Submissive fella learns to please his dominant dream girl

I first discovered that I had the weakness while dating my first real girlfriend. I didn’t call it the weakness then, nor was I even aware that I had it at first, but I was always aware there was something different about me where girls, dating and relationships were concerned. Most guys wouldn’t tolerate their girlfriends even flirting with another guy let alone cheating on them behind their backs. I not only tolerated it, but often find myself actually going out of the way to instigate it. For some reason the idea of my significant other, whom I know should traditionally stay faithful and true to me and only me, out somewhere spreading her legs for another man, a real man if you will, who is probably better endowed and better in bed than I am, excites me to no end. Sometimes it excites me so intensely that the mere thought of it forces me to drop whatever I am doing, no matter where I am or how important the thing I am in the middle of is, to take matters into my own hands and masturbate myself to a complete orgasm.

I wasn’t always this way. In fact, I’m pretty sure I started out with the same feelings most guys have about girls cheating on them. There was jealousy and anger at the helplessness of being emasculated, especially when they were out having sex with one of your friends. But, I still couldn’t deny the excitement it brought me. I was a virgin until I was twenty one, until I met Suzy. Suzy was only eighteen and not very bright as far as book smarts went, but she had a keen understanding of men, and she was really hot and sexy. She was blonde with blue eyes, and she had a body to die for, a tiny little waist with flaring hips and a great pair of juicy tits that bounced when she walked.

Suzy had already been with several other men and had even had a couple of abortions, but this didn’t bother me because she was the first girl to show any interest in me whatsoever, an insane interest actually. I had no idea what a girl as hot as Suzy saw in a guy like me. It intimidated me. I was so intimidated in fact that I actually sort of rejected her advances, not because I wanted to. I was afraid of her. I had no skill at talking to girls. Plus I didn’t want her to know I was still a virgin which I knew she would easily figure out if we ever got physical with each other. Suzy’s reputation preceded her. I was still into the macho thing at that time, trying to act like a real man, and I didn’t want her to discover I wasn’t one. I had even taken up boxing hoping to toughen myself up and maybe become a bit of what I and a lot of others thought a real man should be. I had the black eyes to prove it. The black eyes came in useful when I first met Suzy at a party we were both attending.

“You should leave her,” she joked. She was referring to my black eyes and inferring I had a girlfriend who was abusing me.

“I’m a boxer,” I informed her, “Well, actually training to be one.” She must have thought her joke had insulted me because she gave me an apologetic look. She had come all the way across the room to break the ice with me and I had yet to hear of her reputation so I didn’t want to blow things just yet.

“You must be tough,” she said. “Your girlfriend is lucky she has a big strong man to protect her.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” I confessed, and that’s when I figured out that, that was what she was trying to find out. She smiled and began following me all around the rest of the night.

I didn’t go to parties much, mostly because I was rarely invited, but the guys at the boxing gym I was training at invited me to this one. I thought, ‘what the hell?’ I was one of the few white people there, me, Suzy, a couple other girls and maybe one other guy who I was pretty sure was actually Hispanic anyway. At first I thought that was the reason Suzy had started hanging all over me, cause I was the only white guy there, but I soon learned from Tyrone that she had put out for a couple of “the brothers” already. Tyrone was the guy I would spar with the most. He was my trainer at the gym. He was also the reason for my black eyes.

“Man, this is your lucky night,” he told me, “That girl Suzy will suck you, fuck you and even toss your salad. She loves it up the ass too, man.”

Tyrone hadn’t fucked her himself yet, but he had gotten the news from very reliable sources who had. I guess he thought he was trying to help me out, but it was actually the thing that started making me afraid of her. A girl that experienced would know immediately how inexperienced I was and that was just something a real man should never be, not by the time they were twenty one. Still, I knew a real man would be eternally grateful for this news, even though it seemed to be news only to me, so I hid my fear and thanked him.

“Think nothing of it,” he said, patting my back. “It’s the least I can do for my favorite punching bag.”

“Still, if you had plans with her, I wouldn’t want to interfere,” I told him, still trying to find some way out of exposing myself and not going through with having to have sex with a woman who would know me for what I was.

“Nah, forget about it,” he said. “I’ll hit it some other night. You have fun, white boy.”

After that, it was Suzy all over me all night long. I was actually relieved when people would interrupt our talking. It’s funny how popular you are when the hottest girl at a party shows clear interest in you and everyone attending can see it. Suzy would become real frustrated at these interruptions. She finally asked me straight out, “You want to find a room and mess around?”

I couldn’t think of any feasible excuse not too, and Suzy really didn’t wait for one anyway. She took my hand and pulled me after her as she started leading me through the house opening doors to rooms to find us some privacy only to be frustrated that the rooms were already being used. Finally she decided we should just go outside which we did and worked our way through the crowd which had built up by word of mouth to include uninvited guests and party crashers until deciding we should use my car.

