SW Exposure

I went over to my boyfriend’s, and used my key. His room-mate jumped off the couch, holding his pants, and slammed the door to his room. On the TV, he had a porno on of an older couple, doing it by the pool.

“Huh!” Not that old, the woman looked, like 30s maybe? With a deep tan, and a bottle of suntan lotion on the table next to her lounger. With the back folded down, and an older guy, maybe about 40? He was a little out of shape, and shaved bald, but I guessed he was losing it on top, and just shaved the rest. Hairy back, and legs, though.

I couldn’t see much except for her arms reaching around to squeeze his butt, and his arms up from to hold her head up. I guessed she was giving him head, but this wasn’t some cable softcore movie. It wasn’t on the internet, either, because he had the cables wired up to an old camcorder on the coffee table, and he left it paused.

A bottle of regular lotion to lube it up, I guessed. That’s probably how it started, I bet she was out there working on her tan, and I sure didn’t see any tan lines. So, she rolled over to get her back, and untied her bikini strings, and he gave her a back rub, with the lotion. Suntan lotion, wouldn’t want to leave any tan lines on that perfect body. They didn’t look like implants, at least leaned back like that and hanging onto her husband’s big fat butt. I mean, the one on this side looked a little round, but not too round, and flattened out by gravity. The way that implants wouldn’t do, you can tell.

Big, though. C cups at least, and from the look of her lard dark nipples, I think she’s had kids, that breast fed. I unplugged the cam-corder, and rolled up the cables. Pulled the plugs out of the TV, and wondered how long he’d be in there. Awkward, but I never thought about Evan’s dick before. He’s just like a guy, though. You know that he jerks off, but you don’t think about it. I barely even talked to him, since we usually go out, but he’s here sometimes when we get back.

Nice enough to go out for a walk, or something, to let us have the apartment to fuck. Maybe he took his old camcorder with him, and caught the neighbors in their back yard? I kinda want to make up a story to fill in the blanks, when it comes to stuff like this. Sex, and porn, most of the ones I’ve seen are heavy on the sex, and light on the story, it’s just the way my mind works.

Who are they, and do they know that somebody is watching them in the back yard? Recording them, but I checked the camcorder, and it doesn’t have anything like a telephoto lens. Zoom In, but that doesn’t work for the one that’s already recorded, I switched it to the live view, and stuck it out the front door to see how close it got, before it auto focuses. Then, Dan pulled up, and I checked my watch. A little late, but he brought some beers, and pizzas, so I went out to help him carry them up the steps.

“Hey babe,” he patted my ass. “What were you watching?”

“Huh?” He kissed my cheek.

“When I drove up,” he looked out over the guard rail across the street. “With the camera?”

“Oh, I was just seeing how far it zoomed in.”

“Just ask Evan, what’s he up to?” He saw his car there, right next to mine. You do not want to climb the hill from the closest bus stop, in this heat.

“I don’t know, he’s probably taking a nap, or something.” I carried the pizza boxes up, but he was looking around the living room when we got up the stairs.

“Pizza!” I called from the door, and carried them over to the kitchen counter.

“Beers,” Dan shook the 6 pack, so the cans bumped together. “I’m gonna go change, and take a shower.” He kissed me, and patted my hip. Pulled his shirt off on the way to the bathroom. “You want to go out after dinner?”

“I don’t know, let me think about it.” I sat down on the couch, while Evan want to get the camcorder from beside the door. He didn’t look at me, but he knew he was busted. “You shoot that video?” I winked when he finally looked over, guiltily. Sitting right where he was, when I walked in on him, beating it to the dirty footage. “You think they know that someone’s watching them, and get a thrill out of it, or they want their privacy?”

“I don’t know, they’re practically nudists, and they have friends over for wild sex parties all the time, so.” He shrugged, and put it in his room.


“Down the hill, around the other side, but.” He was still too embarrassed to look at me. He didn’t finish, he just shrugged, and pulled the door shut again.

I wasn’t hungry, and the pizza was still too hot. So, I grabbed a marker from the door, and wrote [Going for a walk, Trish] on the top of the box.

