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Girls these days!!!!! At sixteen my eldest daughter and her other friends are all able to easily pass for twenty plus! What chance does anyone have! This story is about one particular one called Michelle who was at sixth form, now Michelle is not that pretty, but she does look by far the oldest out of my daughter’s friends, she has short blond hair, a nice shaped bum, and I reckon that her breasts are about 34B but they are triangular! She is also the most promiscuous of all Helen’s friends; she’s fucked at least seven boys from her year already! How do I know all this I hear you thinking? Well I live with my two daughters since my divorce, and whenever my eldest daughter has friends over for sleepovers, at sometime or other her friends often seek me out to talk to me about their problems and usually to ask my advice or help in speaking to their parents about something. I have quite a reputation for being a cool dad, which is fine by me because I would rather have her friends doing things properly, rather than them getting pregnant or taking drugs etc. Anyway on with this story, names have been changed to protect the people involved.

Earlier that evening whilst the girls had been watching a DVD together Michelle had come to my office/bedroom/retreat and had asked me what she could do, her school grades were subterranean, and she just didn’t seem to be able to pull them up, she was in trouble with her parents because of it, and she felt that she was out of control sexually as she fucked whenever she could! To cut a long explanation down, I spoke to her parents whilst she was with me and I offered to tutor her providing that her parents would collect her each evening at about six (she could come home with my daughter on the school bus). I have a B.Sc. and Ph.D. and several other qualifications, and I’ve helped my own daughter to pick up her grades! That sorted she returned to the DVD!

At about 11 o’clock Helen and her two friends settled down to sleep, and chatted for about an hour or so before falling asleep and piece fell in the house, at about 1 o’clock I was woken from sleep by a warm hand wrapping around my soft cock, working it up and down until as I became more awake it grew to its rock solid nine inches before I realised who it was in bed with me. I pushed her hands away and told her to get out of my bed as she was just a child (nearly seventeen)!

“I’ve fucked men before!”

Michelle exclaimed in a whisper to me in the darkness.

I whispered back to her;

“That doesn’t make it right Michelle, go back to bed”

But my resolve was failing as she pushed her naked body against mine and whispered again;

“But Dave, I must do this, I want to fuck you, I’ve wanted to for ages, but now I’ve got a reason to!”

“Why must you do this, what reason have you to have sex with me?”

I whispered back to her, trying to push her hands away from my cock again.

“At school us girls were playing a silly truth or dare type game and one of the forfeits that someone had put in the hat was that the person that picked it had to ‘Fuck Helen’s dad’, and I picked that one out, and I don’t want to be seen as a chicken!”

I said to Michelle that it wasn’t a good enough reason for her to have to ‘Fuck’ me! At that moment she dived down under the covers and took the end of my throbbing cock into her mouth and started sucking it, moving her mouth up and down, I tried to pull her off it but when I did she grabbed my balls hard and pulled her mouth further down onto it until I let go and she eased the hold on them. After a few minutes of sucking on my cock, and by now I must admit I had lost all my sense of right and wrong and was gently holding her head in my hands guiding it up and down my cock, she stopped and whispered;

“Now will you fuck me?”

“I can’t, I haven’t got any condoms.”

“You don’t need to use them to fuck me. I’ve been on the pill for over a year already.”

Michelle pushed me over onto my back and slid herself over on top of me and started rubbing her bald pussy lips up and down over my cock, soon a mixture of my pre-cum and her pussy juices was coating my cock and she was slipping up and down it easily. Michelle moved slightly higher one time and the head of my throbbing cock slipped easily into her young pussy, parting her lips, stretching her open forcing its way into her. She was so wet, that over half my nine inch cock slid into her in the first thrust and she gasped out quite loudly;

“Oh god Dave, fuck me, fuck me hard!”

I grabbed her shoulders and thrust my cock deep into her with all my strength, forcing her to exhale loudly in both pleasure and pain until after a few deep thrust she settled onto my cock.

Slowly she sat up pushing the duvet off us and started to ride my cock cow girl style, as she did I moved her around until I could feel my cock banging against her G spot as she rode me. It wasn’t long before she was moaning quite loudly again and I had to remind her to be quiet so that my daughters and Linda didn’t hear us! The thought of being caught by them must have been the last straw for her and she arched her back and began jerking and gasping as the first orgasm tore through her. Gasping for breath she lay forwards on my chest with my unsatisfied cock still throbbing deep inside her. I started moving my hips from underneath her, gently moving my cock inside her young pussy, as her breathing started to return to normal she whispered;

“Haven’t you finished yet? Men don’t usually last very long when I fuck them!”

“You haven’t fucked real men then Michelle, no I haven’t finished yet, now you’re going to be fucked properly, but first you can lick my cock clean.”

I said as I easily lifted her from on top of me. She didn’t need telling twice, Michelle soon had all her sticky cum licked from my cock! When she had finished I gently pushed her down onto her back and started kissing her mouth, then neck, then shoulder and down across her young triangular shaped breasts, just brushing across each small nipple and she began moaning trying to push my mouth against them. Returning to the closest nipple I sucked it deeply into my mouth biting and sucking it quite hard forcing a loud gasp of pleasure from her, before moving across to her other nipple and repeating the process, but this time replacing my mouth on the first nipple with my fingers tweaking and teasing it as I sucked on the other. Michelle gasped out;

“Oh fuck yes. Don’t stop that’s so good!”

