Take me teacher as Your Slave

I don’t know how or why it happened, but my teacher must have known I would succumb to her. I had never known it about myself; I thought I was just shy and reserved.

I was on the junior dance committee and had been drafted by one of teachers for that. She knew I had a car and I helped her out as did others, but I felt like I was more of a slave to her than anyone else.

So I’m not really pretty, what most people would consider “cute.” I have a nice figure and dress the way I want. I usually don’t wear a bra even though I probably should as I have a D cup. I love to wear skirts and my knee socks don’t usually match. I can’t say I have been on a date, but I have kissed a boy, but he was drunk at my cousin’s wedding.

The night of the dance came and I didn’t have a date, gee how unusual. I dressed up a bit, it was weird wearing a dress and my mom insisted that I wear a bra.

Anyway the dance was nice; I danced with a bunch of girls through the night. There was rumor that one of the bowls of punch was spiked, but I stayed away from it.

The dance came to end and those of on the committee cleaned up with the janitors. I looked around at the other girls and guys helping and realized we could probably be considered “losers” and it bothered me. Miss D looked out of it a bit and was pretty much just watching us.

We were done and Miss D walks over to me, or should I say staggers over to me, and asks “Paula, could you drive me home, I think I drank some of that grain alcohol by mistake and I am drunk?” I told her I would and then she says “let’s call your mom to tell her.” I call home and after telling my mom Miss D. takes the phone from me and talks to my mom and apologizes and then surprises me by saying to my mom “and if you don’t mind, I would like Paula to stay over, so I can get my car in the morning… right I was going to say that too, yes it is getting late and I live 20 minutes from here… Ok, I will feed her breakfast… great thanks Alice.” She then hands me the phone. I sign off with my mom and 5 minutes later we are heading out to the smaller town than mine and up some long dirt road.

We finally get to her house which it is near a lake, it’s actually more of nice cabin.

We get in the house and we walk right into her bedroom. “Let’s get out of these damn dresses; I am sure I have shirt or something you can wear.” I agree with her and she turns her back to me and says “Unhook me.” I do this with my mom and didn’t think much about it. But then she lets it drop off her and she is in this really sexy underclothes. She has a black bra and matching panties and a garter with stockings. I have never seen a garter with stockings with long straps connecting them.

She says to me “turn around and I will unhook you.” I turned around and she unzipped my dress and then I feel a tug at my bra strap and she says “I know you probably can’t wait to get out of bra” and she unhooks it.

I reach down with one hand to pick up my dress while I have the other one trying to hold up my bra with the other.

Miss D sees me struggling and says, “Paula, I have seen tits before, just take it off and stop being shy.”

I didn’t look at her but her comment came out more like an order than a suggestion. I wasn’t sure what to think so I just said ‘fuck it’ to myself and let my bra fall onto my dress and picked them both up.

“Where can I hang this?” I asked and she pointed to the closet in her room and said “get a hanger for mine too and you can hang them together.” Again, like at school I felt like her slave.

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