Stripped nude in public, Ana swears revenge on her attackers

Twenty years ago, near the edge of a high school football field in El Cerrito, California, a gorgeous young Latina named Ana knelt in the dirt just under the bleachers in front of a group of four, much larger white boys.

She was terrified.

Surrounded by the four, she crouched, staining the knees of her new jeans with her arms crossed in front of her, desperately trying to hide her bare breasts.

At four-foot eleven, Ana’s breasts were very large for her short, curvaceous frame, but they were often the sources of harassment from the other girls…usually the white girls.

They called her “Mexican-slut” and “Cholo-whore,” and for the most part, Ana ignored them, telling herself that they were just jealous.

The attention from the males consisted mainly of thinly veiled approaches…at first.

When Ana inevitably turned them down, their valiant demeanors more often than not turned into leers, and rude remarks about her breasts, accompanied by the endless false rumors spread behind her back by boys who claimed to have “fucked” her.

She was “easy” they claimed…referring to her openly and within earshot as that “big-titty Mexican slut.”

Of course, aside from the facts that she was big-titted, and Mexican, none of the rest what they said about her was true. Ana had been raised by a conservative Catholic family. She wasn’t a prude, but she wasn’t a whore or a slut either.

On a physical level, the harassment from the males never went further than an occasional “accidental” feel, or hand on her breast…but this time was very different.

It had gone too far…way too far.

Following behind her as she made her way across the field, the four boys had started out with the usual whistles, catcall and rude remarks.

“Hey Ana! Show us your tits!” they yelled, among other things.

Ignoring them, as she always had, Ana walked on with her back towards them in silence, thinking that they would finally give up on their stupidity and leave her alone as they always did eventually.

But without warning, the four had run up on her and grabbed her from behind.

Pushing and shoving her, they had forced Ana under the bleachers where they now taunted her, calling her “slut, whore, skank,” and anything else they could think of.

Grabbing hold of her white chiffon blouse, one of them had pulled at it, until it tore…ripping it away from her body.

With her bra-covered breasts revealed to their nasty stares, it seemed that her pleas for them to stop only enflamed the group all the more, and her bra had soon followed. Torn from her body, it laid a useless rag on the grass by what was left of her blouse.

“Please…stop…” Ana begged. Huddled on her knees before them, she tried to cover herself.

“Fucking beaner bitch!” One of them, a red-haired, freckle-faced Irish boy who was apparently the ring leader, shouted at her.

“Let’s see those fuckin’ titties!”

“Yah,” another boy, a long blonde chimed in, “we wanna see em!”

Dragging her to her feet, two of the boys pulled her arms back and away from her chest, pinning them behind her.

Ana’s bare breasts tumbled free in front of her, bouncing and jiggling as she struggled to free herself…while the boys reacted like kids in a candy store at the sight of them.

The red-head whistled through his teeth.

“Jeezus! Look at those things…they’re fuckin’ huge!”

Grabbing a nipple between his fingers while one of the boys held her from behind, he rolled it in his fingers, pulling and pinching at it. Grinning as it grew erect, he shouted at his companions. “See? The little whore likes it!”

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