Susan’s first Exhibitionism

Moving back a bit from my first extra marital sex, my outdoor exposure antics with my husband go back to 2008 really, but I never was never knowingly caught out or ‘seen’ by anybody, or so I believed. At the time, we had developed a reciprocal ‘look after’ relationship with a married couple with a son and daughter of similar ages as our sons – 3 doors away and by mutual agreement we had set into motion an agreement where amongst other times, but essentially on weekend afternoons we’d look after their children and the next day they’d look after our two. Saturday or Sunday afternoon was fast becoming the only quality time David and I had together. Sometimes we had to get family stuff done, but once a month we’d have a long walk in our local parkland.

Our ‘play area’ was almost right on our doorstep, although we continued to drive to the opposite and much quieter side of the park. From our new house you could walk or cycle along a path over a bridge crossing a main motor duel carriageway and canal; along a path and into the main parkland, a total of about three quarters of a mile, but very open with houses to walk past etc.

The parkland in fact a nature reserve about 5 to 6 miles long by 3 or more wide; it has a fairly large lake/pond in the middle. At the further end from the lake the land rises up about 400 feet and from the top of the hill you have a panoramic view across the valley. Most people head from the half a dozen car parks around the edges of the Reserve, then walk or cycle towards the pond. There are numerous paths and tracks all around for pedal bikes, walkers etc. The hill at the northern end is thicker with trees and less frequented by people, as it is the furthest point from the pond, the car park here is less used and that is where we usually park.

Our game started its evolution towards the end of summer 2008, when we’d been on our own for a walk in the above area and ended up having sex in the woods, and he had stripped me completely – which in fact meant he took off my shorts, panties, bra and tiny top. I hadn’t had sex like that since I was a teenager and it was exciting.

The next time two weeks later, we were both looking forward to it again and at his request I wore this tiny denim skirt, (specifically purchased days earlier); No panties and a tank top, with wedge heeled sandals. After we’d had sex and rested, he’d teased me by grabbing my skirt and top and making me chase him –whilst I was still starker’s! This lasted for maybe 5 or 6 minutes at the end of which we were both ready for sex again. On our way back to the car he got me to do various things which in my sexual high I went along with, first pull my skirt up higher so it was like a belt around my waist, then he had me pull my top down so one breast was bared, then both hanging freely in the breeze. We walked along with me like that for minutes, I felt rather nervous but excited at my state of exposure, a fact borne out by my rock hard nipples.

We did this once more in what was left of that summer. I was ‘dressed’ exactly as previously, no underwear and with my denim skirt, a top where I could pull one or both breasts out of cover. On our first trip, I had ‘bared’ one and then both breasts for short periods as we walked. When we got to the quieter part he dared me to take my top right off completely for one minute, I did so, and we walked on but maybe 4 maybe 5 minutes passed with me still exposed like that and he turned and kissed me feeling my already hard nipples, I felt him tug at the skirt zipper and didn’t protest in the slightest as it fell to my feet – thinking we’d have sex right there, but he turned and walked on, he was now holding my skirt and top, I was starkers!.

By :Suziesue

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