Tabbi Seduces Daddy on Father’s Day

Tabatha, or “Tabbi” as everyone knew her by, looked at herself in the mirror. At four foot, eleven and ½ inches (“that ½ inch is important,” she would tell people), she was small in stature but made much larger in life by her pixyish demeanor. She was a cute girl…’No,’ she thought to herself,’Your’re not a girl anymore, you’re a woman now,’ having had her 18th birthday several months ago.

She had well sculpted red tinged eyebrows, and long lashes, that accessorized her hypnotic green eyes. She had a button nose, luscious, full, red lips, and long, red hair, that came down over her shoulders and caressed her breasts. Those breasts.

They were a perky B cup, with ginger areolas and firm, pointed, nipples. Her tummy had just the smallest remnant of ‘baby fat’ and her navel supported a new piercing (much to daddy’s chagrin). A single ruby in the shape of a heart, on a silver chain dangled, sparkling in the light. Her earlobes were each adorned by a single strand of dangling silver chain that tunneled through her piercings. Her hips provided the perfect support to whatever undergarments or lingerie she wore…’or didn’t,’ she smiled to herself.

Covering her mons was a small vertical strip of red, curly, hair… a ‘runway’ that lead those fortunate enough to land there straight to the center of her smooth-shaven womanhood. Her lady lips were just the least bit puffy and, when opened, they revealed pink, moist, labia minora as two kissing rose petals. Above her tiny slit was her clitorial bud, normally covered in its hood, but when she masturbated (which she did often), or when some fortunate young man teased her with his tongue or fingers, it would swell, and engorge and provide her the most satisfying orgasms. Her ass was a perfect apple blossom shape, and she turned this way and that to admire it in the mirror. It was supported by two shapely legs, not tall, but perfectly apportioned to her petite form.

Her fingers and toes sported a bright red color that complimented her red lipstick and soft, white eye shadow that gingerly highlighted her upper and lower lids. A white swoosh highlighted each red fingernail and a rhinestone bejeweled the middle finger of each hand and small silver chain adorned her right ankle.

As she applied small dabs of perfume behind her ears, along her neck, along her cleavage, down to her navel piercing, to her runway, and finishing with each wrist, so as to entice her man as she placed her arms around his neck, she thought to herself,’Happy Father’s Day Daddy.’

It was Sunday night, Father’s Day, and Tabbi prepared herself for ‘Fright Night Theater’ with daddy as she had done since she was eleven. It all started when mommy left them, seven years ago. Tabbi was inconsolable and daddy had distracted her from the hurt of abandonment with the Sunday night ritual of distraction in a horror film. It helped her establish a new bond of love and support with daddy and, even though she had resigned herself of mommy’s leaving years ago. It had become one of her favorite daddy/daughter pastimes.

But, tonight was different. Since coming of age, Tabbi had been dressing increasingly more provocative for their Sunday night ritual of cuddling up in daddy’s lap for a good horror film. A few weeks ago, she had decided that she would start seducing the love of her life, the man that was always there for her in times of hardship to comfort her with unconditional love… daddy.

A few weeks ago, during a commercial, Tabbi straddled daddy’s lap, threw her arms around him, and looked him in the eye.

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