Sue is blackmailed into sex with boss & police – Anally Deflowering

As the alarm rings, for the second time, a drowsy, naked Sue turns it off. She sits up slowly, realizing that she aches from head to toe. After a few minutes of thought, she realizes that last night was not a dream…it really happened!!!

Standing in a hot, steamy shower, with a soapy sponge on her sore anus, Sue smiles, recalling last night and the fact that she is no longer an anal virgin. It was better than any of her fantasies ever were!!!

Sue closes her eyes, and fingers her wet, hot pussy. She only wishes that she could have been able to see his face. But, did the intruder know that he was making one of her fantasies into a reality? He seemed to know so much. But Sue never told anyone about her fantasies, just her diary, so how could he have known?

Sue’s large breasts are tender after last night’s abuse, as she puts on a black lace bra. She smiles. Sue puts on a long-sleeved silk blouse, to cover the rope marks on her wrists and a pair of thigh-high, dark hose to cover the rope marks on her ankles. As she smoothes out the seams, on the back of her long, shapely legs, she remembers his hands running up and down her legs. Sue decides that she will be more comfortable in the office today without wearing any panties.

She puts on a long, silk skirt, with a slit up the left side. The security guard in her office building enjoys watching Sue walk to the elevator. Sue likes the way her silk skirt feels on her naked ass as she walks across the floor. Sue also likes the way the men watch her, although she would never admit it.

Sue has had to fight for every promotion she has gotten in this office, even though she has a college degree. She deserved to be promoted to manager; but instead the CEO brought in his son-in-law, for the job! Now he is her boss and he reminds Sue of that fact, every chance he gets! He is always looking for something to blackmail Sue with and he keeps saying that one day he will find some dirt on her, and then he will own her…body and soul!!!

As Sue steps off of the elevator this morning, her boss is waiting for her. As he is leering at her, as usual, he asks Sue if she had a nice night last night. Sue just gives him a dirty look as he grins at her. Sue thinks that all those good looks of his are just wasted on him!

Michael loved the look of Sue in that sexy silk skirt. It clung to her ass, showing that she was not wearing any panties today. He had noticed that she did this often and he always tried to catch a glimpse of her naked pussy during those days. Tonight he was going to get more than that. He had been planning to get Sue to become his fuck toy and today he would put his plan into action.

Over the weekend, while Sue was losing her anal virginity, Michael had been planning her demise. He had altered her accounting records for payments to vendors and had set up a phony vendor with payments being made to it over the last month. All of the checks were deposited into a bank right around the corner. And guess whose account it was. Sue’s. It now contained over $10,000 in deposits, a felony. The account information was accurate, containing all Sue’s information, thanks to a $1,000 payment to an underpaid teller that Michael had befriended. Michael intended to confront Sue with this information today and offer her an alternative to a jail term. He even paid a police officer to come to the office today (it only cost another $1,000 and the chance to fuck Sue) to provide the realism to pull it off.

It was almost quitting time. “Michael, there is a Sergeant Wilson to see you,” Sue spoke through the intercom.

“Send him in, I was expecting him,” Michael responded. “Sue, would you stay a few minutes late today, there might be some information I will need from you?”

“Yes, that would not be a problem, just call me if you need me,” Sue responded. It was strange that Michael had the police in the office. I usually know everything going on in the office. I wonder what is the matter.

“Everything is set up for tonight, Michael. I even exceeded your imagination. The new police station was built right next to the old, small jail. I got keys to the old building, it only had three offices, an interrogation office and two cells, but is still in good shape as the new station has been only open for 3 months. I had it cleaned up and I got us some additional help, two more officers, one a female officer. It cost another $1,000 to get the place cleaned up and to get the keys, but the other two officers volunteered to assist you without any pay. Their only pay will be Sue. They want some time with her to fuck her. It should be very interesting with Officer Johnson. She is gorgeous, but she has a liking for females, especially reluctant ones. That is one of the reasons she became a cop. The power trip. I will arrest Sue and take her down to the jail. I think we can keep her for at least two weeks. Can you cover up for her that long?”

