SW Exposure

I went over to my boyfriend’s, and used my key. His room-mate jumped off the couch, holding his pants, and slammed the door to his room. On the TV, he had a porno on of an older couple, doing it by the pool.

“Huh!” Not that old, the woman looked, like 30s maybe? With a deep tan, and a bottle of suntan lotion on the table next to her lounger. With the back folded down, and an older guy, maybe about 40? He was a little out of shape, and shaved bald, but I guessed he was losing it on top, and just shaved the rest. Hairy back, and legs, though.

I couldn’t see much except for her arms reaching around to squeeze his butt, and his arms up from to hold her head up. I guessed she was giving him head, but this wasn’t some cable softcore movie. It wasn’t on the internet, either, because he had the cables wired up to an old camcorder on the coffee table, and he left it paused.

A bottle of regular lotion to lube it up, I guessed. That’s probably how it started, I bet she was out there working on her tan, and I sure didn’t see any tan lines. So, she rolled over to get her back, and untied her bikini strings, and he gave her a back rub, with the lotion. Suntan lotion, wouldn’t want to leave any tan lines on that perfect body. They didn’t look like implants, at least leaned back like that and hanging onto her husband’s big fat butt. I mean, the one on this side looked a little round, but not too round, and flattened out by gravity. The way that implants wouldn’t do, you can tell.

Big, though. C cups at least, and from the look of her lard dark nipples, I think she’s had kids, that breast fed. I unplugged the cam-corder, and rolled up the cables. Pulled the plugs out of the TV, and wondered how long he’d be in there. Awkward, but I never thought about Evan’s dick before. He’s just like a guy, though. You know that he jerks off, but you don’t think about it. I barely even talked to him, since we usually go out, but he’s here sometimes when we get back.

Nice enough to go out for a walk, or something, to let us have the apartment to fuck. Maybe he took his old camcorder with him, and caught the neighbors in their back yard? I kinda want to make up a story to fill in the blanks, when it comes to stuff like this. Sex, and porn, most of the ones I’ve seen are heavy on the sex, and light on the story, it’s just the way my mind works.

Who are they, and do they know that somebody is watching them in the back yard? Recording them, but I checked the camcorder, and it doesn’t have anything like a telephoto lens. Zoom In, but that doesn’t work for the one that’s already recorded, I switched it to the live view, and stuck it out the front door to see how close it got, before it auto focuses. Then, Dan pulled up, and I checked my watch. A little late, but he brought some beers, and pizzas, so I went out to help him carry them up the steps.

“Hey babe,” he patted my ass. “What were you watching?”

“Huh?” He kissed my cheek.

“When I drove up,” he looked out over the guard rail across the street. “With the camera?”

“Oh, I was just seeing how far it zoomed in.”

“Just ask Evan, what’s he up to?” He saw his car there, right next to mine. You do not want to climb the hill from the closest bus stop, in this heat.

“I don’t know, he’s probably taking a nap, or something.” I carried the pizza boxes up, but he was looking around the living room when we got up the stairs.

“Pizza!” I called from the door, and carried them over to the kitchen counter.

“Beers,” Dan shook the 6 pack, so the cans bumped together. “I’m gonna go change, and take a shower.” He kissed me, and patted my hip. Pulled his shirt off on the way to the bathroom. “You want to go out after dinner?”

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