Swap Angle

You are right, Suma, we are a very orthodox family and girls are disciplined with iron hand. My mother used to watch us like a hawk. Once I got married to Vikas, there was no respite. His mother is ten times more strict than my mother. So, our sex life was also mediocre. We could not scream or yell or even bang with abandon. We had to bang quietly, discreetly and only at night after every one went to sleep.
I thought that was normal and that was the way every one lived, until my children were old enough to go to school and started sleeping with grandparents. Then Vikas started bringing sex books, I was scandalized by the nude pictures and lusty stories. I told him that I will burn those books and tell his mother also. One day he caught me reading a book. That was the turning point. Now he started blackmailing me. So, we ended up reading, seeing together and our sex life was given a kick start.
He was taking me while going on tours and we would watch porn on his lap top and have wild sex. Now I was getting bold enough to ask him to lick my pussy and was experimenting sucking his cock. Then one day he mooted the idea of couple swapping. I almost slapped him and threatened him that I would divorce if he brought the topic again. He was morose.

Then on that fateful Saturday, his friend Rajesh and wife Pramila visited us. Vikas was not there. My mother in law and I received them . I could not take my eyes off Pramila. She was a replica of Ajantha sundari . Her slender frame was endowed with boobs that all men and women dream of. So full, so heavy and so heavenly shapely….. I suddenly realized I was staring and looked other way to find Rajesh staring at me . He had already mentally undressed me and was ogling at my tits and pussy. Though I am not in the same league as Pramila, you know my tits also drive men crazy. I frowned slightly, he recovered gave a sheepish grin and bid good bye and left.
Pramila went to the door then came back and whispered to me “ Is it true, your in laws are going to a marriage and taking kids also along?” I was surprised and said ,yes.
She fished into her hand bag, took out a pen drive and told me “ Promise me that you will see this with Vikas and no one else. Tomorrow morning I will collect. Keep it safe” She pushed the pen drive in my hand ,smiled and followed Rajesh. I was puzzled. After few minutes, Vikas came, we dropped my in laws and kids at Railway station . My daughter was about to cry and I thought she would back out but my in laws some how convinced her with a promise of a trip to the zoo.
We returned and as we finished dinner, suddenly I remembered the pen drive Pramila gave me and told Vikas. His eyes lit up. “Really, let us see. Must be some good movie” he pushed the pen drive into the TV slot and we settled in the sofa. There was only one program, he clicked on it.The screen opened. Rajesh was speaking in the mike “ Hi, I am R. This is my wife P. There sitting on the sofa are our friends M and wife L. Now you are wondering why we are wearing masks like Zorro or Phantom.”
I was glued. “Vikas, why are they wearing masks? Are they going to play some game? They are Mohan and Laxmi, aren’t they? Mohan is Financial controller, isn’t he?“ I asked . He shrugged.
“Now you are going to witness a sexiest movie. Not the regular slap dash style. We are going for a couple swap. We will call each other by first letter of our names only. We are wearing masks so that even if goes to net in spite of best efforts to protect, our identities will not be known…”
Laxmi almost panicked. “ Please let us drop it. It is a horrible idea” she was about to get up. Pramila put a calming hand around her shoulder and pacified her. Rajesh smiled and said “ We knew she would develop cold feet in spite of the bravado. That was why we assembled in her house, not ours. From our house, she would have bolted. Don’t worry, L, no one will know it is us.
“Any way, L, yesterday night when we were finalizing the details in the hotel, I was scratching your inner thigh with my toe, You grabbed my foot , moved forward and pushed my toe into your pussy. So don’t worry, you are ready for this” Rajesh told.
Even with Mask on, we could see by body language that Laxmi was nervous about what her hubby would say.
Mohan burst into laughter. “ Don’t tell me you also did that”. All of them laughed and Laxmi relaxed as she also joined them.
“L , you are lucky. V’s big toe is thin and long. M’s is like a banana. I had tough time yesterday with waiter hovering and I had to squirm and spread legs wide to take it in.” Pramila told laughing.
“ So, now this is not going to be a regular porno flick. First I am going to interview the couples. Then as they undress I am going to zoom and show all the beauty of their assets and ……….” Rajesh was interrupted by Mohan.