“You are just making my day, Jim. I will have her on vacation for at least two weeks. I will follow you down to the jail in my car. I want to be there when you strip search her. I want to see the little cunt’s face as her body is stripped and she realizes what she is in for. With four of us, we can keep her fucking 24 hours a day for 2 weeks and it should be interesting if all four of us do her at the same time. She will be a whore before she knows it,” Michael with an evil grin on his face. This is working out even better than I had planned he thought.

Sue was startled as Michael’s voice rang out on her intercom. “Will you please step into my office for a minute, Sue?” She was uneasy ever since the cop showed up in Michael’s office. She did not trust Michael. She stood up and smoothed down her silk skirt, wishing she had worn something less sexy, especially without any panties. She went to Michael’s office and entered. The cop was holding the door open for her, making her squeamish.

“Sit down, Sue. I have some questions for you.” He watched as Sue sat in the chair, trying to cover her near naked legs as the skirt rode up high. His cock felt like it was going to burst out of his pants. He couldn’t wait to get the bitch on her knees, his cock in her mouth. He would teach her who was the boss.

Terror began to show in Sue’s eyes as Michael slowly laid out the embezzlement of funds from the company. He let her see copies of the vendor records, invoices and cashed checks. He watched her chin drop as he passed her the account form from the bank, neatly filled out with Sue’s personal information, and conveniently signed by Sue (Michael had a friend that could forge anyone’s names better than they could sign it).

Sue began to stammer, not believing what they were showing her. This must be a trick by Michael or someone else. It couldn’t be happening to her. “This isn’t my signature, someone must have forged it. I didn’t do this, you know that don’t you Michael? I know we have had our differences, but you don’t believe it do you?” Sue begged, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“I have to go along with the proof in front of me, that is why Sergeant Wilson is here. I am afraid he is going to have to put you under arrest. If you are innocent, you will have a chance to clear yourself. I must do what is right for the company,” Michael said, watching the act play out before him. Sue began to tremble when he mentioned arrest.

Sergeant Wilson moved along side of Sue. “Will you please stand up, turn with your back toward me and put your hands behind your back?” He pulled Sue up by her arm, forcing her to stand. He pulled her arms behind her back, his handcuffs already in his other hand. He snapped one wrist, pulled her other arm tightly against the other and cuffed them together tightly. He felt Sue cringe in pain as he tightened them. He wanted her to feel them.

Michael’s cock hardened as he watched Sue manhandled by Jim. Her breasts were thrust out as her arms were locked behind her back, the pained look on her face almost making him cum. He could wait to grab those tits.

Jim read Sue her rights as she began to cry. This couldn’t be happening to me she thought, but was brought back to reality when the handcuffs clicked loudly on her wrists.

“Would you follow me down to the jail to finish up the paperwork, Michael?”

“Of course, I will be right along,” Michael responded. Soon she will be stripped naked he thought.

“Come along, Sue. If you cooperate, this will go better for you. If you try to resist, I will add the charge of resisting arrest. You better learn that you are under police control now and anything we ask you to do you better submit to. Any hesitation will result in additional charges being filed. Even if you are cleared of the original charge, the other charges will still remain.” Jim pushed Sue in front of him, wanting to see her ass as she walked. He loved to see women in handcuffs. This time, he would be able to take advantage of the situation and Sue had a body that he was going to enjoy.

Sue felt herself be pushed out the door to the waiting car. If was a standard unmarked car and she was pushed into the back seat. Her short skirt rode up her legs but with her arms behind her back she could do nothing to prevent it. She could see the cop leering at her naked legs, the skirt almost riding up high enough so her naked pussy would be seen. She tried to squirm in the seat, but it did little to lower it. The door slamming startled her, her body tense from the ordeal. She did not know what to expect, but feared the worse.

