Susan and Alissa

Susan was sitting on the sofa in her best friend Alissa’s house with a drink in her hand. Alissa sat next to her, giving her eager, hungry looks. The last thing Susan remembered was Alissa stroking her face, leaning in to kiss her then blackness.

Alissa had grinned, as she watched Susan black out. She’d slipped a little something into her drink, and now the fun could begin.

She called out, “Okay everybody, she’s out!”

Her Daddy and her three Uncles appeared, grinning as they saw Susan out like a light. They helped carry Susan downstairs to the rumpus room, where Alissa had set everything up.

Alissa said, “Susan likes to brag about how she’s the best cocksucker, so, let’s put her to the test!”

She stripped Susan naked, listening to the pleased murmurs of her Daddy and Uncles as they eyed up her nice, perky tits, the soft curves, the trimmed tuft of blonde pubic hair, as Alissa re-dressed her in an old style black bullet bra, a black garter belt, long black nylons stretched up her legs, and were fastened to the garters. Her blue satin panties were left off, leaving her asshole and pussy bare.

Alissa stripped, now she was almost totally naked, save for a white garter belt and white stockings, she was behind Susan as they lifted her body, placing her on her knees on the carpeted box, they gently leaned her upper body downward, and fitted her wrists and her neck into the grooves. They swung the top half shut, and Susan was now restrained in a stocks style restraint, just like the kind that had been used for punishments many years ago. A strap fastened to the top was fitted around her forehead, keeping her head up. Alissa had dreamed about this scenario for years, getting Susan under her control, and having her way with her. It was perfect, the large carpeted box lifted her off the floor, and her mouth was at a perfect level to suck the hard cocks that her Daddy and her Uncles were going to give her. And, Alissa had a few things in mind about what she was going to do with Susan’s sexy rump, her tight, pretty pink asshole and her tight pink pussy.

She saw her Daddy and her uncles strip quickly, she saw Daddy’s prick, a stiff, uncircumcised 9 inch beauty, umm, it made her pussy tingle to see that hot looking cock.

She waved a smelling salts underneath Susan’s nose, and Susan came to, confused, blinking her eyes. She tried to get up, and suddenly realized she could not, she was kneeling, her wrists and her neck had been fitted into stocks style restraint. What the hell happened, she struggled to recall it…

She remembered being on the sofa, having Alissa giving her hungry, lust filled looks, Alissa had leaned in to kiss her, then…blackness.

It felt like she was not wearing what she had before, and she was right, clad in an old style black bullet bra, her lower body was clad in a black garter belt with long black nylons. When Alissa had stripped her while she was unconscious, her panties had been removed, leaving her asshole and pussy bare.

Alissa’s voice, behind her cooed, “Susan, you like to brag about how you are the best cocksucker ever, we’re going to test that right now. We also have another test for you!”

Susan felt hands stroking at her naked cheeks, then the stinging pain as a long wooden yardstick was smacked hard against her ass. She let out a shriek of pain as the sting made her ass burn.

Alissa’s voice said, “Enjoy this baby, you’ll love getting paddled!”

Alissa’s Dad stepped up, standing in front of Susan, his swollen 9 inch cock ready. She couldn’t look up any further than straight ahead to see whose cock it was, but Susan licked her lips as she saw his rock hard erection. She felt the pain as another lash of the yardstick smacked hard against her ass. He moved forward, Susan’s mouth was at the perfect level to receive his eager prick.

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