I had a sedan with an okay sized backseat. We climbed inside and Suzy basically attacked me. We made out for a good long while, swapping tongues and spit and sucking on each other’s necks and ears. I would usually wait for her to do something to me and then I would do it back to her. I must not have been as aggressive as the guys she had grown used to because she finally took my hands and placed them on her tits.

“Do you like them?”

I stopped kissing her a second to nod my approval timidly. She smiled. I went back to kissing her and squeezing her tits. They were the greatest tits in the whole wide world, granted the only ones I had ever felt, even just over a blouse, but I loved them and kept squeezing them for all I was worth. She stopped me again.

“Wait.” I was disappointed but only for a brief second. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off and reached back and unfastened her bra and slipped it off and tossed it aside. There they were. They were large and fleshy with big pink puffy areolas and hard nipples pointing straight at me. I must have had the hungriest look on my face. I remember licking my lips. Suzy giggled at my eagerness.

“You can suck on them if you want,” she told me. I buried my face in them, licking and lapping and kissing first one and then the other. I would take turns squeezing one meaty juicy mound of meat while sucking on the hard pointy erect nipple of the free one. I felt her hands undoing my pants and reaching down inside them. She found my throbbing hard on and started stroking me and it was all I could do not to squirt right then and there, but I held back, and then she was taking off her own pants, kicking off her shoes first and working her jeans down her legs and off, and off came her panties, pretty sexy pink panties and she was pulling me on top of her and guiding me inside, and I was breathing heavy because it was the greatest feeling in the entire world ever and I think I started pumping my hips and I suddenly realized why they called it humping and I only got in a couple of pumps and then I couldn’t take it any longer…

I groaned and came hard!

I was mortified. I almost started crying. She was checking me out while at the same time trying to hide her disappointment at my poor performance, but I could feel it as surely as I felt my own shame.

“Are you a virgin?” She wanted to know. There was no point in trying to hide it any longer. I nodded that I was. She patted the back of my head and pulled my face into her breasts. They were sweaty and salty now. She giggled that giggle of hers.

“I thought so,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

This time she didn’t giggle, she laughed out loud. “Don’t be silly. You’ll get better. We just have to work on it. We have to work on it a lot. I think virgins are hot.”

“You do?”

“Sure. I never had one before. I didn’t even know they existed in this day and age, especially not guy virgins.”

I almost cried again, but this time it wasn’t out of fear or shame. I was in love, and I told her. She didn’t say it back but that was okay. She giggled her giggle again, and then we did it one more time and I think maybe I did get a little better, maybe just a little. I lasted just a little longer. I told her I loved her again and she giggled again.

We did it more and more the next few days. We mostly used my place. She never wanted to be at her place and made sure I never went in her bedroom. That didn’t matter to me. I even gave her a key to my place which she accepted and told me how sweet she thought it was. Each and every time we did it, I told her I loved her. She never said it back, just giggled her giggle. Eventually though she began faking that giggle. I could tell and then she stopped her giggling completely. She never once said she loved me back. Maybe because the more we did it the less she began to like it, it and me. I was afraid I was going to lose her and that made me desperate. I began to research the internet for ways to please women. I discovered cunninglus was a big turn on for a lot of them.

I began eating her pussy on a regular basis. I started out just doing it during foreplay and it actually did seem to have a great effect on her. It wasn’t as much as I wanted though. I wanted to make her cum so I even started doing it after cumming inside her. I always felt I left her lacking after we made love and I thought this might make up for my inadequacy and lack of experience. The first time I went down on her after I had squirted my sperm in her pussy she tried to stop me.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I want to pleasure you,” I told her.

“You just came in me,” she said a little shocked. “It’s really messy down there.”

“I don’t care. I want to get you off.” I found myself pretty much begging her to let me pleasure her in this way. She finally shrugged and gave in. I’m pretty sure I did get her off unless she was faking which I didn’t see any reason for. It was the first time I actually made her orgasm out loud.

The second time I did it her protests weren’t as convincing as the first time. I could tell she really wanted me to do it this time. She just asked me if I was sure and when I assured her I was, she lied back and spread her legs wide to open up her creamy used pussy to my eager mouth. From then on, each time following our love making, she pretty much just would lie back and spread her legs immediately after I would cum in her pretty much expecting me to perform this act and seeming almost relieved that my fucking her was actually over with.

While I was developing my new skills with her in the bedroom, she had begun showing up at the gym to watch me develop my fighting skills or rather watch me get pounded on by Tyrone. Tyrone seemed to love pounding on me even more in front of my girlfriend. Everyone at the gym knew I was dating the girl with the reputation now and there were lots of jokes and whispers about it, that I did my best to ignore. When she first started showing up I was sure she was rooting for me, but as time progressed she seemed to really enjoy seeing me take a beating from Tyrone almost as much as he liked giving me one in front of her.