“ It is not fair. You stand all dressed and zoom your lens into pussies and tits. We will not allow it, What do you say, ladies?’” he asked them. There was a murmur of agreement and it was decided that they would first strip Rajesh and Mohan will record to his satisfaction before handing over camera to Rajesh.
With my heart pounding I was watching. It is something when you watch people you don’t know doing naughty things. But when real people with whom we interact daily do that it gives a kick and gives kick like a mule. Involuntarily I moved closer to Vikas, he passed his hand around me and hugged. As he started squeezing my boobs I put my hand inside his shorts to find it kicking.
Rajesh gave camera to Mohan and moved into center of room. Both ladies stripped him and evidently he was very embarrassed to be the only nude person. He gave a sheepish grin as his cock started jumping.
“Satisfied? Zoom as much as you want and let us get on with it” Rajesh said nervously.
“Not so fast. You said you would interview us. Now it is out turn. L, you have any questions?” Pramila asked laughing.
“Yes . why did you shave pubic hair? I thought men never liked to do it” Laxmi asked staring at it from close quarters.
“ P should answer, She doesn’t like hair coming into mouth when she sucks my cock ” Rajesh said and then Laxmi asked him ‘ When you have such a stunning wife why do you want to bang me? What do I have that your wife doesn’t?” Her blunt question was what was playing in my mind. Indeed why ?
Rajesh laughed. “ L, you start walking away from us. M, now zoom in on her buttocks. See how beautiful, how shapely and round they are? See how sensuously they dance? Now travel higher, zoom on her back, see the deep ridge, valley. That is what makes me go crazy. In spite of her beauty, P is skinny, when I bang her Rockygy style, I miss those plumpy buttocks. My child hood crush to work my cock in the deep valleys in the back is not fulfilled till now. Finally your inch long nipples are irresistible. M tells me they are as big as the nipples of milk bottles” R said passionately . L glared at her husband, who handed over camera to Vikas.
“Ok, I will start with M. Why did you jump into this 4 sum?” Rajesh asked Mohan.
Mohan smiled and walked over to Pramila. He asked her permission and lifted her pallau and showed one gorgeous tit. “ See the shape, firmness and heaviness. Can I ever dream of holding such tits in my hand or mouth, not even in a dream. She is not wearing a bra, you can zoom here. The blouse is such perfect fit it looks like painted on her….” Pramila slapped lightly on his hand.
“OK, Don’t over do it. You made your point or two points.” She gestured to her two nipples.
“Now, L are you into this whole heartedly or you have been pushed ?” Rajesh asked.
Laxmi smiled “ I was pushed and was reluctant till yesterday. Your slender, long toe tilted the scales. I came so many times sitting there with your toe playing with my clit, I decided why not? M was teasing me, blackmailing me, he would not bang me after bringing me to peak, he would tap his cock on my pussy lips or rub it around but would not push it in, until I agreed. I had to agree. No option.”
‘What about you P?” R asked his wife.
P said “ First time I saw M, my first thought was how would his toothbrush moustache feel on pussy lips if he were licking my pussy. Immediately I oozed. Like L yesterday his banana sized toe was ravaging my pussy, I fully fell for it”
“ Now please undress one another” Rajesh asked. Mohan and Laxmi approached Pramila and very delicately removed her saree. Pramila’s blouse did not have hooks, only tied in front by a knot. As Mohan undid the knot, Laxmi untied her petticoat which fell in heap exposing her milk white thighs and clean shaved pussy in full glory. Rajesh zoomed in and slowly moved camera over her curves and by the time he reached tits Mohan and Laxmi managed to take it off . Pramila was laughing as she turned round to show her shapely buttocks also.
With my heart pounding I was watching. I didn’t realize that Vikas had unhooked my blouse and was playing with my nipples nor that I inserted my hand in his shorts and was fondling his cock.
Pramila was less patient in disrobing Laxmi and Mohan. Laxmi was like a person jumping in a lake in winter, you don’t test water with your toes that way you will never enter water. Only way is take a deep breath and jump. Laxmi was also in a hurry as she took off her blouse and Pramila pulled off her saree and petticoat. Mohan was a bystander.
What made it most erotic was Rajesh’s running commentary .
