Sue is blackmailed into sex with boss & police – Anally Deflowering

As the alarm rings, for the second time, a drowsy, naked Sue turns it off. She sits up slowly, realizing that she aches from head to toe. After a few minutes of thought, she realizes that last night was not a dream…it really happened!!!

Standing in a hot, steamy shower, with a soapy sponge on her sore anus, Sue smiles, recalling last night and the fact that she is no longer an anal virgin. It was better than any of her fantasies ever were!!!

Sue closes her eyes, and fingers her wet, hot pussy. She only wishes that she could have been able to see his face. But, did the intruder know that he was making one of her fantasies into a reality? He seemed to know so much. But Sue never told anyone about her fantasies, just her diary, so how could he have known?

Sue’s large breasts are tender after last night’s abuse, as she puts on a black lace bra. She smiles. Sue puts on a long-sleeved silk blouse, to cover the rope marks on her wrists and a pair of thigh-high, dark hose to cover the rope marks on her ankles. As she smoothes out the seams, on the back of her long, shapely legs, she remembers his hands running up and down her legs. Sue decides that she will be more comfortable in the office today without wearing any panties.

She puts on a long, silk skirt, with a slit up the left side. The security guard in her office building enjoys watching Sue walk to the elevator. Sue likes the way her silk skirt feels on her naked ass as she walks across the floor. Sue also likes the way the men watch her, although she would never admit it.

Sue has had to fight for every promotion she has gotten in this office, even though she has a college degree. She deserved to be promoted to manager; but instead the CEO brought in his son-in-law, for the job! Now he is her boss and he reminds Sue of that fact, every chance he gets! He is always looking for something to blackmail Sue with and he keeps saying that one day he will find some dirt on her, and then he will own her…body and soul!!!

As Sue steps off of the elevator this morning, her boss is waiting for her. As he is leering at her, as usual, he asks Sue if she had a nice night last night. Sue just gives him a dirty look as he grins at her. Sue thinks that all those good looks of his are just wasted on him!

Michael loved the look of Sue in that sexy silk skirt. It clung to her ass, showing that she was not wearing any panties today. He had noticed that she did this often and he always tried to catch a glimpse of her naked pussy during those days. Tonight he was going to get more than that. He had been planning to get Sue to become his fuck toy and today he would put his plan into action.

Over the weekend, while Sue was losing her anal virginity, Michael had been planning her demise. He had altered her accounting records for payments to vendors and had set up a phony vendor with payments being made to it over the last month. All of the checks were deposited into a bank right around the corner. And guess whose account it was. Sue’s. It now contained over $10,000 in deposits, a felony. The account information was accurate, containing all Sue’s information, thanks to a $1,000 payment to an underpaid teller that Michael had befriended. Michael intended to confront Sue with this information today and offer her an alternative to a jail term. He even paid a police officer to come to the office today (it only cost another $1,000 and the chance to fuck Sue) to provide the realism to pull it off.

It was almost quitting time. “Michael, there is a Sergeant Wilson to see you,” Sue spoke through the intercom.

By : Powerone

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