Michael followed Jim and Sue to the jail, rubbing his cock in his pants as he thought of Sue naked, bent over, her pussy and asshole stretched open during the strip search. He could barely drive.

Sue watched out the window as they drove past the new police station, around the corner and entered the driveway that brought them to the entrance of the old jail. She did not notice anything out of the ordinary, more worried about what was going to happen to her once she was inside. She had seen cop shows and knew about strip searches. She was helpless, cuffed in the back of the police car, unable to stop anything from happening to her. She faced a long time in prison if she could not prove her innocence.

Jim pulled the car up to the entrance and quickly pulled Sue out of the car and into the jail. He did not want anyone to see them. He had control of Sue for at least two weeks and he was going to fuck her as often as he could and did not want anything to destroy his plans.

Sue was pulled out of the car and into the jail. The jail was sparsely furnished. She could see a number of offices and two jail cells in the rear.

“Step to the interrogation room, Sue. We need to get some more information from you and to take care of some routine booking chores. Officer Johnson, will you join us?”

Sue looked quickly into the corner, seeing a female officer approaching. Another officer was also sitting in the corner. Even though he was seated, Sue could see that he must be over six feet tall and had a very large, muscular build.

Officer Johnson pushed Sue into the interrogation room. It consisted of a wooden table and some wooden straight back chairs. The first thing Sue noticed were that the chair arms were worn, probably from handcuffed prisoners being restrained. The handcuffs were opened and she was forced down into one of the chairs. The Officer attached grabbed her arms and pulled them up over her head and began to pull them down. Sue felt the cuffs again being attached and her wrists were now secured behind her. The position forced her to arch her back, her breasts straining against her silk blouse, the buttons threatening to pop.

“Just relax, honey. If you cooperate, things will go a lot easier for you. If you fight me or give me any trouble, I will become your worst enemy.” Sue was already in considerable trouble and wanted to avoid any more. She was going to have to do whatever was necessary to get out of this mess in one piece

Sergeant Wilson entered the room. He liked the position Kate had put Sue into. He was definitely going to enjoy what Kate was going to add to the party. She would do a good job making sure that Sue was humiliated as much as possible while in custody. He began to question Sue, but Sue decided she did not want to say anything until she could talk to an attorney. Jim told her that she would be able to make her phone call soon, but she was to be processed first.

“We are going to have to search you first. Officer Johnson, would you remove Sue’s handcuffs?”

Sue felt the handcuffs being released and she stood up.

“Stand facing the wall, hands in front of you, spread wide. Spread you legs wide so I may search you.” Jim grinned, he would soon have his hands all over this bitch.

“You can’t search me, a female officer has to do it. If you have to search me, let Officer Johnson do it,” Sue pleaded. She did not want to do this, never mind with a male doing the searching.

“Officer Johnson only has to be present, I am going to do the search. I told you about giving me trouble. Now either cooperate or we will force you and you will be punished for being a trouble maker.” Jim watched as Sue thought about the situation she was in. “Are you ready to cooperate now?”

Sue walked over to the wall and leaned in, spreading herself open for the search. Her arms spread out, her legs slightly open.

“Spread your legs open wider,” his foot pushing against the inside of hers, forcing her to open her legs wider. “Come on, a little more, you know how to spread your legs, don’t you?”

Sue began to fear what they intended to do to her. She did not like the sexual innuendoes in his voice. But, she obeyed and spread her legs wider. She could feel the cool air on her naked, spread pussy. She now wished she had worn panties this morning. Soon they also would know.

“Relax, Sue, Sergeant Wilson is very gentle. Let him have his way and everything will be all right. He has to check you first for any weapons. After that we are going to do a body cavity search on you to make sure you are not carrying any concealed weapons. You don’t want to make him angry. He can make it very uncomfortable for you.” Officer Johnson smiled. She was going to enjoy making Sue eat her pussy later. It was going to be very enjoyable to see her on her knees, licking her pussy.