I did stop though, but I pulled her onto her side and quite forcefully pushed her B cup tits as close together as I could and sucked both her nipples into my mouth at the same time and started sucking and licking and biting them, she cried out and pulled my head hard against her tits and just kept gasping out things like ‘oh god’ and ‘don’t stop’ and after a few minutes she started jerking and gasping loudly followed by exclaiming oh fuck you’ve made me cum! I stopped what I was doing, allowing her a few moments to catch her breath before I rolled her onto her tummy and easily pushed my rock hard cock back into her soaking pussy! It took less than a minute for her to climax again, and again I made her lick my cock clean before moving on with her.

Again I laid her on her back on my bed, but this time I positioned her so that her bum was on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. I kissed my way down her tummy until I could lightly kiss over her slippery pussy lips, teasing her, it drove her crazy and she tried to push my face down onto her cunt, but I was to strong for her and held my mouth away from her pussy until I was ready to push my tongue into her. The moment my mouth made proper contact with her pussy she started grinding herself against it, forcing my mouth to stimulate her hard little clit, trying to force my tongue into her fuck hole! I let her for a few moments then I took control again and after licking her cum from her slippery pussy lips and sucking some of it from her pussy I sucked her clit hard up into my mouth and both sucked on it hard and gently bit and licked it at the same time inside my mouth, she came in a matter of seconds and this time, she seemed to almost squirt her cum from her pussy over my chin, covering me in it and having it run down over her bum hole too! I did try to keep licking it but she kept jerking away from me and pushed me from her gasping out that she was too sensitive and to stop for a little while. By now I knew that I was so turned on by what I’d been doing to her that I wasn’t going to last much longer without cumming everywhere! I made my mind up and from where I was kneeling between her legs I stood up lifting her legs up with me, hooking them over my arms and folding her over, bringing my cock close to her fuck hole again, initially she tried to stop me but as soon as my cock head touched her pussy entrance she used her legs to pull me deeply into her. This time as we started to fuck her breath was being forced from her with every deep thrust that I made into her. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to filling her with my cum, somehow her ankles found their way into my hands and I pushed her feet down on to the bed above her head and started fucking her like a piston engine, both hurting her and pleasuring her at the same time until with a loud gasp I started unloading squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum deep into her belly! I can’t remember how long we stayed like that but it seemed like a long time. I didn’t have to tell Michelle to lick my cock clean again she just did it as we lay side by side.

Michelle was amazed that it was still standing up hard after we had already fucked! Teasingly she whispered in my ear and asked if I wanted to fuck her again, I didn’t even think twice this time. I rolled her onto her tummy and lay on top of her feeling our mixed cum all over her bum and between her legs I started to push forwards and down with my cock, intending to thrust all the way into her in one movement. And as I did so Michelle cried out (thankfully not loud enough for the other occupants of the house to hear);

“FUCK, STOP, STOP! That hurts too much!”

Accidentally in all the slipperiness my cock had forced its way into her bum instead of her pussy! I stopped still and just stayed there with the best part of my nine inches already buried deep inside her. The next thing that she said was;

“Go gently until you’re all the way in if you’re going to fuck me up my arse!”

I was a little shocked at first then as she requested I gently worked the whole of my cock into her bum and as I did so I whispered into her ear;

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fuck you there, but I’d like to fill you with my cum there too if you don’t mind!”

Michelle started to gently move her hips under me, and between moans and gasps, neither of which I could tell were of pleasure or pain until she started to move and moan louder and gasped out;

“Yes, I want you to fuck me there too! It’s my first time there and you’re sooooo big! Fill my arse with your cum too!”

I started to match the speed of her movements with thrusts of my own until we were both moaning together in passion, her bum hole was so tight and the stimulation so intense that I was close to cumming after about ten minutes. It was as she started gasping and jerking, thrusting her hips hard against me that I came inside her. Laying there gasping for breath together we rolled onto our sides ‘spooning’ and recovered together. This time after about five minutes or so my cock started to shrink and eventually slipped from her bum. As we lay there I noticed that my sheet was soaked and that Michelle herself was covered in a mixture of our cum from her pussy and her own cum where she had squirted her love juices when she came with my cock deep in her bum!

I whispered to her that she should go and get cleaned up in the bathroom and return to my daughter’s room. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom too and replaced my sheet before falling into a deep sleep of sexual exhaustion! A few days later after being at school on the Monday my eldest daughter spoke to me after I had put my youngest daughter to bed and said;

“Michelle told us that she went into your bedroom on Friday night and the two of you fucked together! Is that true?”

I told her that it may be. She continued on to say;

“The other girls in our little group and me set Michelle up. All the forfeits in the hat were the same! We didn’t think that she’d do it, but the way that she told us all about what you did together made us all hot and horny! Don’t worry, none of us will tell, but it’ll cost you!”

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