Strip poker party

The girl with the long dark hair lost again. Slowly, tantalizingly,
she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing that she was wearing
nothing whatsoever underneath. Her small, firm breasts were the same
golden color as the rest of her skin, with the aureolae a darker
chocolate brown. All that she had left now was a pair of small,
white cotton panties.

While he looked admiringly at the breasts just revealed, caressing
their curves with his eyes, the black girl to his right shuffled the
cards for the next round of their game. So far, it was just plain
strip poker, but the girls, when they persuaded him to join them, had
promised him some interesting variations later…

It was late at night, he had just been about to leave the party when
the four girls had come up to him. They were the only people still
in the house, all the other guys having left already. After some
embarrassed giggling and shuffling among the girls, none of whom
looked more than twenty or so, a year or two younger than he was, a
tall blonde asked him if he wanted to play strip poker with them. He
hesitated briefly, wondering what they were up to. Apart from the
hostess, a petite brunette named Miriam, with long, curly hair and
large breasts, he didn’t know any of the girls. They all appeared
fairly drunk, and in a mood for mischief. But the blonde, seeing his
hesitation, stepped closer, and, putting her arms around him,
promised him a real interesting game. He could fell her pointed
breasts rubbing against his chest, and, controlled by the immediate
reaction between his legs, he heard himself say yes.

The five of them went into the living room and sat down on the soft
carpet covering the floor. The hostess, sitting on his left, brought
a pack of cards and started shuffling them. To his right was the
black girl, and next to her the golden-skinned, vaguely oriental girl
with the long dark hair. The blonde sat between the hostess and the
oriental, completing the circle. After he had cut the cards, they all
got five cards each, and the game started.

The black girl immediately lost the first two rounds, but all that
cost her was a pair of socks. “That’s not fair, Jessie,” complained
the blonde, “both I and Mi Ling were barefoot from the start.” “So ?
Too late now, Anna, should’ve said that before we started. Besides,
you’re wearing a bra, and I’m not.” And it was quite evident that
she wasn’t, her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric
of her blouse. “And how about you, Miriam, what do you have under
that fancy dress of yours ?” Miriam was wearing a short, red,
off-the-shoulders dress, with black pantyhose covering her legs.
“Soon enough you’ll know.” she said, “Let’s get on with it now, I
want to see some action. Come on, John, you deal.”

He did, and the game went one. In the next few rounds, he rapidly
lost both his socks and his shirt. Jessie offered to help him with
the shirt, and he let her do it, stroking the hair on his chest while
unbuttoning. He then reciprocated when she lost her shorts, taking
the opportunity to feel her ass through the lacy pants. Also Mi Ling
had to take off her jeans, but declined his offer to help, and Miriam
lost her pantyhose. Then Mi Ling lost again… He tried not to stare
too obviously when she took hold of her t-shirt and started to lift
it, her slender hands revealing a widening band of golden skin around
her waist. But she noticed his glance anyway, and returned a smile
at the same time shy and inviting.

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