Stranger Things: Dustin the Bard

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Stranger Things or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Stranger Things: Dustin the Bard
By Muhabba

It was a dark and scary night but the great bard Dustin knew no fear. As he traveled down the murky trail the skies above him rolled with dark clouds and thunder. Flashes of lightning struck from every direction allowing him to see well enough not to get lost but he knew that he had to find shelter before the storm broke.

He continued on, unafraid, until a strange light in the distance caught his attention. It appeared to be simple torch light rather than a will-o-wisp but he kept a firm hold of his walking staff just in case. The torch light flowed orange rather than the blue of witch-fire but he kept a hold of a hand full of salt also just in case.

As the brave bard walked closer he saw that the light was indeed torch light illuminating a small inn. He felt the first few drops of rain land across his face as he approached the door with a sign set above it. He had never heard of the “Hawks Inn” but it seemed like a cozy establishment. He stepped through the door just as the storm broke behind him and then closed it against the wind.

“Hola, fellow inn patrons!” he called out to the half a dozen other guests. The other guests cheered back and he bowed graciously. He picked a table near the roaring fire and set down his traveling gear before taking a seat himself. Two serving girls about his own age scurried over to him to take his order. One girl had long red hair while the other had short, dark hair.

“How may we serve you, m’lord?” the red haired girl asked him, “I am Max and this is my fellow server 11.”

“Fine and noble names,” Dustin said with infectious good cheer, “I’ll have a cup of hot grog and a steak of your finest pig.”

“Yes, m’lord,” Max said with a smile for him before scuttling back to the kitchen with 11 quickly following.

Both girls looked familiar to Dustin but he couldn’t place from where. They were both dressed in similar, shapeless dresses but he didn’t know about how he could know them since he had never been to the Hawks Inn before.

The barmaid walked to Dustin’s table and he could tell she was smitten with him by the way she looked at him with her big doe eyes. She was wearing a tight corset with a flowing dress tied tight around her waist. She had wavy, chestnut colored hair that flowed out behind her as she walked gracefully towards him.

“I am Nancy, m’lord,” she said as she placed his steaming stein of grog on the table and tried to hide her blush from his adventurous eyes, “Is there any other way I may service you?”

“I will need a room for the night,” Dustin said with a suggestive wink. The barmaid giggled and blushed deeper.

“I will send the matron, m’lord,” Nancy giggled before scurrying away, the bard’s eyes following her backside.

The Great Bard Dustin enjoyed his grog while visiting with the other travelers as he waited for his food. A polite cough caught his attention and he turned around to find a woman standing behind him. She was dressed similar to Nancy but with a much more impressive bust.

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