Surprised Wife and My Best Friends

I Came home totally unexpected, which was obvious by what I found in the bedroom. There she was, on all fours, totally nude as were my two best friends, inside her at each end. There cocks were fucking wildly in and out of her. Sherry was enjoying every minute of it too.
I slipped back into the study and got the video camera. I turned it on and went back to the bedroom. I pointed it at the threesome and captured a good twenty minutes of them before the tape ran out. The guys had changed positions at least twice and I know both had already cum inside her at least once and probably twice before I got there. Both shot a load in her again while I was taping them. There were no condoms in sight and I knew for a fact that my wife was not on the pill. I went back to the study and replaced the camera and thenwent back to the bedroom. To my surprise, I was very calm but totally aroused. Watching my wife getting fucked was so hot. Especially gettine it from two cocks at the same time. I stripped nude and walked into the bedroom. They all paniced until they realized I was nude with a huge hardon.
I walked over to my wife and grabbed her by the head and rammed the full length of my cock down her throat and began fucking her harder then I should have. But still the same. The slut deserved it.
I turned to my friends who were getting hard again. I told Jim to get under her and fuck her cunt and George to get behind her and fuck her ass.
Sherry was a nice looking woman with 34d breasts and a 24 inch waist on top of slim 32 inch hips. Being ther as one of three hard cocks ramming in and out of her at the same time was really fucking hot, even if she was my wife. I didn’t last long, I exploded in her mouth with a massive load. I held her on my fuck pole until she swallowed every drop. Then I pushed her head into the matress and watched my friends pound away in and out of her ass and pussy until the had one last orgasm inside her.
After they left, Shery was sobbing uncontrollably. Ashamed of what had happend. I grabbed her and threw her down on the bed and fucked her like a wild man, first in her pussy and then in her ass. Then I made her suck my cock clean. I told her if she was going to be a slut cunt, she was going to have to get used to sucking nasty cocks like that clean. After she finished cleaning me up, she ran into the bathroom and threw up. While she was bending over the toilet heaving, I got up behind her and rammed her ass all over again.
The next morning, I told her this was just the beginning. She wants other cocks, she’s going to get them. She begged and pleaded with me to forgive her. I told her there was nothing to forgive. Just enjoy what you get. When I left for work, she was still crying.
She started crying again when I came home that evening……
and intorduced her to two new friends I had met that evening in the bar on theway home

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