Straight guys lose control

My family moved from Ohio to California when I was in High School. I instantly fell in love with California and enjoyed the opportunity to play outdoor sports year round. I excelled in baseball and swimming. We lived close to the beach to, so I learned how to surf pretty good. As the years went by I developed many great friends and was fairly popular. I missed some of my friends in Ohio but that’s about it.

My parents were easy to deal with and I pretty much got away with a lot of crap. My little sister Chris, had it a little tougher than me but she managed to have her fun too. We watched each others backs and were very close. She was 2 years younger and had a lot of hot girlfriends. I banged a few of her friends and became very close to one Samantha. Chris was cool with this because she banged one of my best friends. Samantha was pretty wild when she got drunk, she liked to drink Margaritas and I supplied her with many. We did all kinds of things when we got drunk and naked. She let me bang her in the ass when she was on her period, which was more intense than her snatch. I always counted the days till she had to start using pads and tampons. I loved to screw her sweet ass and she didn’t mind as long as she was drunk.

I went off to college and let the relationship between us fizzle out. I studied hard in college and did well. I also did good with the ladies and banged a lot of horny college chicks. In my senior year I started to get serious with one girl, Holly. She was athletic, smart and loved to suck cock. She was a very enthusiastic cock sucker, but could never take my cock all the way down her throat.

What she did love was the taste of my cum, way too much. When I shot big loads in her mouth, she would let it pool up in her mouth, savoring my milky love juice as long as she could before she swallowed it. Then she would try to kiss me right after and I always pushed her away. I could never understand why she craved my cum so much, but one day in the future I would figure it out.

After graduating college, I landed a good job that paid well. I soon had my own condominium and things were looking bright. Holly lived about 30 miles away and we spent almost every weekend together.

Most of the time she came to my place for the weekend to fuck my brains out, once in a while I went to hers. She shared an old house with two hot flirty roommates. Her roommate’s always tried to seduce me when she wasn’t looking. Her roommates were a few years younger than Holly and super sexy. They would prance around the house half nude all the time and flash me all kinds of skin. I always loved the free shows, when Holly was doing chores or checking the mail.

Holly and I were pretty close but there was one thing she wasn’t into. She wouldn’t take it in the ass. She didn’t even want to try and when I pressed her she got pissed off, so eventually I let it go. The relationship was falling apart, especially on one afternoon when she caught me making out with her roommate.

Her roommate Courtney, had the nicest toned ass I’ve ever seen and flirted with me more and more. She said she’d let me fuck her in the ass if we ever got the chance to be alone. I guess she found out from Holly that I wanted anal and Holly didn’t.

One Saturday afternoon I was watching a baseball game at her place, Holly left me alone with Courtney and went to run some errands. Immediately Courtney came on to me when Holly left. She came out of her room wearing the sexiest purple bra and thong. I got and instant hard-on when she walked in, then she came up to me and sat on my lap. We started making out like horny teenagers, it was getting very hot. She gabbed my cock and jerked me as we made out. I slid my hand down her smooth ass crack and began to massage her tight ass hole with my middle finger, that’s when Holly walked in. Courtney jumped up and ran to her room and Holly started screaming at me to get the fuck out. That was the last time I saw Holly, or her roommates.

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