Stranger Things: Dustin the Bard

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Stranger Things or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Stranger Things: Dustin the Bard
By Muhabba

It was a dark and scary night but the great bard Dustin knew no fear. As he traveled down the murky trail the skies above him rolled with dark clouds and thunder. Flashes of lightning struck from every direction allowing him to see well enough not to get lost but he knew that he had to find shelter before the storm broke.

He continued on, unafraid, until a strange light in the distance caught his attention. It appeared to be simple torch light rather than a will-o-wisp but he kept a firm hold of his walking staff just in case. The torch light flowed orange rather than the blue of witch-fire but he kept a hold of a hand full of salt also just in case.

As the brave bard walked closer he saw that the light was indeed torch light illuminating a small inn. He felt the first few drops of rain land across his face as he approached the door with a sign set above it. He had never heard of the “Hawks Inn” but it seemed like a cozy establishment. He stepped through the door just as the storm broke behind him and then closed it against the wind.

“Hola, fellow inn patrons!” he called out to the half a dozen other guests. The other guests cheered back and he bowed graciously. He picked a table near the roaring fire and set down his traveling gear before taking a seat himself. Two serving girls about his own age scurried over to him to take his order. One girl had long red hair while the other had short, dark hair.

“How may we serve you, m’lord?” the red haired girl asked him, “I am Max and this is my fellow server 11.”

“Fine and noble names,” Dustin said with infectious good cheer, “I’ll have a cup of hot grog and a steak of your finest pig.”

“Yes, m’lord,” Max said with a smile for him before scuttling back to the kitchen with 11 quickly following.

Both girls looked familiar to Dustin but he couldn’t place from where. They were both dressed in similar, shapeless dresses but he didn’t know about how he could know them since he had never been to the Hawks Inn before.

The barmaid walked to Dustin’s table and he could tell she was smitten with him by the way she looked at him with her big doe eyes. She was wearing a tight corset with a flowing dress tied tight around her waist. She had wavy, chestnut colored hair that flowed out behind her as she walked gracefully towards him.

“I am Nancy, m’lord,” she said as she placed his steaming stein of grog on the table and tried to hide her blush from his adventurous eyes, “Is there any other way I may service you?”

“I will need a room for the night,” Dustin said with a suggestive wink. The barmaid giggled and blushed deeper.

“I will send the matron, m’lord,” Nancy giggled before scurrying away, the bard’s eyes following her backside.

The Great Bard Dustin enjoyed his grog while visiting with the other travelers as he waited for his food. A polite cough caught his attention and he turned around to find a woman standing behind him. She was dressed similar to Nancy but with a much more impressive bust.

“M,lord, I am Joyce, the owner of the Hawks Inn. I understand you would have need for lodging for the night?” she said before giving him a small bow.

“Your finest room and all the amenities!” Dustin said cheerfully as he pulled out his sack of gold and threw it on the table, “And money is no object!”

Joyce’s eyes widened at the sight of his spilled gold. “At once, m’lord,” she said excitedly before rushing back to her office.

Only a few moments later Nancy brought Dustin a thick pork steak with stewed potatoes and another mug of steaming grog. She bowed low giving him a look at the deep cleavage between her small breasts. She stood back up and gave him a knowing smile before leaving him to his food.

As the renowned bard ate his food, Max and 11 returned and offered to take his supplies up to his room. They giggled to each other when he tipped them a shiny silver before taking his gear upstairs.

When he finished his meal, Joyce returned to take his plate and he couldn’t help but notice her corset had been drawn tighter and pulled down more to expose a great deal of firm, creamy cleavage. She helped herself to the chair across from him and slid her hand over and placed it down on top of his. And he couldn’t help but notice her quivering cleavage as she leaned over the table slightly. “Would you care for some of my pie, Master Dustin,” she said knowingly, “I have the finest pie in all of these lands.”

Dustin smirked and gave a small flip of his dark and curly hair as he stated deep into the bar matron’s bright eyes. “I’m sure you do, madam,” he said as he gave her slender fingers a delicate squeeze, “It would be an honor to sample your pie.”

An instant later Nancy reappeared with a slice of buckle-berry pie and a glass of sweet tea. She sat down beside him as well and grasped his other hand and he couldn’t help but notice how her clothes had changed slightly. Her dress had been pulled tighter around her small waist showing the slight shape of her taunt little rear-end and while she didn’t have nearly the cleavage that her matron had, Nancy had pulled her corset tighter as well and had tied it lower.

So as not to show favoritism to either beautiful female, Dustin released both of their hands and grabbed his fork in one and his tea in the other. The tea was, of course, weak but still very sweet while the pie, he was sure, wasn’t the finest pie in the land but he was sure that it wasn’t the pie that Joyce had been talking about.

As he ate his pie, Max and 11 returned and sat at his table with the other two females. “I bet you’ve traveled far and wide, sir,” Max said in awe to him, “Would you please tell us one of your tales?” 11 eagerly nodded her head in agreement.

“My travels have been long indeed,” Dustin said, “Especially today. But I suppose one tale before bed won’t hurt.” He began his tale of his victory over the swamp creature of Bogsworth when someone began playing the piano. “Hark! I know this tune,” he said loudly.

