Submissive Sandi forced to publicly take on other men

At 32, Sandi’s a good deal younger than me. She’s a real good looker but a little on the short side standing at about 5’2″. Although she’s got a small frame it has the advantage of making her boobs look even bigger and when she wears one of those sheer tops, her enormous nipples stick out like bottle tops. When it comes to sex she’s a total slut and just loves to be dominated, especially as I found out, by older men.

When we first met I thought she was taking the piss, after all, what would a young chick like this see in a man 15 years older than her. It soon became clear that it was the age thing that turned her on, she just loved being completely dominated and used by an older man. This was fine by me, I’ve always enjoyed kinky sex and to find a young good looking chick that was prepared to fulfil my fantasy’s was out of this world.

We started dating and the sex was great but what really turned her on was when I threatened to show her off to other men. This would normally happen as I was either fingering her pussy or sliding my cock up her hungry cunt. “I’m going to dress you like a real whore and make you strip off in front some dirty old wino. Let him pull on those big nipples, maybe slap your arse a bit, you’d like that wouldn’t you slut.” “Oh yesssss,” she’d murmur in my ear grinding her cunt up to meet me. “Yeah, maybe I’ll let him feel that nice smooth cunt of yours, let him see how wet it gets. Hmm, I can watch him poke his grimy fingers up your wet hole, make you scream a bit as you cum on his hand.” The more degrading I made it sound the more she responded. Her nipples would grow hard and her pussy would open the flood gate. It was three months after we were married that I decided to put her to the test.

I called her from work. “Hi sweetheart, fancy a special night out?” “Hmmm, sounds good, what sort of special night you got in mind?” “Well now, I want you to listen real careful OK?” “Sure hon, fire away.” “I want you to do something for me. First I want you to dress for the part, wear those nice black 6″ heels I bought you last week, the little red mini skirt and the black see blouse, no bra and no panties. Make sure you put lots of nice makeup on. Then, meet me at the park at 8:30. Bring the RV. As you get out the RV, follow the path to the men’s toilet block, I’ll be waiting just round the back, you got all that?” “What, you’re kidding me right? You want me to go out dressed like that?” “Sandi, don’t fucking argue with me, just do it.” I hung up. It was 2 hours before the rendezvous and I hoped she would be intrigued enough to do as I asked.

The park was well known as a meeting place for couples and men looking for a little adventure. On a couple of occasions in the past I had been approached by men in the toilet asking if I’d like to help them fuck there wives. They would tend to hang around outside and follow you in. The wife was usually sitting half dressed in a car or RV back on the parking lot.

I had something even more daring in mind for Sandi.

I got a cab to the park arriving at 8:15 and waited in the shadows at the back of the toilet block. It was early yet so not too many people were about. The streetlight illuminated the entrance to the toilets but left the rest in deep shadow. From where I stood I had a clear view of the car park. 8:40 came and just as I was beginning to think she had bottled out I saw her pull in. She parked up and cautiously stepped from the vehicle. She was dressed exactly as instructed.

To get to the toilet block meant walking along a well lit path. She looked like a real whore on her high heels and with the light behind her I could clearly see her nipples poking through the thin material. As she made her way towards my position I jumped out behind her and placed my hand over her mouth. In a disguised voice I said, “Not a word bitch, understand?” She nodded. Keeping one hand round her mouth I ran my other hand over her nipples, pulling them roughly through the flimsy material. “Dressed like a whore and ready for fucking are we?” “Y-y-yes,” she stammered, “Tony, is that you?” It suddenly struck me that she wasn’t even sure if it was me running my hands all over her or some total stranger. I kept quite and ran my hand down under her short skirt to her cunt. It was dripping wet. I grabbed her smooth cunt mound and roughly caressed it in the palm of my hand before sliding my fingers up and down her crack. As soon as I made contact with her clit her legs gave way and she had the most intense orgasm.

By :Tony King

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