Submissive wife turns table on husband

My wife and I met about 12 years ago. It was instant attraction.(For me at least)The love making was torrid from the get go. After a few years of living together I asked her to marry me. She agreed. This brought us even closer and the love making turned to raw hot sex most of the time.

Thinking that what I was doing in the bedroom just was not enough for my beautiful wife’s sexual needs, I started to bring in toys to the bedroom. Soon this graduated to some bondage equipment. She took to this very well following the more submissive side.

After we were married, I picked up the bondage play even more. Trying to make her more and more submissive. Even introducing black men to play with us. Most of the time finding black men who were also Dominant.

She loved this. All the black men she played with had long thick cocks. She always had multiple orgasms. She would try to act like she was protesting a meeting but I knew she wanted it more than ever. I never saw her deepthroat or take cock like she does with black men. Have seen her get a 10″ piece of black meat to the back of her throat. I may go 7.5″ or so and she does not even come close with me. And her pussy and ass open up to black cock like she was meant for it.

Let me tell you a little about her. She is in her late thirties now, around 5’7″, awesome long hair. She has put on a few extra pounds over the years but still looks as beautiful as the day we met. She has nice 40D tits and the extra pounds, while some going to her middle, also went to her ass and made it round and prominent. Almost like she was gaining on purpose because this turned the black men on more than ever. They loved getting into her nice round ass.

I have offered many time for her to switch roles with me. I sometimes felt like I pushed her too far and wanted to let her get “revenge” if she wanted. She was never into it and thought she was not mentally set up to be Dominant. I would let the subject drop for a while then bring it up again, but her response was always the same.

I had pretty much given up on the idea when she starting asking if I wanted to bring another female into ours. I had never thought about it or even wanted to. I was very curious as to why the question was coming from her. I would soon find out.

I came home one Friday evening to find her showered and dressed in a very sexy outfit. She had on very tight black stretch pants with a spandex skirt over top of it and a bra that pushed in nice tits up and gave her ample amounts of cleavage. She had a tank top over this and a nice tight sweater. Her hair was all done up and had a little more make up than normal on.

I asked her if she was going out somewhere. She told me she wanted to “play” tonight and I needed to get ready also. She had already laid out some tight jeans and tight top with button up to go over it. She told me to shower and put it on. I sensed she was excited to be going out and must have been contacted by one of her Dominant black boyfriends.

By the time and had showered and gotten dressed she had packed a back. This usually consisted of some sex toys, camera, etc… I thought nothing of it.

We left and I asked her where we were going, she told me she put the address into the NAV already. I pushed the button and followed the directions. It took us close to Downtown into an older section of town. We finally found the house address. It was a slightly run down house on the corner. Two story, older construction.

We exited the car. She told me to grab the bag from the trunk. I did and followed her up the steps to the door. She knocked and to my great surprise a female answered. She was average height, a little bigger build than my wife, larger tits. She had a mass of hair pulled back behind her head and full lips that parted in a smile when she saw us. She waived us in, gave me a quick look up and down and hugged my wife.

She told my wife how glad she was that she finally got the nerve to bring me over. I was still confused but thought I would let it play out. We were led downstairs, it was a little dark but finished out with a couch, chair, and a small light. One end of the room had a curtain seperating another room, probably storage. We sat on the couch. Our hostess offered my wife a glass of wine and poured one for herself. I was offered nothing.

Our hostess started the conversation by looking at me. She told me my wife had posted a very interesting ad on Craigslist sometime before and she felt compelled to answer. She told me the ad basically told of a wife who wanted her husband dominated by a black female. She had answered and her and my wife had worked out the details of what was to be done.

She said that was pretty much all I needed to know. Now she wanted me to strip. I looked at my wife and all she did was nod. I assumed this was the ok to go ahead. I stood up and removed my clothes ,folded them and put them on the couch.

My wife had opened our bag and pulled out a two foot length of heavy chain and a metal screw in eye. The black female told me that she did not normally do Dom/sub at her house but this was a special instance. She told me to pull the curtain back and screw the eye bolt into the floor joist above. The room behind the curtain was bare concrete floor an wall. only joists showing above. I was told to hook the chain to it. By the time I was done my wife had pulled out pulled out four more eye bolts with various length of chain. I screwed all the bolts in and was told which chains to hook to which bolts. Again when I turned around my wife had already pulled more stuff out of the bag.

The black female ordered me to put on the leather collar, hood the leash to it, put on the ankle and wrist restraints, and the ball gag. Left on the table by the bag was a blindfold, hood, cock ring, cock cage, flogger, paddle,belt, nipple clamps, clothes pins,rope, riding crop, and a yard stick. She look at each and picked each up. She said it was nice because she had used all these items many times before.

I was ordered to kneel facing them underneath the longest chain. I did as told. She came over and had me put my hands behind my back. She hooked my wrists together then my ankles together. Next she ran the chain around both and pulled it up till it was tight hooking it to itself. I was now secured and a little off balance so I felt I could not move at all. She moved to my front and put in the ball gag, then hooked my collar to another piece of chain.

She turned to my wife and told her she best get ready. This brought my head up. She looked around with a huge evil grin on her face. She told me that my wife had a date and would not be staying for our fun. Looking towards my wife she was pulling heels out of the bag. She then stood up and pulled her stretch pants off from under her skirt. When she sat down to put her heels on I could see that she was not wearing any panties!! She was putting on some red cloth open toes with solid high cork heels and she had painted her toenails to match. She stood up and pulled her skirt down. It only came to a little above her knees and it was very tight and showed off her round ass. She pulled the front of her sweater down to reveal even more cleavage.

There was a knock at the door. Our hostess went up the stairs to answer it. Soon she was back and she was followed by two black men. The first I recognized as a black male friend my wife had been with before, his name was Ken and he had a nice 10inch cock. He was great and foreplay and fucking and the only guy to ever make my wife squirt. He also liked to be Dominant and gave great massages. The second guy I had not seen before, he was a little taller than ken with a heavier build. They both hugged Lynn and gave a grin while looking at me. The three of them left together and I was alone with our hostess.

She came to me and leaned over near my ear. She said on the way down the stairs Ken had told her that his friend was very Dominant and had a 13″ cock that was thicker than my ankle. They were taking my wife out for drinks and would get her all hot and bothered at the bar, then back to Kens place of business where he had a hot tub and a secret room with bondage gear in it. They would use her as I would be getting used. She told me to think about that while she went upstairs and got ready for our evening together.

I was alone with my thoughts for about twenty minutes. My cock grew from just thinking about my wife getting used by two hung black men. I heard steps coming down and looked up. Our hostess stood before me , she had pulled her hair back into a tight pony tail wrapped with a leather cord. She had on a black leather corset which pushed her huge tits up to almost falling out. She had on 8″ black boots that that laced up the front.

She looked down on me, she told me that she and my wife had discussed my limits and what was to happen, but since my wife was not here that I was hers. She walked to the table and picked up the yard stick. She told me that I was to call her Mistress at all times and do what I was told as fast as I could or would be punished. She asked if I had understood. I nodded. The hit came only seconds later where the yard stick came across my chest very hard. I quickly said a muffled Yes Mistress thru the ball gag. She told me I would learn to obey or go home very bruised and beaten…

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