“Would you care to dance, m’lord?” Max asked him as 11 once again nodded her head in excitement.

“I suppose one dance before bed couldn’t hurt,” Dustin said merrily as he stood up. He took the two girls’ hands and led them near the piano. He spun them around causing them to giggle as they swayed their hips to the music. Both of the girls moved in closer to the dancing bard and the bard wrapped his manly arms around the waists.

Max wrapped her arms around his shoulders while 11 wrapped her arms around his middle. Both girls moved in closer until the three of them were pressed tightly together, moving to the beat of the music. As the bard led them around the dance floor, Max began rubbing her frame against one side of his body while 11 did the same to his other side. Both teenage girls nuzzled against his neck as they ran their hands across his broad chest and nudged his hands to do the same to them.

As Dustin twirled around he lost track of Max and 11 but when he stopped he found Nancy in front of him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and he did the same to her as she began dancing with him. She held him closely, hip to hip, grinding against him as she then lowered his arms down so that his hands were resting on her tight ass through her dress.

As Nancy rubbed herself against his muscular body, she encouraged him to use his grip on her buttocks to move them around the dance floor. With a flourish she spun around in his arms, his hands now just above her groin, her back to his chest, and his manhood pressed against the cleft of her pert backside. She ground herself against his throbbing tool as she undulated and writhed in his arms.

With a flourish, Dustin spun himself and Nancy across the floor but suddenly lost his hold on the wanton young woman. But his empty arms were suddenly filled with the bar’s matron. Joyce smiled seductively as she wrapped her arms around the young man and held her warm, voluptuous body against his. She ran her hands through his dark, curly hair as she rubbed herself against him without care that they were in the middle of the inn in full view of all of her patrons.

The lusty wench held the valiant bard tightly, moving her body against his, her large breasts and wide hips moving with him. They ground against each other as Joyce kept her eyes locked on his, staring deeply into them. Her lips grazed his as she moaned out quietly, her tongue darting out to caress his lips.

The song ended and Dustin gave the matron a charming grin before stepping back and bowing to Joyce. He then bowed to Nancy and then both Max and 11 as the crowd in the inn cheered at his amazing dancing talent. He stood straight and addressed the other bar patrons. “My journeys have been long and I must away to bed,” he announced and was met by friendly cheers.

When Dusting turned to the stairs he saw that all the bar’s women were lined up waiting for him. At the bottom of the stairs Max and 11 gave him chaste hug each before breaking out into fits of giggles . He climbed the stairs to the first landing and to Nancy who gave him and much more form fitting hug and a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. He continued up the stairs and to Joyce waiting for him at the top. She melded her body against his before giving him a hug of her own and a much deeper kiss, her tongue caressing his lips.

“Good night, my friends,” he called out to the other customers as well as the ladies. The bar’s patrons cheered him to bed and as he walked to his room he could feel the four women’s eyes on him.


The storm raged on outside the Hawk’s Inn but it didn’t disturb Dustin from his slumber. What did waken him was the door to his room opening silently and then closing. His eyes peered into the darkness where he easily saw Max leading 11 to his bedside. “And what may I do for you two lasses,” he said with a knowing smirk.

“I think you know,” Max said as she climbed into bed with him while the ever silent 11 walked to the other side of his bed and climbed in with them. The red haired girl knelt beside the handsome bard as her friend did the same. Max gave Dustin a wicked smile before saying to him, “Perhaps a small show first.”

Dustin watched as the two young girls leaned across his muscular body and kissed. Their hands wrapped around their bodies as their lips pressed together. They moaned lustfully and he could plainly see their moist, pink tongues slip back and forth between their eager mouths. He watched the show with his hands behind his head while the young girls’ hands began roaming over one another’s bodies.

With a wide smile on his face, the wandering bard watched as their simple shifts fluttered down revealing the girls’ young, teenage bodies to him. Max had the more developed body with breasts that would easily fill Dustin’s hands while 11’s small set sat high and firm on her chest. The girls easily shimmied out the rest of the way out of their plain dresses revealing the plump, firm asses and their supple, coltish legs.

As the girls continued their lustful kiss, Dustin placed one hand each on their asses, caressing their firm back-sides as the two teenage servants’ hands began sliding over their chests. Max was the first to bend down and skillful lick at 11’s small chest, sucking in one ripe nipple as the dark haired girl moaned in desire and cupped one of the red haired girl’s larger tits. The renowned bard slipped his thumbs between the girl’s taunt cheeks, circling their sensitive little taints as they groaned out above them. The girls were already wet allowing his thumbs to move easier between the moist little pussies and their puckered little assholes.

Dustin probed the girls’ holes as 11 bent down to lick and suck at Max’s chest while the red haired girl groaned out in pleasure. He slipped his thumbs into each teenage girls’ ass causing them both to moan out in lust and gratitude. He began with small, shallow strokes in and out of their tight holes as Max bent to 11’s petit chest again and 11 toyed with her friend’s larger breasts. The bard pulled his thumbs out with a lewd pop and then began stroking each girl’s dripping cunts as the teenage servers pleasured one another.