“Go get him, baby!” she would yell which had only seemed to make Tyrone lay into me that much harder. Eventually, it began to feel like that was the exact reason she was doing it and it started to become unclear to me if she were cheering for me or Tyrone. Tyrone had even started taking breaks by handing me off to a different sparring partner and going over to chat with her by himself whenever she would visit. Sometimes he would get a little extra touchy and feely with her and she never once tried to stop him. Every time, I would finish my training and go over to join them they would stop talking about whatever they were talking about as if I were intruding and she would get a really guilty look on her face. They had secrets they didn’t want to share with me. All I could think about was when Tyrone told me at the party that he would “hit” her some other time. I couldn’t help thinking he was keeping true to that promise even though he knew she had become my girlfriend.

One day he put his hand right on her ass and I was so distracted my sparring partner knocked me out cold. When I came around, she was standing over me smiling. So were Tyrone and my sparring partner.

“You almost had him, baby,” she joked and everyone laughed.

Despite the way she was acting, and despite the fact that Tyrone was trying to fuck her and she didn’t seem to mind it and might even want it, I asked her to go out steady with me and be my girl and my girl only.

“What are you talking about? I am going out with you.”

“I mean I want you to be my girl.”

“You mean like exclusively?”

“If you want,” I said, a little dejected.

It took her a long time to answer me and she finally came back with, “I have to think about it.”

The next day at the gym, Tyrone took his break the way he always did, handing me off to another sparring partner and going up to talk to her in the routine he had established. I tried not to look at them because it made me feel more like a pussy whipped jealous fool than I knew everyone already thought I was. It was a mistake. The next time I glanced over, they were nowhere to be seen. I probably would have been knocked out again, but this time, I jumped out of the boxing ring and headed for the only place I knew they must be, alone together. I braced myself for the worst, but one of Tyrone’s friends stopped me before I could enter the locker room.

“Where are you going, sport?”

Before I could even answer, Suzy emerged from the locker room with Tyrone right behind her. He was all smiles showing his big what teeth and looked a little worn out and I knew it wasn’t from boxing. Suzy was red faced with embarrassment. Her hair and make up were a mess. Her blouse was buttoned wrong and she was all sweaty. There was even an obvious run in one of her stockings. She also had this “after sex” look about her that I knew so well, but it was even more apparent than when she was done with me. Some of the others in the gym had gathered around and all had grins and smiles on their faces as they watched our interaction.

At first we just stared at each other and then Suzy grabbed my face and kissed me long and deep with lots of tongue. “Lets go home, baby. I’m so horny.”

“Taste a little salty?” Tyrone asked me. He and his friends laughed. I turned red with emasculated embarrassment.

“Hush up, you?” Suzy said to him, slapping him playfully with a little sudden aroused embarrassment of her own.

“Don’t forget to try that other thing too,” Tyrone said to her with a wink.

“Just ignore them,” Suzy said to me. Then she started untying my boxing gloves. “Lets get you out of these and get you home.”

“I need to shower,” I said.

“No you don’t. I’m not going to,” she informed me, and this time she was the one who winked at Tyrone making him and all his friends who had gathered around start laughing with her.

On the way home, I couldn’t look at her. I drove looking straight ahead and staring straight out the window. She seemed to be taunting me, smiling and trying to make small talk which I couldn’t pay attention to as we drove along.

“What’s the matter, baby? You don’t want me to be your girl any more?”

Is that what she was trying to do, make me not want to be her girl?

“I came to a decision,” she said.

Obviously, I thought. But it definitely wasn’t the way I thought at all. When we got to my place, she took me by the hand and led me straight into my bedroom. She seemed as eager to have sex with me as she had our very first night together. She immediately began disrobing, and then she hopped on her back and spread her legs wide. It was clear she had fucked him. Her pussy looked swollen, red and used. Her pussy hair was matted and sticky and I could even see thick white sperm leaking out of her. I knew it was Tyrone’s.

“Well,” she asked. “Is something the matter?”

“It… It’s just that…,” I had no idea what I was even trying to say. I wanted to know if she had fucked Tyrone. I mean, I knew but I wanted her to say it. What the hell was she trying to do to me?

“I thought you loved me.”

“I do.” I insisted.

“Then do that thing with your mouth. You know how much I like it.”

“Now?” I croaked out.

“Sure,” she said. “What’s the problem?”

“It’s just that…”

“I don’t think you love me at all. I think you just love the sex, just like every other guy.”

“That’s not true,” I insisted.

“Then prove it,” she said.

“This… This will prove it?” I asked with a whimper.

“It sure will. More than anything else you could ever do for me.”

With that I got down on my knees and put my face between her legs. I was a little less eager than usual at first, but I held back a gagging sensation and licked and lapped at her. I could taste him, a stranger’s cum inside my girlfriend’s pussy. I tried to lick around it but she grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced my face deeper into her used snatch. I began licking and lapping and she moaned.

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