” I just showed you a close up view of P’s famous tits and her rising nipples, her tight buttocks and her high pubic mound. No doubt, she is oozing but it would be some time before it flows on to her thighs. We have to wait.
“Meanwhile P is pulling off pleats of L’s saree. L is also frantically trying to remove her blouse with assistance from M.I am impatient to see her milk bottle nipples and her dancing buttocks. …..Yes, P has made her naked from waist downward. Yesterday her pussy was not so smooth, I know because I fingered her there with my toe. Today it smooth like ivory or marble. I feel like planting a kiss there….viola, there, her tits are out in the open. My god, see those nipples, M is right. P has lost control . She has latched onto L’s tit like a baby.
“I show you my dick, how it is impatient to bury itself in L’s flowing pussy. Poor M, no one is helping him in disrobing, ladies are busy in their world. So, M has got out of his clothes and is hugging P from behind and rubbing his cock in the crack of her buttocks and squeezing her tits.
“Now, I am following them as they are moving to the bed . M and L have thoughtfully put the cot in the hall. Bed has access from all four sides. So, I can record from all angles and not hampered by walls. All three are hugging and are rolling on the bed. Since P is alone, M and L have over powered her and are sucking her boobs . I have to tell M not to squeeze so hard, my wife is very delicate. He is also biting. P ,why don’t you tell him to be gentle?” Rajesh asked Pramila anxiously.
Pramila smiled “ It is OK. Some times I want it rough. You always treat me like a delicate flower.”
Rajesh said “ Now, P wants to suck L’s famous nipple. L has shifted up and is holding P’s head like a mother and inserting her nipple in P’s mouth. P is sucking hungrily and remorselessly mauling L’s tits. L is moaning loudly. Now I have to move south and see the action. Both ladies are obliging and spreading their legs. L is kind enough to free one hand and part P’s pussy lips to let me zoom into her wet, oh so very wet , pussy. See how her inner walls are throbbing. Now, L has parted her legs and with both hands opened pussy lips. Can you see the glorious view?
“ Not to offend M. here is the impressive view of his massive cock rubbing on my wife’s thigh. Now I am not made of stone, though my cock is hard like one. I am going to put camera on tripod, adjust and am going to bang L’s pussy”
Rajesh backed out, adjusted the camera, zoom and focus and ran to the bed, pulled L roughly to the edge of the bed, sat on floor and buried his head in her pussy. Mohan also followed suit, Both ladies were thrashing, screaming and squeezing each other’s tits.
I can not recollect how and when but while watching, myself and Vikas became naked and I was bending on the backrest of sofa and Vikas inserted his steaming hot rod in my pussy and started banging me with such force that I was finding it difficult to breath. We never took our eyes away from screen for one second.
Mean while on screen, Pramila and Laxmi climaxed and pulled men up and kissed them. As they were kissing, dicks found their way into pussies. For next ten minutes there was a frenzy of moans, grunts and liquid slapping sounds.
I realized I was also screaming as Vikas increased his force and speed and filled my pussy with cum almost at the same time as the on screen couples. I collapsed like a rag doll with Vikas hugging me and I could feel his cock’s pulsations and growing small. Vikas pressed pause until we went to bath room, cleaned ourselves and returned.
There was not much in the movie after that. They all smiled, hugged each other. But just before end of the tape, Mohan asked Laxmi to dance Shakira’s “Hips don’t lie”. She was shy and coy but when all of them insisted, she turned her back to camera and shook her splendid hips to the tune and then faced us. Her shaking tits with huge nipples and buttocks was so provocative, Vikas became hard again and banged me once more even after the screen became blank at the end of show……
“ So your first 4 sum was with them?” Suma asked Jaya after a pause.
Jaya laughed.
“ No, next day Pramila came and collected pen drive. We had an awkward discussion. She told me to call her if we were interested. Then….”
“Then, what….” Suma asked.
“We went to Delhi within a week as Vikas landed an excellent job. So our 4 sum didn’t materialize” Jaya said coolly…….
“ I will finish all my chores and will come to your place to continue my story…..say in 2 hours?” Jaya asked,
Suma asked her if she could come earlier, as she was impatient to know how she was initiated. Jaya laughed and disconnected.
I sighed, got up from the bed and went into the hall to join Suma for

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