I didn’t get that long to look from the front door, but these cheap apartments. Pretty nice view, but like 2 duplexes stacked one on top of each other. The sun was pretty low, but it was still pretty hot. Super dry, and I could have brought a cold beer, or something if I thought of it.

For some reason, all of the nice houses were down there, you’d think they’d build them up here where there’s a view, instead of the cheap shitty apartments, but a back yard with a pool didn’t really narrow it down. All I saw was one corner of it, and I wasn’t really looking at that.

Just my luck, none of them were out naked, and having oral sex in their back yards, let alone having a wild sex party on a Tuesday night. Some lady came out to call her kids in for dinner. “In a minute, mom.” They went back to kicking the ball around, but I didn’t see her face, in the picture.

No pool anyways, but I should have watched more of it, or at least ran it back to see if he zoomed in on her, and showed more of the back yard. Let alone her face, without her husband’s pale ass in the way, but he had a tanned back. Maybe he worked construction, in this heat you see them topless, and sweaty, sometimes using their shirt to mop it off their face, or sweaty arm-pits.

I guess I’m one of those weird girls, that’s actually tempted when they call down from the roof, or whatever. I know a lot of girls don’t take it as a compliment, but many a day, I ran home, just to imagine getting the guts to go back there, and take off all my clothes to distract them, so they come to the edge of the roof, and get hard watching me play with myself. Whipping them out, but not looking at each other. All eyes on me beating off in a line, and shooting their spooge all over the back yard, before their boss tells them to “Get back to work.”

The sun went down, but the sky was still twilight when I looked up. At least it was starting to get cool, but that hot old fantasy kept me aroused, and ready for a good deep dicking when I got back. I should have been paying more attention to the nice houses down the hill, but I can ask Evan pretty much any time, later. Still, I liked the chance to try and figure it out myself, and the story is usually better when I fill in the blanks then the real story when I find it out.

Then, I got a big surprise, the best surprise when I got back up to the apartment. The living room was dark, but glowing blue from the TV screen, and somebody pulled the blinds up, now that the sun was down. Instead of letting the low sun shine in, but in the still frame of the video, it was so high, I didn’t really pay attention to the shadows, neither.

“Huh!” Even lay back on the couch, with his shorts down around his feet, and his legs spread wide open. There goes any mystery of what his cock looks like hard, but of course it’s not nearly big enough as I imagined. He sure wouldn’t need 2 hands to stroke it, but it just lay there, because he had both hands full of Dan’s fat hairy ass.

I realized what they’re doing, even from the different angle, and looked for the bottle of lotion next, but they must be bisexual. My boyfriend is bi, and his room mate, he was watching the old bald man getting his dick sucked, I just assumed to look at the woman’s tanned tits.

On second thought, if he wasn’t at least bi-curious, then the sight of an older man’s ass in the way would probably be a turnoff, but now here he is, laying back like a housewife on a tanning lounge, sucking my boyfriend’s dick, but slowly. I didn’t want to spoil it, but I was a little curious whether they would stop when I tried the door knob. Nope, not even locked, which just invited me to crack it, and listen to the wet slurping sounds, but this was a much better angle.

I could see Evan’s balls, good enough to notice that he shaved them, got them waxed, or used something like Nair to dissolve the hair. All over, not even hairy under the pits, and I don;t really like skinny guys. I can see his hip bone from here, since the door is at an angle where I can see around his hip.

Honestly, I don’t like hunks, either. I like my Dan’s soft cuddly body, and even shaving his back for him every weekend. I like the stubble, and feeling it, but he’s probably not grown it out much. I like his pale hairy ass, and the tan-lines he gets in summer, from taking off his top to cool off.

“Smup!” Evan turned his head away, and my boyfriend let go of the side of his head to take over.

“Huh, yeah.” He humped, and his ass shook with his orgasm. Painting his skinny room-mate’s cheek, and it ran down his red hot neck. “Huh!” He shook it, and pulled his belly up to drape it on his mouth. So Evan could kiss it, and suck out the last drop, just leaving hit hardon sticking out, untouched.

“Huh, you couldn’t wait for me to get back?”

