Swingers meet like-minded couples at a wedding reception

Jen received an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of one of her best friends in high school. It was out of town and we would need to stay the weekend and thought it would be best to stay where the reception was being held. I made reservations and Friday afternoon; we took off.

Before stopping at the hotel, I hit the liquor store and stocked up, Riesling for Jen, some plastic wine glasses and whiskey for myself, plus a few bags of munchies. We checked in and for Jen, it was like her high school reunion.

Friends from her school were milling around the lobby, trading room and cell phone numbers and catching up on what had been going on since graduation. I gave Jen one of the key cards and told her I was going up to the room and make myself a drink. As I hit the elevator, Jen yelled, “Please bring me a wine, Ed.”

After sticking a bottle of Riesling in the freezer, I sort of unpacked, hanging up Jen’s dress and my suit and hoping the wine would be cold enough for Jen. It wasn’t. I found the ice machine and brought as much back to our room as I could. Like you do for martinis, I took some wine and poured it over the ice and shook it in a plastic bag before pouring in a glass to take it to her.

Back in the lobby, I had trouble finding Jen. Eventually I found her cornered by this handsome guy. As I caught Jen’s eye, she motioned me over. As she took her glass, she introduced us, “Ed, this is Larry, Larry, this is my husband, Ed.”

Larry shook my hand with a firm grip saying, “So you’re the lucky SOB that married Jen. She sure broke a lot of hearts when she left for college.”

Just then this younger blond came over, wrapping her arm around Larry. “What kind of BS is my husband trying to feed you two?” she said as she looked us over.

Larry said, “Ed, Jen, this is my smart-mouthed wife, Susan.” Now she is about 5’2” and Larry is close to 6’. As we talked Larry told us they’ve only been married a couple of years.

Susan said, “Please don’t call me a child bride. I just hate that.” I should mention that except for Susan, we’re all in our mid 30’s and Susan barely looked old enough to drink.

I mentioned that I was getting hungry and Larry said, “The restaurant here is full, I just checked. I want to change into something more comfortable. How about we meet back down here in 15 minutes and there’s a nice restaurant within walking distance just down the block.” We all agreed and headed to our rooms.

In the elevator, when I hit the button for our floor, Susan said, “That’s our floor too.” It turned out they were only a few doors down from us.

Once in our room, I told Jen, “Larry sure seems smitten with you. He was looking you up and down like a Rocky eyeing a nice steak.”

Jen told me, “Larry sure has changed. I know he had a big crush on me in school. It was painfully obvious back then. Trouble is, he was a tall, skinny kid and I was more into the jock-type. I must admit; he has filled out nicely. Too bad he made such a poor choice in a wife.”

I said, “What’s the matter, don’t you like her?”

Jen said, “She’s a bimbo if you ask me.” 15 minutes later we met them. They had both changed into shorts, shirts and sandals.

It was a short walk to the restaurant but it was fairly full. However, there was plenty of room in the bar. Larry said, “Good, that way we can get our drinks sooner.”

The waitress came to our table and took our drink order. Both Larry and Susan ordered doubles. By the time the waitress came back to get our food order, both of them needed refills. Larry kept insisting that we have another round and we politely declined. They must have had two more rounds during dinner. After dinner, when Larry ordered another round, the waitress asked Larry whether or not he felt he had too much to drink. He stood up and balanced on one foot for her.

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