Strong young guy, thought I was gay, at first

A few weeks back I was working on my yard and I met a nice young man from the neighborhood. He noticed me trying to start the lawn mower and stopped to give me a hand. As we introduced ourselves, he gave me a nice firm handshake and a warm smile.

His name was Jacob, he was a big strong guy and a senior at our local High School. He lived just a few streets over and was on the swim team. He was excited to graduate High School soon and looked more mature than his age of 18. He helped me pull the dam cord hard enough to get it kicked over. He walked off with his Rocky and I went to work on the yard. I thought of him as I plowed through the grass. He was a very good looking young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He looked like a fast swimmer, I bet he could swim for miles.

I rented a house with two guys I met from a friend last year. They are always working, or with their girlfriends and not around much. We rarely hang out and only talk briefly but were always friendly with each other. I take care of the house and the owner gives me a rent discount for making his life easier. I work from home so it’s no big deal and I have the place to myself all day.

I’ve always tried to keep in good shape and recently started doing longer work outs. I began to snack on fruits and veggies more and cooled it on the sodas and beers. I also started doing 200 sit ups and 200 push ups a day. I got my abs and pec’s looking nice and firm in no time. My pecs looked bigger when I checked them in the mirror, from the side. I felt more confident and a lot better about myself.

At 26 years old, I wanted to look my best, feel great and attract the hottest piece of ass I could find. I was ready for a new hottie and the new sexual stimulations that would follow. I wasn’t seeing anyone for quite a while and open for suggestions. When I was finishing up the yard Jacob came by again with his Rocky.

“Looks much better Mike.” He said as we smiled at each other.

“Thanks to you…” I kidded.

We made more small talk and he was very nice and friendly. He was quite a talker, we ended speaking out front for almost a half hour. He asked me what I thought about our local colleges and other advice his Father should be giving him. I found out he didn’t get along with his Dad very well and that they rarely talked.

Jacob’s Rocky was getting restless and I could tell he had to get going. I told him to not be a stranger and come by anytime he felt like it. He said that sounded great and he would start walking his Rocky by my place more often. He walked off and gave me a nice smile as he looked over his shoulder. I didn’t see him, until I was backing out of my garage a few days later.

“Hey Jacob.” I said as he approached my car window with his Rocky.

“Hi Mike, how’s it going?” He asked with his big blue eyes.

“Fine, I’m just going to the supermarket to pick up a few things, how are you doing?” I said, as he kept beaming at me.

“I’m chill, hey I need to go to the store too, can I tag along?” He asked with a warm friendly smile.

“Sure, what do you want to do with your Rocky?” I asked.

“If you can wait a minute I’ll run him home, just follow me and I’ll dump him off.”

“Ok, no problem buddy.” I said.

“Great thanks.”

He took off up the street and rounded the corner, this kid could run fast. He cut down a few streets over and arrived at his house. He let the Rocky in the front door and joined me in the car.

“Dam Jacob, you run fast.” I said as he jumped in.

“I use to run track.” He said as he slapped my leg.

We took off for the store. Jacob was talking up a storm and seemed very excited for some reason… We shopped around the supermarket and he helped me with the cart and selecting all the best stuff. He just wanted some chicken from the deli and a banana. Since he was so helpful and nice, I just paid for everything. We loaded the car and headed back in the direction of our neighborhood.

By :bogey4u

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