“Oh, uh!” Dan sat back on the coffee table, and pulled up his short. “Huh, good.” Still out of breath.

I closed the door, and sure enough the same video was paused on the screen, but it looked a little earlier. She still had her bikini bottoms on, and the strap from the top hanging off the side, while her husband held the bottle up side down, to squirt lotion on her back like jizz.

Evan sat up, and wiped his eye down his cheek, then turned his head to kiss his fingers.

“You like it?”

“The video, or finding my boyfriend getting sucked off by his pervy peeper room mate?”

Dan leaned over, and felt Evan’s leg. Up to his balls, and then picked up the still hard cock pinched between his thumb, and finger. “You want to just watch?” He bent down, and just kissed the tip. “Smooch.” Turned to look at me, standing there with the door wide open.

“No,” I pretended to yawn, and pulled it shut. “I think I’ll go to bed.” In Evan’s room, taking my top off, but looking back. Evan was kicking his shorts off, and Danny was up, with his on to follow me.

“Let me get your bra.” I felt it tug, then go loose, so they dropped out, and he felt up under my arms to get a couple handfulls. Kissing my neck.

I looked over his shoulder, “You want to come too?” Even was naked, and swinging around like a flag pole. “My boyfriend probably can’t get it up.” Again so soon, but who knows? I turned around, backing up, and unbuttoning my shorts. “You remember when you asked me if I knew any bisexual girls, for a 3some?” I sat back on Evan’s bed, but he helped me pull off my shorts, and Evan came behind him. Looking over his shoulder, and pumping his long skinny hard cock.

“No?” Of course not, because I never had to answer that FAQ, because he never asked. I guess that’s a straight guy thing, wanting a bisexual girlfriend, so he can find out that he can’t satisfy 2 girls all by himself. About the time he went to smoke a cigarette, the one time I found out that I’m not bi, at all, and it just wasn’t working for me. “But you don’t mind if I watch?”

I just smiled, and pointed at the door to the living room. “You have another tape for that cam-corder?”

I looked at Evan, but Dan was the one that nodded. “Yeah,” grinned, and went back to get it.

“It’s his,” Evan slapped his ass, and while I don’t like skinny guys with bony bodies, he’s tall, and his dick looks long. “Uh, I’m an oral bottom, but an anal top.” he shook his head.

“So, you don’t like getting head?”

“It’s all right, but.”

Danny came back, with the camcorder in one hand, and the bottle of lotion in the other.

“I much prefer the other end.”

“Huh!” I turned over, and pushed up on my hands and knees so he could pull my panties down. Ignoring the sound of my boyfriend popping out the mini-cassette, and sticking a new one.

“You’ve got a great ass.” At least he wiped the load off his face, before he stuck it in there, and started licking down my crack. Flicking his tongue, and normally, I hated whenever anyone touched my butthole, but I sure never had someone kiss it before. “Smooch, tight virgin ass?”

“Yeah, uh.”

“Don’t worry, babe. He’s the best, and it won’t hurt.”

“Yeah, you’ll like it, I promise.”

“Uh, you better lick it out some more. Hm!”

I hoped it felt as good as this, but I rubbed my clit, and then held it open when his fingers felt around. Under my chin, but it’s so dirty! I giggled, and felt it pucker in, and out. That just made me laugh more, but that’s a lot of mysteries solved.

“Huh, fuck her now. Fuck her ass.”

He stopped kissing it, and said. “Hang on man. Give me that.”

I put my head down sideways, and looked up at Danny, on the side of the bed. I couldn’t see his eyes, until he lowered the camcorder a little to peek over the screen, but he licked his lips.

“Oh, uh!” The lotion was cold, and then the bottle farted, so I got the giggles again. “Uh!” He wiped it in with his fingers, then stuck his thumb under there, to rub down the middle, and feel for my clit. “Uh!” My eyes fluttered, and I just humped his thumb. Slipping back to feel how wet I was, and wiggling in. “Hm, ih hn!” I just grunted, and squirmed around to help him work his knuckle back and forth, but then he curled it up, and his finger curled out. He held it on the inside, so it just smooshed, and pulled tight over his fingernail. Then, he moved his thumb to let it sink in deeper. Stretching me tight around his greasy knuckle, and wiggling it up and down.