Michael was watching from behind the one-way mirror in the interrogation room. He would visit after Sue was strip search and put into a cell. He would than give her the alternatives. Until that time, he would have to be happy with watching her humiliation and rubbing his hard cock.

“Now stand very still while I search you,” Jim ordered, moving behind Sue. His legs were placed inside of hers, forcing her to stay spread. He moved closer, his crotch moving against her out thrust ass. He nestled his erect cock so it pushed against the crack in her ass. Sue began to move forward, but Jim quickly grabbed her by the hips and pushed her ass back against his cock. “I told you not to move.” His hand smartly slapped her left cheek, the sound ringing in the room.

“OWWW, please don’t, that hurts,” she cried.

“Than obey and remain in position. It will only be more difficult and I will be required to cuff you again.” He began to move his cock against her ass, feeling the silk skirt rubbing his cock. He could feel Sue’s body shuddering as she was forced to submit to the sexual abuse of her body by the police. His hands moved to her hair, running his fingers through her hair. They moved down toward her shoulders and he leaned forward, over her back as his hands moved down the front of her blouse towards her breasts. His large hands grasped her breasts through the silky blouse, squeezing them tightly.

“OOOOHHHHH, don’t touch me like that, you are suppose to be the police, leave me alone,” she moaned as Jim continued to manipulate her breasts, feeling for her nipples, pinching her breasts.

“You have nice full tits, Sue. I bet you love it when men feel them up like this, don’t you?” his hands squeezing hard, forcing a groan of pain from Sue’s lips.

“Yes, I love it, now please leave them alone, that hurts,” she lied, hoping to get him to leave her tender breasts alone. They still hurt from last night’s ordeal.

“I enjoy hurting your tits, Sue, they are so large, they are made for abuse. I bet you have large nipples,” his hands continuing to squeeze her tits, grabbing little pieces of flesh, hoping to find her nipples. His fingers found her nipples, already erect and hard from the abuse of last night and tonight.

“AAAAHHHHGGGG, you prick, not so hard, they really hurt,” she yelled, the pinching fingers tightening their grip on her nipples, pulling and pinching, pulling her breasts up by the nipples.

“Behave yourself or this could be worse.” Jim’s hands moved down her flat stomach and abdomen, moving toward her spread pussy. He pushed his two hands down and grasped her between the legs and pulled up, forcing Sue to stretch up on her toes as his fingers dug into her pussy lips. “Is that a naked pussy I feel under your skirt, are you such a slut, that you don’t wear any panties?”

Sue turned red in shame, watching as Officer Johnson grinned as she stared at Sue’s face, seeing the humiliation on her face as they found out her secret. She could not explain she did not wear any because she was anally deflowered last night.

Jim’s fingers pushed her pussy lips back, Sue’s silky skirt beginning to get wet from being pushed into her spread, wet pussy. “The cunts getting wet from being stripped searched, aren’t you, do you want me rub your pussy?”

Sue moaned, her body betraying her, her pussy getting wet from being manhandled against her will. It was just like last night, only worse tonight. There were more of them. She realized that they intended to force her to suffer indignities on her body and abuse her sexually.

“That’s enough, I don’t want you cumming. Turn around and face the mirror. I want you to begin to remove your clothes until you are naked. Than we will begin the internal examination of your body. Remove your blouse first. Hurry now, we don’t have all day.”

Sue stared at the mirror, she could see her own reflection but she felt like others were watching her. She watched as her hands absently moved toward the buttons of her blouse, unbuttoning them one by one, her black lace bra slowly being revealed. She pulled her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned the last button, her blouse opening wide, her large breasts held high by the low cut black bra. She unbuttoned the cuffs and slowly pulled the blouse from her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor.

By : Powerone

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