Suhaagraat of a Crossdresser – Hot Crossdressing Story

Hi friends, I am back with a new exciting story which is inspired from one of my own articles from my previous blog which got deleted. As you know, I am a 25 years old guy who loves to wear ladies clothes in secret. Well, now I stay alone in a flat at Pune so as to indulge in crossdressing and spend most of my time wearing ladies clothes. I have done facial laser treatment so that I do not get a single trace of facial hair.

So that day, I was at my flat browsing the Internet. I was chatting in a Cross Dressing group on Facebook. I got to know that this group has arranged a ‘Suhaag raat’ competition. In this competition, there are two groups. One for Crossdressers and another for CD Lovers.

The competition is – You have to upload 5 pics of yours as a crossdresser. The members of the group will vote. The Crossdresser with the maximum votes will be selected as a dulhan or Bride. In the same way, the CD lover with maximum votes will be selected as dulha or Groom.

The two winners win a Suhaag Raat night in a 5-star hotel’s honeymoon suite. I was very excited. I considered myself as one of the most beautiful CDs so my chances of winning the competition are also positive.

I browsed through the profile of the participants. I saw their photos. Except a few, all others were not perfect with crossdressing. I thought to click 5 pics of mine in different types of Indian and Western skimpy clothes.

I have a huge collection of clothes, wig and breast forms. (Breast forms are fake breasts made of silicon specially for crossdressers. These look very real and no one can make out that these are actually fake.)

These are the 5 pics I uploaded. If you also like them let me know through comments. I hoped that I’ll win the competition and I was expecting it correctly because when I results came out, I was declared as a winner.

The Groom winner was some guy called as Ajay. I checked his pics. He was a handsome and tall guy and had a well built body.

I was very excited. According to the rules, the organizers of the competition came to my flat. These were 4 Crossdressers who were really very beautiful. They came wearing sarees. I had uploaded the measurement of my blouse on the internet. So they had come with a Bright Red Saree (Shaadi ka joda) and lots of jewellery.

I had to have a bath first. After having a bath, I wore my 36 inches breast forms that had big black nipples. My intention was to make Ajay mad so that he could fuck her bride like a Rocky in the very first night itself.

I wore a black padded bra and hooked it from behind, then I hid me penis in between my thighs and wore a black velvet panty as it gives me a womanly feeling. The four ladies then made me wear a silky velvet red petticoat. The petticoat was really sexy, it was very soft and when it touched my thighs and legs, it started giving me hard on.

I wore a wig which had dark brown hair and the hair came to my waist , ie , the hair were long. Then one of the ladies started helping me the in wearing the blouse. The blouse was a bright red one, it had quarter length arms, was deep in the neck area thus exposed a lot of cleavage. It had no hooks, instead it had knots on the back. It also exposed a large portion of the back but still covered the strap of the bra.

I wore the blouse and then I started draping the heavy saree which had a lot of works done on it. Somehow, they helped me wearing the saree perfectly and I told them to make the pallu in such a way that some of the cleavage would still show up from the front.

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