“Huh?” It was just Danny’s dick, brushing my cheek, and he moved my hair to put his knee up over my head. “Uh!” Evan slapped my ass, and pushed my hip gently.

“Roll over on your side.” He felt up the back of my leg. “With your knee up here.”

Danny dragged his head up my cheek, and flopped it over my nose. Still soft, but his balls brushed my lips, and for once I actually wanted to suck them in. He must have shaved them, or I don’t know. they felt stubbly, so maybe it had been a couple days. I tried to remember the last time I came over, and Evan let us have the apartment to ourselves, but I sucked one in, and rubbed the prickles with my tongue. Feeling his cock start to get heavier, and even straighten up, while I sucked the sweat off his balls.

I thought he was going to get a shower, but I guess as soon as I left, they talked about what they’d do until I got back. “Snh!”

“Relax, don’t tense up.” Oh, yeah. “Pb, uh!” I turned away, but my eyes clenched. “Nh!” He said it wouldn’t hurt. “Just try to relax.” He slipped back out.

“Huh! I can’t, I’m too tight,” but I felt his rubbery cock bump my leg. “Can you just fuck me, and. Huh, maybe get my ass later.”

“Yeah, fuck her pussy.” I rolled over, and moved my hair. So Danny could get up and practically sit on my chest, but he didn’t put his whole weight on me. So I could breathe, but he swung his dick back and forth.

“Huh, you’re an oral top, and an anal bottom?”

“Yeah, just suck me hard again.”

I tried to taste Evan’s spit on his cock, but it just tasted like spit, and then I realized the last place his mouth had been, but he’s not my boyfriend. I don’t have to kiss him, but I don’t really like sucking cock.

Usually, but then again, I never liked his balls in my face, and I’m glad he didn’t get on the other way. I felt up my tits, and rubbed them around on his butt cheeks, but I guess I looked forward to seeing him bent over. Then, I felt Evan’s greasy fingers, the back of his hand on my tits, and Danny’s butt cheeks spread open. I gabbed his ass, and pulled.

“Uh!” Danny grunted, and I had to hold his balls up to see his pucker spread wide open. Watch the 2 fingers slowly slide in, wiggling back and forth, then twisting to rub between his balls with his thumb.

I looked down, but all I saw was the camera lens, the screen, and felt the long soft cock brushing my tummy. “Huh, you’re gay, huh Evan?”


“Okay,” I didn’t have my heart set on getting ass fucked anyway, but then I looked up, and saw Danny dangling. A little drop come out of his pisshole, but it wasn’t piss. “Smuip!” It wasn’t cum neither, but it had that thick greasy feeling on my togue. The roof of my mouth. I wanted to get fucked, and after this, I might even have to get out a vibe or something, but I don;t really care. I wouldn’t miss this for the world, and Evan had to move the camera out of the way to walk up on his knees. The bed shook back and forth, then his thumb slipped up. To pop in and out of Danny’s asshole, but now Evan was hard.

“Huh yeah. Fuck him right in my face.” Then, I just closed my eyes to enjoy 2 sets of balls, and a soft dripping cock in my face. The balls swinging back and forth together, and the hard sexy slaps of Evan’s boney hips spanking my boyfriend right in front of me. Right on top of me, it was the sexiest thing I ever saw, and the first time that I actually liked the feeling of balls on my face. I usually don’t like anything in my face, and after the one bicurious threesome I ever had, this was definitely the Gayest thing I ever been a part of, but then I remembered where we were.

In Evan’s room, and of course I didn’t bring any vibrators over to see my boyfriend, I never needed one here. Finally, he pulled out, and dropped the rubber on my neck. I covered my face, but instead of cumming on that, he sat back, and shook on my panting tummy. I couldn’t breathe for a little while, but he got off of me, and left his load on my chest. Then, they both lay down next to me, felt me up, and spread it all over my body like lotion. Kissing Danny, while he finger-blasted me, and Evan fucked my pucker with his thumb from behind.

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