded her by saying,

“You naughty little slut, your pussy is absolutely sloppy wet.”

Pushing her onto her hands and knees, Tom mounted her from behind. Rubbing the head of his cock along her entire slit, making her groan. As he thrust into her with one stroke, bottoming out and making her hold her breath.

Then he let loose and fucked her unmercifully, he knew Brie loved a good spanking and a hard hate fuck. So he gave her just that. Although it seemed he had no regard for her feelings. But Brie knew Daddy was fucking her just the way he knew she loved.

Tom knew he loved his little girl and she loved him. He loved fucking her, especially like this, and he loved her submitting herself for him.

He pummeled her little pussy his balls slapping against her clit. Every thrust made her hold her breathe and small squeals came as he pulled out. Reaching down he slid his thumb into her asshole and pinched her cheek in his hand, for more leverage.

Tom took total control and Brie started to tremble and shake. He knew her orgasm was close because her muscles started involuntarily squeezing his cock. Milking her Daddy closer to his cumshot.

Tom leaned in and bit the middle of her back, just as he got to a point where he couldn’t control himself. He sunk his cock into her and started cumming. His warm semen inside her brought on her orgasm. It was one of those fantastic times when they came together.

Sweat covered their bodies and Brie’s shirt was a mess. Tom walked to the bathroom and got some warm washcloths and towels to clean them up. Not because he felt obligated but because he wanted to take care of the one that he loved.

When he returned, Brie had an amazing smile on her face. They both washed up and Brie went and got them both a couple cold beers. Tom and Brie sat there and cuddled together as they watched the end of the game, that the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles lost.

Brie looked up at her Daddy and said, “I’m Sorry, Daddy.”

Pulling her tighter Tom said, “Kitten that was the best three hours of football ever.” ” I love you”

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