Slipping his thumbs back deep into the two girl’s tight asses, Max and 11 kissed again and stroked one another’s tender breasts. They giggled through the kiss while the bard ass fucked them with his thumbs and the girls sent one hand each down their taunt, fevered bodies. Dustin smiled wider as the two friends slipped their hands between the other’s coltish thighs to their wet little slits. The girls giggled again as they caressed the other girl’s pussy until their mounds were dripping with desire and lust.

The muscular bard smiled wide as the two teenage girls slipped their fingers into their dripping holes. They groaned out in lust through their sloppy kiss as they began fingering one another, their slick juices sliding down the insides of their quivering thighs. Dustin pulled his thumbs out of their asses with a loud pop again before slipping his two middle fingers back in and making the two teenage girls gasp out in pleasure. He pumped into their bodies with all the passion that they were using to pump into one another, their voices growing louder and louder through the small room.

His eyes intently staring between Max and 11’s legs, Dustin watched as they drove each other to climax. Their young bodies quivered in pleasure as they cried out in bliss, their warm juices gushing out of their young bodies and then dripping down onto his chest. Their fingers were a blur between their legs as they worked one another into a churning frenzy until they finally both suddenly on either side of him. He pulled his fingers from their tight asses and wrapped his arms around their waists as they nuzzled against his chest and fought to get their breath back.

“And how did you like the show, sir?” Max asked him with a knowing smile.

“Far better than anything I can do with my lyre,” Dustin said jokingly, causing both girls to laugh at his humor.

Max looked across the bard’s broad, muscular chest at 11 who nodded back at the red headed girl. Smirking wickedly, Max looked back at Dustin. “I suppose it’s time to move on to the next show then,” she told him.

“I suppose it is at that,” Dustin agreed as the two girls move themselves around on the bed. They moved their naked bodies around until their heads were both below his waist and their up-turned rear-ends were by his head. “Already such a great show,” he chuckled.

As the two teenage girls grasped his manhood, Dustin the Bard ran his hands over both of the girls’ soft, round asses. They began tugging on his cock with one hand each, their fingers entwined around his girth as he pet their wet, hot, pink pussies. With one hand, both girls tugged on his throbbing manhood while they each used their free hand to grasp one bloated ball each. He groaned out as they jerked him off and juggled his balls while he slipped two fingers from each hand into their tightly clutching cunts.

Always the leader, Max bent down and licked around the bard’s sensitive cock-head as he continued pumping her and 11’s bodies with his fingers. 11 bent down next to her friend and licked him as well, the two girls’ tongues slipping and wiggling around his throbbing manhood. Dustin groaned as the red-haired girl finally took him into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked on him hard, bobbing up and down before letting him slid from her mouth giving 11 her turn with him.

The short-haired girl managed to swallow half of his length before giving him back to her friend. The two girls took turns sucking on his cock as he watched and continued pumping their tight holes with his fingers. Max was the first to manage to take the whole of him into her throat, swallowing around his length before releasing him and gasping for air. 11 tried next but could only take him down to his last inch until the red haired girl pushed the back of her head down. The bard gasped as the tip of his dick invaded her tight, clutching throat. And just when Dustin had reached his limit, Max pulled her friend off of his cock and looked back at him with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“We are not quite done with you yet, m’lord,” Max told him before she and 11 released their holds on him.

“I agree,” Dustin said with a manly chuckle. Max turned around until she was straddling his hips, his massive, spit-wet cock pointing up between her coltish thighs. She held the base of his meaty sword and then lowered herself down, slipping the tip of his bright red cock-head inside of her hot, pink cunt. She groaned out in pure bliss at the feel of his rough hands on her slender hips and his thick pole in her tight hole. She lowered herself down, slowly taking inch after inch of him as he motioned 11 to lay at his side and watch.

As the silent girl curled up against Dustin’s broad chest, the handsome bard kept a hold of her friend’s hips as she slowly slid down his thick pole. The red-haired girl had her head thrown back in pleasure, her fiery hair trailing down her body as she groaned in lust. She slowly took all of his cock into her young body until she enveloped every inch of his massive tool. She squirmed around a bit to get used to the feel of such a large dick inside of her body until her eyes fluttered open and looked deep into Dustin’s.

The manly bard slid his hands up from Max’s hips to her heaving chest and plump breasts. He caressed and squeezed the firm orbs tenderly as the teenage girl rolled her hips up and back slowly, rising up and down on his thick shaft as he circled her nipples with his thumbs. She groaned in lust as she moved back and forth and up and down while he continued masterfully playing with her firm tits. She bent forward, her hands on his broad chest as she pleasured herself with his mighty tool, gasping in lust as she moved her young body faster and faster.

Max bent farther down as Dustin slid his hands back to her hips. He and 11 bent up and each took a ripe, hard nipple into their mouths, licking and sucking on the hard nubs. The young girl’s fiery red hair thrashed back as she rode the handsome bard harder and harder. Her pistoning body suddenly froze and she clenched her jaw as she came, her entire body shivering and her muscles twitching as her tight cunt gushed in desire.

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