Swinging Parents

Bill and Karen have been a couple for 20 years. They are now 44 years old and have a 19 year old son named Dave. Bill and Karen are very sexually active and adventurous. They are willing to try a lot of things. They have tried things from anal, to swinging with their best friends Bob and Judy, to even light bondage.

Bill and Karen spend a lot of times reading erotic stories online. Recently they have been extremely interested in incest.

“It’s just so taboo,” Karen would say as the two of them masturbated each other while reading incest stories. “It just seems so hot and erotic.” They have discussed including Dave in their sexual acts, but most of the time, it was just talk. It got them both high and made good dirty talk during sex, causing them to both have explosive orgasms.

One night while Bill was slamming his cock into his wife, they were both talking dirty.

“Fuck me Bill with that hard cock of yours,” Karen moaned.

“Yeah, I’m fucking your tight pussy,” Bill groaned. He then had an idea. “Karen imagine I’m Dave.” Karen’s eyes lit up and she gave a lusty grin.

“Oh baby, fuck mommy’s pussy,” she groaned. “Bone me with your young hard prick.”

Bill was pounding her faster now as her dirty talk heightened his arousal. He felt his balls churning with the need to release cum. His cock twitched inside her and it swelled up. He held back as long as he could.

Karen could feel his cock swelling and knew too well that he was going to spunk soon.

“Cum for mommy,” Karen moaned. “Cum for me baby. Make mommy pregnant with your cum.” the thought of his son pumping his load into his wife was too much and he released a torrent of cum inside Karen.

Bill collapsed on top of Karen after he recovered from his intense orgasm.

“Baby, that was one of the best orgasms ever,” Bill panted as he lay on Karen.

“I know. I could see,” Karen replied. “Judging by how much cum you left inside me, you must have came hard and long.”

“Yes, and it was all because of you talking dirty about Dave fucking you,” Bill said. He suddenly had another bright idea.

“Karen darling, we’ve been talking about incest for so long but we’ve never tried it,” he said.

“I know dear,” Karen said. “It seems so exciting, but it’s also wrong.”

“Why don’t we get Dave involved?” Bill said almost excitedly. Karen sat up and thought about it.

“It’s wrong isn’t it?” Karen said. “What would people think? Won’t we go to jail?”

“Karen darling, who cares what people think, and besides, who is going to know?”

Karen a very sexual person. The idea of engaging in a taboo thing such as incest was her latest fantasy. She thought of it for a moment then smiled. Dave was a good strong young man. He was on the swim team but extremely shy, so he didn’t go on dates nor have girlfriends.

“I guess it would be good,” Karen said slowly.

“Yeah?” Bill asked excitedly.

“Yeah. I mean Dave’s a shy boy and I guess it’s my duty as his mother to help him out with the ladies. I guess we can teach him a few trick,” Karen said grinning.

“Then it’s settled then,” Bill said. “Dave and I are going to fuck you.”

Karen and Bill were very excited in including Dave in their sexual acts. It got them hot and bothered and left them perpetually horny. The only problem was whether Dave was willing to join them. Bill suggested that Karen give slight hints by dressing more provocatively and teasing him so as to get him interested in fucking his mother.

Bill and Karen would sometimes have sex with their door open slightly. They would be very vocal and this would attract their horny soon to the door for a peek. They knew he watched but pretended not to notice. Karen would also leave the bathroom door unlocked when she was showering or using it, and many times Dave would walk in her naked or changing. Dave was getting more and more aroused and he thought about fucking his mother everyday.

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